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This is, as should be expected, the first installment in my new AU Star Wars series. There will be six Star Wars Movie-Fics; Star Wars the brother's return, Star Wars: the Avatar of Mars, Star Wars: Clash of the Force. I will, of course, have the Star wars the Clone Wars T.V. show Fics, it one will be very long (my guess is well over 300 chapters, with each chapter being over 5,000 words long). These stories will be vastly different from the great George Lucas's original trilogy and prequel trilogy, but at the same time vastly alike.


The basic thing you as a reader should know is that Jack Spicer's character will be very different from the person he portrays in Xioalin Showdown. The main idea for the story will be that Bad Jack will be not necessarily bad but instead a personality opposite of Good Jack who will be named as Jake, Jack's twin brother. Again, the man idea of the series is; Jack and Jake is two vastly different brothers, Jack a pirate (having nothing to do with Jack Sparrow from PotC) and Jake a Jedi, who, due to certain circumstances having to do with the Phantom Menace, are reunited after six years and have to confront not only each other and their past, but an entire Federation that threatens the very peace and stability the republic so desperately needs in the galaxy during a time of extreme corruption.

Little does either of the two know of the plot set forth by an imprisoned being that set his sights on the one chance he has at freedom and vengeance on the ones whom sealed him in Tuataras.

(End of Summary}

I assure you the other characters of XS will be in the series such as; Jermaine (who will be given the name Jermaine Fox) Ashley (Katnappe), Megan Spicer, Hannibal Roy Bean, Wuya, Chase Young, Panda Bubba and the four Xiaolin monks, also including Master Monk Guan, Dojo and Master Fung (guest staring Grand Master Dashi).

Also, I have decided to add in a great deal of Greek mythology, Egyptian Mythology and Norse Mythology. So expect, in later Stories Gods, Mythical beasts and magical Shen Gong Wu!

If I should change the rating please tell me.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…


The Brother's Return

Jedi master Qui-Gon Jin and Padawan apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi had journeyed to Naboo to settle the trade dispute that threatened the peaceful world. Aboard a Trade Federation battleship, the Jedi were ambushed, but they managed to escape to Naboo's surface. In the swamplands of Naboo, Qui-Gon rescued a clumsy Gungan outcast, Jar Jar Binks, who swore a life-debt to the Jedi. With his help, they journeyed to the city of Theed. There, they freed Queen Amidala and her retinue from the clutches of the Trade Federation, and set off to deliver her safely to Coruscant. During the trip to the capital, damaged sustained to the Royal Starship forced an unscheduled stop on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine.

Jack and Jake Spicer are the last Albino's in the galaxy, when they were born their home world of Albinus came under attack by a man by the name of Hannibal Roy Bean, his reasons for attacking and his affiliations are unknown. Their entire race was said to have been destroyed by Hannibal using unknown technology, thus the planet's location was forever lost to the galaxy's outer rim. When they were just children, Jack and Jake were abandoned on the planet of Corellia. At age seven Jack and Jake had formed a group of misfits that turned themselves into the infamous gang of pirates known as the Dark 5, but due to ongoing investigation by Jedi of the recent raids on republic supply caravans on the planet Empress Teta, the group had to break up. Three of the members having left for Corellia while Jake and Jack left for Coruscant. On Coruscant Jake had inevitably been found by Jedi master Mace Windu who took him into the order after realizing the mass potential the boy had and including the fact that Jake had seemed to have his emotions in check at times when others wouldn't.

Jack wasn't as lucky as his brother for he had been captured by the Coruscant Guard when Jake went under tutelage for the Jedi. Jack was put on trial and sentenced to five years at the five star prison on Orion V, once his five year sentence had been complete Jack had been released, Jack's old friend, Jermaine Fox, helped him and brought him to Corellia were Jack became a petty thief, stealing what he could until one day when he had been stealing from a ship that had been left alone in the docking hanger, the ships crew returned and before Jack could understand what was happening the crew had already lifted off with Jack onboard. The ship landed on a outer rim planet known as Tatooine where the crew had found Jack stowed away, due to the fact that the crew had no fuel to leave the planet, they sold him as a slave to the Hutts for fuel, later sold to a man named Cliegg Lars who at the end of the month, gave Jack his swoop bike then told him a woman had came and bought his freedom.

Though being a slave, Jack had come to view the Lars as somewhat his family and vice versa. With much remorse Cliegg had agreed to 'free' Jack (strip the title of supposed ownership) the woman that had bought Jack's freedom had mysteriously disappeared.

