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Chapter 3: The Professional.

Robbing bandits, protecting slaves and...," Jack paused "The same old, same old"

He really didn