At the age of sixteen Jack decided, after living a life of prison and doing slave labor, to return to his old lifestyle as a Smuggler and a pirate. All he needed was a ship, so he went to the one place that he knew he could win a ship from, Mos Espa…

Jack Spicer walked down path leading to the building that belonged to the junk seller Watto; his black cloak flowed in the dusty breeze. Underneath his cloak Jack wore a brown robe with a long left sleeve but no right sleeve, and underneath the robe he wore a long-sleeved, skin tight black shirt that stretched down to his hands and became fingerless gloves. Atop his head were black goggles imbedded with a whirlpool design in yellow. To Jack, the miserable little winged Bantha fodder was a valuable asset at the moment, if he did not get Watto to enlist him in the speeder bike race than any chance to get off this giant ball of sand and rock called Tatooine, would forfeit.

"Watching…" a slithering voice hissed from within his head. That damned voice, the cursed voice that hunted him since his leave of Crematoria, the damned prison nearly over one basic year ago…

As Jack rounded the corner he was greeted to the feeling of meat slapping him straight in the face.

"Who the hell threw that?!" Jack screamed as he jumped to his feet while dusting himself off, the surrounding witnesses broke into an audience of laughter only adding to Jack's already raw nerve. A tall, wet and orange man, obviously Gungan walked up to Jack "Exquez me! Meesa clumsy!" the large Gungan slobbered with each passing word. Jack had to lift his hand to cover his face from the disgusting creature's saliva dripping mouth.

"Meesa is a mowi mowi sorry" apologized the Gungan, Jack was having a bad day, no scratch that, a bad life and he didn't need these little problems get in his way every damn time he was trying to do something important.

"Please, for the love of Tatooine, shut up!" Jack growled startling the Gungan. Jack pulled out his blaster and everyone around the two tensed "Name one reason why I shouldn't blast you into the next galaxy?" Jack snarled as he grabbed the man by the throat and pulled him down to eye level.

"Because he is important to us" replied a feminine voice. Jack turned around to see a girl around the age of fourteen dressed in what seemed like higher class peasant clothing; a brown vest made of fine leather, a blue shirt that he could easily tell is silk, a pair of fine leather boots and the easily noticeable; her skin looked to soft and held no blemishes from where Jack stood he could hardly tell if she was a slave or a local. The girl was soon accompanied by a larger older man dressed in one long robe: it was dirty and battered making him fit in more than the female.

"Oh yeah and why should I care if he's important to you?" Jack spat back "you will leave him alone and walk away" the man stated as he moved his hand from the left to the right. Jack looked at him as if he were crazy "excuse me" said a smaller voice.

Jack moved the Gungan to the side as he was looking to see who the fourth voice belonged to "down here!" the voice repeated. Jack looked down and saw one of his good friends "Anakin!" Jack exclaimed in surprise, Anakin's face lit up with a smile "Jack, I need you to let go of my friend" Anakin said pointing to the Gungan male.

Jack looked at Anakin for a moment but reluctantly let go of the man and offered him his hand "Sorry, I didn't know you were friends with Anakin" Jack lazily apologized. The Gungan stood up and backed away behind the older man "How Wude" he commented. The older man seemed to look directly at Jack's face without a single glance in any other direction; this definitely did not go unnoticed by Jack.

Jack fixed his attention on the blond boy standing at his feet "So Anakin, how's the pod racer going?" he asked.

"Good, but I'm hoping to convince mom to get Watto to let me in on the race" Anakin replied in a disappointed tone. A loud 'Ahem' was herd from the side as Anakin remembered the three friends of his "Jack! These three are my new friends!" Anakin exclaimed as he grabbed Jack's hand and lead him over to the two human's and the Gungan man. Anakin pointed to the Gungan first "This is Jar-Jar Binks, Jar-Jar this is my friend Jack" Jack took Jar-Jar's hand and shook it while giving him a smile, Jar-jar was nervous of the man that only a minute ago was going to put a blaster bolt through his head "ahoyo boyo" Jar-Jar finally greeted with a smile of his own while shaking the mans hand.

Moving over towards the older man Anakin happily introduced the man for him "This is Qui-gon Jin, Qui-gon this is Jack Sp-" before Anakin could finish Jack quickly cut him off "Just Jack, Anakin" he said giving him a warning glare, Qui-gon simply looked from Anakin to Jack and back. Jack returned his attention to the man and steadily shook his hand, with a quick glance, Jack examined the man from top to bottom; he seemed to hide his occupation well, whatever it might be. Qui-gon easily spotted that type of glance and decided the need for deception and distrust was not completely needed "I'm sure if you'd like to know more about me, I would oblige to tell you"

Jack's eyes shot back up to his as the two met in an unwavering stare. After a long moment of silence Jack took his hand from Qui-gon's "I'm sure" Jack muttered to himself. Moving to the final person, Anakin, who was slightly confused as to what the two were talking about, excitedly introduced the young woman "This is my new friend, Padmé!" Jack smiled as smoothly and seductively as he could at the moments he took the young Padmé's hand but, for a brief second, the smile faltered as he felt the woman's smooth and soft hands, the two things women in this sector of the Galaxy almost never have, and if they did they were usually kept behind certain doors. Jacks hand stayed holding on her hand as he looked her over, he noticed her hair was braided in a way that women from Coruscant usually had, her face held no blemishes nor scars of any sort. Whoever this girl was, she was worth something.

Padmé pulled her hand from the man for she had recognized that lingering gaze; whenever someone looked at her that long they usually were suspicious. Being the Queen she had to watch and examine individuals with a single glance, find their weakness, and exploit it. This man was practically unreadable, or to readable, from what she could tell he had to be what her officials referred to as agent of organized crime. He had all the signs that they had warned her of; dark clothing, rude and brutish attitude at one moment then polite and calm another, almost always armed with a type of blaster.

Even though she could feel that something was off about the man, even though she could easily tell he was suspicious of her as well, for some strange reason when she tried to look beyond his goggles, when she felt his strangely soft yet calloused hands, or when he gave her his dashing smile, she felt heat course through he hands to her stomach and then to he head 'perhaps it is just the Desert heat' Padmé thought 'Yes, that is it'

Jack tore his attention away from the girl as he started to feel sand and dirt beginning to blowing in the air harder than usual 'Sandstorm' Jack thought "You guys should probably head home" Anakin helpfully suggested for he to noticed the increasing wind and sand "Where are you guy's going to go?" he asked "our ship is on the outskirts so…" Padmé didn't think It was a good idea to go out into a sandstorm "I think you guys should rest at Anakin's house, it's extremely dangerous to go anywhere during a sandstorm" Jack stated as put the hood of his cloak over his head to block the sand from whipping at his face.

Anakin's face lit up with a smile as he looked at Qui-gon "is that okay?" he asked Anakin who replied with a nod before grabbing his arm and leading them to the slave quarters of Mos Espa.

Finally taking shelter from the torturous sands of Tatooine, Qui-gon introduced himself and the group to Anakin's mother, Shmi Skywalker. The woman was somewhat reserved but very kind and open to Jack who made Qui-gon and Padmé curious as to whom the man was. Jack had already removed his cloak and was sitting at the table.

Qui-gon sat across from Jack whom only stared at the man in silence. Anakin pulled Padmé into his room to show he a new project of his that he wouldn't even show Jack. Once the two had left the room, Qui-gon made his move.

"Do you know a man by the name of Jake Spicer?" the blow was brutal and ruthless but Jack had to give the man credit for initiative and guts, had it been anyone else… "Maybe I do, maybe I don't" Qui-gon did not seem the least bit fazed. Jack adjusted himself in his seat to allow his boots to rest on the table, accidentally allowing Qui-gon a full view of a small cylinder looking object underneath his cloak; on the casing he could see a symbol of some sort of exotic primate giving a furious roar. Qui-gon also noticed a gold ring on Jack's right hand middle finger with lizards intertwined.

"That is a very nice ring you have" Qui-gon said interestedly "Just what kind of…creature is that?" Jack gave a confused expression before looking down to his ring then looking back up to him "Dragons of ancient Xiaolin myth, nine to be specific" Jack answered honestly, people always noticed the ring above all else for some strange reason. He remembered how he had acquired the ring, robbing the Corellian capital's history museum was not something he would attempt again anytime soon.

Anakin and Padmé reentered the room "That's amazing! How did you know how to build him?" Padmé asked with a huge smile. Anakin shrugged "I learned it from some of the technicians that travel through space and stop here for a while" he answered truthfully.

Shmi walked into the room with a bowl of fruit in one hand and plates in the other "time for dinner"

"All slaves have a transmitter placed inside their body somewhere" Shmi stated as she poured Jar-Jar a drink "I've been working on a scanner to try and locate mine" Anakin added, the group sat at the dinner table comfortably eating there meals while listening to the interesting stories Anakin and his mother could tell, Jack remained sitting at the opposite end of the table from Qui-gon who seemed to agree with him at the moment.

"Any attempt to escape-""and they blow you up" Anakin emphasized the end by slamming his hand down on the table while saying "boom!" Jar-Jar took this moment to add in a "How wude" Padmé sat at the table uncomfortable at the story, Jack was getting awfully suspicious of the girl.

"I can't believe there is still slavery in the galaxy, the republics anti slavery laws are…" Shmi was the first, before Jack, to speak out on the subject "the Republic doesn't exist out here, we must survive on our own" She answered as Padmé's head slowly lowered, at that moment Jack knew she had to be some type of noble girl, she definitely wasn't from this part of the galaxy. When Jack thought about it, this Padmé was a bit to pampered up for the lifestyle of Tatooine or even this sector for that matter, what Jack also noticed was the girls hair; a style that only existed in three areas of the galaxy, Coruscant, Naboo and Alderaan. Jack was snapped out of his thoughts as Jar-Jar shot his tongue from his mouth and grabbed a piece of fruit from the bowl at the table, as if Jack needed more reason to feel disgusted by the creature.

With a gulp the Gungan looked around the table and said "excuse me" everyone went back to there food, silence filled the room for a moment. Anakin was fed up with the silence and decided to take a course of action "Has anyone besides Jack ever seen a pod race?" Anakin asked, around the table the group shook their head except Qui-gon.

"They have pod racing on Malaster very fast, very dangerous" Qui-gon stated taking a bite of his food "I'm the only human that can do it" Anakin said proud fully puffing out his chest, Padmé smiled and Jack laughed "you should see Jack though! He's the best speeder-bike Racer in the galaxy!" Anakin yelled happily, everyone looked at Jack with a questioning look; he wanted to agree but decided to take the high road…not.

"Well he's right, I am the best in the galaxy" he gloated, Shmi rolled her eyes and smiled while Anakin was practically bouncing in his seat, Padmé being Padmé wanted to know more "Speeder-bike?" she asked "Yeah, every year before the pod races there are the speeder-bike races, that's were I come in, they usually have small prizes such as slaves or junk shops" Jack grinned as he went back to eating.

Qui-gon wanted to say something to fill the growing silence "Pod racing? You must have Jedi reflexes" the realization came like a slap in the face to Jack, his eyes shot up from his meal only to be ignored by Qui-gon. After a few seconds Anakin finally asked the question clawing at the back of his mind "Are you a Jedi?"

It was as if time had stopped, Padmé was silent, Shmi was nervous but unmoving and Jack, he didn't move or make a single sound, he just sat at his end of the table with his fingers intertwined and continued to watch Qui-gon like a Nexu staring down its prey. Qui-gon shifted slightly in his seat "What makes you think that?" he asked curiously.

"I saw your light-sword, only Jedi carry that kind of weaponry" Anakin replied. Qui-gon gave a quick glance to Jack, who was still looking at him with narrowed eyes.

"How do you know I didn't kill a Jedi and steal his Lightsaber?" he quipped, Anakin could not help but to scoff at his remark "I don't think so, No one can kill a Jedi" Jack wanted to laugh so hard but in the end had to settle with a smirk 'I don't know kid' Jack thought 'it seemed pretty easy to me' Qui-gon glanced at Jack with a hard expression, he didn't have to read minds to now what Jack was thinking he could easily see it in his sickeningly wide smile.

"I wish that were true" Qui-gon sadly stated good thing it's not Jack thought

"I had a dream I was a Jedi, I came back here and freed all the slaves" Anakin said "Have you come to free us?" Anakin asked hopefully, Jack lowered his head; he already knew his answer and hated it that such a good kid had to get let down, the story of his life.

"No" Qui-gon answered truthfully "I'm afraid not"

Anakin did not believe him for a second, another trait her earned from being around Jack.

"I think you have" Anakin stated, he turned to Padmé who just looked away in shame for having to lie to the boy, in her heart she never had the gut to lie to someone so innocent and pure(as ironic as it is).

Qui-gon turned his gaze from Anakin to Jack "I can tell there's no fooling either of you" everyone turned to Jack no expression on his face "Especially you" Qui-gon nodded towards the motionless Albino, Jack's face darkened at the remark.

"If you were trying to deceive me, you were doing a horrible job at it" Jack grunted, Qui-gon sent him an amused glance before turning to Anakin "we're on our way to Coruscant, the central system of the republic, on a very important mission" Anakin had a confused look "Coruscant? Then how did you end up out here in the outer rim?"

"Our ship was damaged and we were forced to stop here" Padmé answered.

"I can help! I can fix anything!" Anakin exclaimed.

"I believe you can" Qui-gon agreed "but first we must acquire the parts we need"

Jar-Jar turned to Anakin "we have not enough moola to trade" He stated sadly "These Junk dealers must have a weakness of some kind" Padmé said. Jack thought for a moment, if the parts they needed were from Watto then Anakin could win them in a race with ease.

"Gambling, everything around here revolves around those awful races" Shmi stated, this in turn caused Qui-gon to become interested.

"Pod-racing, greed can be a powerful ally" he remarked.

"I built a racer, it's the fastest ever! Well, not as fast as Jack's speeder bike" Anakin said with pride "You can enter my pod!"

"Anakin!" their attention switched to Anakin's mother who had a look of disapproval "Watto won't let you" Anakin quickly came up with an argument.

"Watto doesn't know I built it!" Anakin turned away from his mother and looked directly at Qui-gon "You could make him think it was yours and get him to let me pilot it for you" Anakin's mother didn't seem even to slightly agree with the idea "I don't want you to race, it's awful! I die every time Watto makes you do it" Anakin only disagreed with her more.

"But mom I love it, the prize money would do more than pay for the part's they need" Anakin stated.

"Anakin…" Shmi wearily objected.

Qui-gon saw this moment to intervene "your mother's right" Qui-gon stated firmly, with a sigh he turned to Shmi "Is there anyone friendly to the republic that could help us?" Shmi shook her head "No" she answered softly.

Qui-gon turned to Jack "What of you?" he asked.

"Excuse me?" Jack had been caught off guard by the question.

"What is it that you will attempt to win in the Seeder-bike race?"

Jack paused for a moment before answering "The Ebon hawk" Jack answered lamely. Qui-gon's eyebrows shot up in surprise as Padmé's jaw nearly hit the floor "The Ebon Hawk? As in the ship that was once piloted by Darth Raven during the Sith Wars?" Padmé gasped, Jack smirked

"The one and only" Jack smiled.

"I think Jack should help you" Shmi stated "he was meant to help you"

The cold night air was laced with the scent of alcohol, perfume and Drugs reserved for only executive guests, lights flashed and voices roared in the fast whirlpool of a Corellian party hosted by the notorious Mafia lord known as Panda Bubba.

Said man watched from his throne like chair amongst the ever so happy guests, his eyes bore a menacing gaze that could Peirce through even the mightiest of men, his round bear like ears heard every voice, every whisper and every howl. The entire palace was celebrating the defeat of their enemy, the northern district Hutts. With the entire palace in a seemingly eternal party, Bubba just did not feel like in the partying mood, he never did anymore.

When Jack disappeared he had been happy at first, but when he heard rumors that Jack was still alive he immediately felt threatened, the reason was his daughter, Kyra Bubba, his sweet little angel, or at least she was his sweet little angel before he learned that she had a raging crush on Jack and so when six years ago Jack disappeared he never ever heard anything as heart quenching than his daughters cries the first few weeks of his absence.

Oh he knew full well where Jack had been for five years, Crematoria, a five star max prison on the planet Orion V. They say that when your sent to crematoria, the last words you will ever hear from the outside world is the soft whisper of an Angel woman saying "you will never see the light of day…ever again" that was the one thing Panda Bubba NEVER wanted to hear.

He did not understand Jack, at the age of nine Jack had somehow won his daughter's eternal heart while on the other hand Jake, Jack's brother, had earned Kyra's eternal hatred. That itself confused him to no end, Jack was, in all truth fullness and in somewhat of a complimentary way, a low down dirty cheating, lying, stealing, annoying, friendly, loyal and magnificent gambler, hence the nickname on Corellia; Gambit, While Jake was an honest, loyal, goodhearted, hardworking, helpful and loving Jedi, hence the nickname on Coruscant; King of Hearts. The two were seemingly nothing alike.

Shaking the thoughts from his head, Bubba turned his gaze from the crowd to his ever so loyal assistant and body guard; Ashley 'Katnappe' Roberts, the one woman that he could ever trust, strangely enough the same woman who was most famous for was being the navigator for the Hawk 5. Her outfit was one that would cause even the strongest willed of men to fall into complete attraction to the sixteen year old woman; tight leather pants acting basically as a second skin, a tight black shirt that only covered the top half of her chest, barely, a pair of black gloves with holes on her nails, a golden belt with the insignia of a narglatche, and lastly her curly blond hair reaching down to her shoulders often making men struggle between her concentrating on either her feline like eyes, her breasts or her hair.

"Intel report" Bubba grunted.

"His name's been drawn up in the Speeder-bike race on Tatooine, courtesy of the Hutts annual Boonta Eve Classic pod racing tournament" Katnappe stated as she examined he nails. Bubba did not understand Jack very well, hell, no one did, but he knew Jack would never allow himself to go into the public eye unless there was something of value in the line.

"Why, after all these years, does Jack finally decide to come out of his cave?" Bubba asked as he rubbed he chine. After many sleepless nights, Panda had given up shaving since it grew back every hour or so resulting in an everlasting five o'clock shadow, bags under his eyes also added to his tired expression.

"The prize just so happens to be the famous Ebon Hawk" for the first time, since the day Jack disappeared, Panda Bubba wore a genuine smile, if one were to be looking directly at his teeth they would notice that each and every single tooth had been filled into dangerous white fangs.

"And where does this little event take place?" Bubba inquired.

"The outer-rim planet of Tatooine I believe" Katnappe replied lazily.

Panda rose from his seat, taking his diamond handle cane in one hand and his hat in another "Lets give old Jacky boy a visit shall we? I know you must be dying to see him" Panda smiled, Katnappe's eyes flicked dangerously away from he claw like nails sending Panda a look of pure animalistic glee "Oh I am" she purred while walking towards Bubba in a seductive manner, her nails reached up to he chin as she toyed with a long hair out of the ragged hairs laying on his chin "but not as much as he'll be dying when I get my hands on him" she hissed angrily, claws growing in length.

Bubba didn't even have the slightest look of fear nor amusement anywhere near his face.

"Well then, let's take my ship"

'Zephyr-G swoop bike, the fastest bike in the galaxy, 400 kilometers per hour and a range of about 5,000 kilometers' Jack thought in awe while circling his gold plated Speeder-bike. The entire warehouse was buzzing with life as pod-racers, bike-racers and speeder-racers were running around fixing and adjusting their own vehicles.

The last Jack had seen of the trio of outlanders had been when Qui-gon left to go speak with Watto while Anakin and Padmé went riding some four legged hump-backed creature called an Eopie with two of Anakin's little friends. Jack was fixing and adjusting his own pride and joy, impressing the gamblers, guests and race lovers from all regions of the outer rim, all of them staring in awe of the master piece that was Jack's bike.

Jack noticed Anakin was playing with his friends, with Padmé nowhere in sight.

"That's a beautiful speeder-bike" a soft voice stated from behind Jack, that voice just happened to belong to the one person he had been more suspicious of than Qui-gon "Thanks" Jack lazily grunted.

Padmé walked around Jack to the side opposite from where he was and sat cross legged while examining the bike with a careful eye. Never had she seen one so artistically crafted with complete precision, the only thing she could say about the bike: Perfection.

"How did you come into possession of something so…beautiful?" she asked, never taking her eyes of the bike.

"I stole it" that was a lie and Jack knew it, he didn't like lying about things that he was proud of but since he had to take all measures of protecting the Lars family that meant that he couldn't give the slightest hint of where he had gotten his bike from. Padmé did not seem the least bit amused by the reply; actually, she was pretty damn pissed.

"You sole it!? Why would you…how could you…?" she whispered disbelievingly, Jake inwardly rolled his eyes 'yep, a goody two-shoes alright' "Because it was easy and free" he replied listlessly.

Padmé sighed, it should be expected that something so nice would belong to someone so brutish. But at least it was being used for what it was created for.

"What's it like?" Padmé asked.

"What's what like?"

"Being a pirate, living out in space, endless adventure and romance at every turn" she sighed dreamily, her moment of daydreaming was cut short by Jack roaring laughter "Adventure? Romance?" Jack laughed at the girl's small view of the life of pirating. Sure there was adventure here and there but in the full gist of it was…hell who was he kidding? It was the greatest, most exhilarating thing in all existence when he'd fly his ship into the heat of combat without a knowing if he's win to lose, but just for the sake of adventure, excitement and fun to do that and in the end come out the victor. It was heaven, but he didn't want competition, Captain Cohl was bad enough, May his soul rest in peace.

"I highly doubt that Pirating is anything like that" Jack answered as his laughter died down, Padmé gave Jack a skeptical look "And why is that?"

Jack let out a heavy sigh as he put the ratchet down and looked Padmé straight in the eye "because I've spent three years living out there with my brother and my friends and the only thing I learned was that Space is disease and death, one minute your on top of a world and the next your in a max prison on Orion V, or in a pool of your own blood" it wasn't the answer she was hoping for but it was a mildly truthful answer nonetheless.

Jack didn't need to look up to know she held a look of disappointment, somehow he could just sense her displeasure.

"But…"Jack began "Space can be fun…as long as you know where to go" at this comment Padmé's face lit up with a smile, only help emphasizing Jack's own. This little moment did not go unnoticed by the youngling standing ten feet away from the group with slight heat of jealousy coursing through his veins.

Anakin knew that Jack was only having a friendly conversation with Padmé but that didn't ease the envious thoughts that entered his mind. Anakin shook his head of such things, for as long as he has known Jack, Jack had always been kind and supportive to him and his mother, giving them half the winnings he made when he ever won a speeder-bike race or won a bet of some sort, or had when Anakin and his mother were ever out of food Jack would either buy something for them at a Cantina or go and hunt a Bantha and bring it back for them to eat. All Jack would ever ask for in return was for a place to stay or to share a meal, which he usually bought not that it mattered to him, with them.

Anakin decided that he would speak with Jack about the situation, something Jack told him he should do before using any sort of violence, ironically Jack usually went with the latter.

"So how did you meet young Anakin?" Padmé wondered aloud.

Jack smiled at the memory of their first meeting, he and Anakin.

"He crashed his pod-racer into my Speeder-bike" Jack said flatly with a smile, turning his attention away from his bike Jack saw the look of utter shock written on her face.

"Well… that's not really what I had been expecting" Jack attempted to stifle a laugh but it proved to be a futile attempt as he let out a sound between a grunt and a laugh "Your telling me! I was trying to get directions from a Jawa one day when out of nowhere, Anakin's pod comes flying at me and the Jawa, we were lucky to have been able to duck out of the way in time as Anakin crashed straight into my old rusty bike wasn't so lucky" Jack laughed out.

"When I finally got all the scrap of it together, Anakin approached me and apologized for ruining my bike" Jack cocked his head in Anakin's direction and smiled "He invited me to his house for supper and well… the rest is history" Jack finished as he refocused his attention on his bike.

Padmé didn't know why but she felt oddly comfortable around Jack, he openly admits he is a pirate like as if it were a challenge to any who did not approve, she was a well respected queen, at least in the queen community, but even she wasn't as proud to say her profession as Jack was. He had a look that speaks 'seen it all and done it all, what? You want to fight about it?' something she has only seen in another more overly strict Captain.

Qui-gon finally convinced Watto to let Jack race for the parts, it wasn't easy that was for sure. Looking over to Padmé, Qui-gon noticed how Jack and Padmé were getting along, laughing even, this brought a smile to his face. From what he had seen he didn't expect Jack would be the type to get along with royalty, but then again he didn't expect the handmaiden would intentionally approach a pirate much less have a civil conversation with one. Like master Dooku had once told him when he was but a Padawans 'Jedi must not assume things'

While thinking of Jack, Qui-gon had to admit that Jack had put up quite the argument about racing for a Jedi, he still didn't understand why jack held such contempt for the order, but it was thanks to Padmé's skill in negotiating that got Jack to finally agree, promises of riches from Naboo would do that for a pirate.

For the first time in weeks night had finally come, Padmé slept peacefully in Anakin's room, Qui gon was less than eager to sleep on what could loosely be considered a couch, but slept there anyway. Jack slept in Anakin's room along with Padmé and in the bed across from Padmé, jerking and groaning in his sleep. Nightmares were a regular thing for Jack but these weren't ordinary nightmares anymore, they were becoming violent and hate filled, even some seemed to be as though they were messages from someone else, and if so that someone was something, the one thing Jack feared more than death itself.

Tonight was no exception.

This time instead of they voices that would usually plague his dreams, there was only one voice and the voice was accompanied by very disturbing images.

The setting sun shone across the vast castle like monastery known across Csilla as a Xiaolin temple, one of many that resided on this planet and across the galaxy. The Xiaolin temple is base where the greatest warrior's in the galaxy worked to bring and keep order to the planet. That's all the Xiaolin Creed is…order.

They thought they could kill me… fools.

A lone figure, cloaked in a golden robe, steadily was walking towards the entrance of the temple until he was stopped by guards dressed in full silver body armor. The man slid a black object that looked to be a hilt of a sword that was one foot long and had a small gold string attached the bottom with a red piece of fur attached to the end of that, slid out from somewhere underneath his cloak and into his right gloved hand.

I had been the most loyal of the monks.

In a flash, the mans small black hilt was now emitting a 4 foot long sword of gold light, using the sword the man slashed two guards standing in front of him through the neck, two more came to his left, blaster's ready, the man shot his left hand towards them, and with some invisible force, the two were shot back towards the side of the building and slammed into the concrete structure, killing them instantly.

I had served their temple's every whim without the slightest complaint.

The light emitted a gold glow as well as a low hum. The light soon seem to disappear into the hilt, known as a lightsaber, as the man hid it under his robes and started to walk passed the entrance and into the temple. The temple's main floor was filled with pillars, all having some unique design to them, the room was very large and hell the entire room was the bottom floor and probably went on for a mile, it was more of a large hall than a room. Statues of various colored dragons spread from pillars to the floors with fierce snarls and sneers.

I fought for them countless time's.

Monks started to come from behind pillars and the back halls, all started to surround the man except one monk, a little larger than the rest, walked slowly in front of the man, analyzing his features. The monks wore brown over coats and beige robes underneath that and brown gloves that went to mid arm as well as baggy beige pants tucked into brown boots, similar to the mans but his were all black, the monk standing in front of him did not wear the brown over coat like the others, instead he wore his beige robes out open but he also wore a red sash around his waist, the others wore either brown or black, this man was the higher authority in the place.

But now…

The man lifted his hand; he could feel the monks around him tense as his hand climbed to the back of his hood; slowly he pulled it back revealing his long raven black hair with several green highlights that only seemed to darken as the light of the entrance illuminated his surrounding thus darkening his own shadows, his head tilted up to show his face to the monk, his closed eyes snapped open to reveal golden eyes with slit pupils that can only belong to one man, Chase Young, overlord of all Heylins. The surrounding monks audible gasped and reached for there own lightsaber's but were too slow compared to the Heylin as in a split second, he sent a wave of his invisible power all around himself creating a ball of invisible energy then blasting it in all directions, sending all of the surrounding monks to the floors and pillars. Young drew his lightsaber, its gold glow adding to the image of frightful power the man held.

The only monk who had not fallen to the floor was the man with the red sash. The man quickly drew his blue lightsaber and launched himself at the Heylin swiping in a downward motion ,easily blocked by the golden lightsaber, Young sent a kick to the mans chest sending him sprawling to the floor. The other monks finally got to there feet and drew there lightsabers then, in small numbers, ran towards Young who was ready for any attack sent his way.

A monk sent a horizontal strike to Young, attempting to decapitate him, but the Heylin ducked it and countered with a leg sweep sending the man to the floor, but before he hit it, Young drew his saber and sliced the monk in half. Another came from behind Chase who, in turn, roundhouse strikes the man in the stomach, while saber still in the stomach, took the monks saber from his hand and swings it around beheading another monk behind him. Chase drops the lightsaber and takes his own from the monk's stomach and turns to see at least fifty monks staring at him, sabers drawn, all staring in fear. The lead monk got up from the floor giving a sorrow filled look towards the dead monks lying at the floor.

The Xiaolin Dynasty…

Lord Young stared into the eyes of the leader monk before his face twisted into a look of rage. In his right hand was his gold lightsaber and in his other hand appeared another lightsaber, this one gold as well.

Shall end…

Chase smirked as he launched himself towards the lead monk, uncaring to the number of monks ready to die for there leader.

The Heylin King has returned.

Jack flew up from his bed to the sight of Padmé standing over him, face etched with concern.

"Are you okay?" she asked in a low whisper. She had awoken to the sound of groaning coming from Jack, when she moved over to Jack to investigate she found him jerking and sweating profusely. At first she was slightly embarrassed seeing as Jack did not wear a shirt to bed, allowing her a full view of Jack's well formed muscles of both Chest and arms. It wasn't that she hasn't seen a muscled man without his shirt on before, when you live with overprotective soldiers and captains you tend to see them training and sparing with each other, it was the fact that Jack was a certain type of guy and she a certain type of woman, Padmé always say's she act's WAY older than she actually is, in a way it was like those fantasy stories she'd hear when she was but knee high about The Angel and the Hutt or the Princess and the Pauper, not that she paid attention to that type of thing, and Jack could loosely be considered the Pauper and she ,ironically, the Princess.

What amazed her is when Jacks eyes snapped open to reveal his glowing red pupil-less eyes, much like an animals eyes, she had always wondered why Jack wore those goggles all the time. But these eyes were much different from animals' eyes as well; they were glowing, flickering and flaring like fire.

On impulse, the first thought that came to mind as he awoke was for Jack to run, that he had to get out of here. Jack did not know where he would go or how to get there but if it meant his safety he would travel to damn Hoth if he had to. Jack had a bad feeling that someone was coming for him, a feeling that usually was right, yet despite his paranoia, he tried to tell himself that he was overreacting, and seeing Padmé standing near seemed to help that feeling slowly ease away.

"It's just…ah…uh…nothing, there's nothing to worry about" jack said between breathes, grinning slightly. Padmé didn't buy this one bit, when she had bad dreams Saché would usually confront her about it and force her to tell her what she was scared of and helped her to overcome it. Saché had a tendency to be somewhat superstitious about such things and, like the rest of the handmaidens, saw that even the smallest problem within the guard stood a credible threat to her lady Amidala, and needed to be fixed.

"Do you want to talk about it?"She asked hesitantly, unsure of how to approach Jack.

Surprisingly, Jack nodded; he was tired of having no one to talk to about these damn dreams and they were getting worse. he would rather have someone to talk to than deal with them himself, ironically it was usually the other way around. It had been years since he had ever been able to admit a weakness, but something within Padmé's delicate and innocent chocolate brown eyes spoke peace and care, things considered rare in Jack's world, maybe, just maybe, he could have a better life, a life where he would be able live without the weight of his past, the weight of his present and the weight of his future anchoring him to his hidden misery.

In the words of a wise old, charred, crazy, homicidal man "before people can find peace in a chaotic world, they must not struggle with the world at large but war with their own chaotic selves, and like every war ever fought, it never hurts to have an ally to help you through it (metaphorically speaking)"

"I" Jack began slowly "I have been having these…dreams more and more often…"

Ashley stepped off the skiff next to Panda as Jabba moved directly towards Panda with, what Ashley could best describe, an angry face.

'who the hell do you think you are coming here unannounced!?" he roared in Huttese "planning on invading us?!"

"I assure you I in no way plan on invading your territory" Panda calmly assured, though the Hutt seemed unconvinced.

"Oh? Then what have you come for?"

Before Panda could answer, Ashley spoke up "Were here looking for an old acquaintance, his names Jack Spicer" for a moment everything was silent, it was soon interrupted by Jabba's impatient tone.

"Everyone knows that Jack Spicer is running in this year's race, so what?" the Hutt said.

"I wasn't asking what he was doing; I was asking where he is!" Ashley hissed back, this in turn caused the Hutt to smile and let out a sound similar to a moan while looking over certain parts of Ashley's body "I love it when women get feisty, hey Bubba how much for this firecracker here?" it gurgled out. Ashley's eyes nearly caught fire with rage and two of Bubba's personal guards were forced to restrain her so she would not rip Jabba's face off.

Jabba roared with laughter at the woman's antics "If you want Jack then you'd have to go speak with Shmi Skywalker in Mos Espa slums"

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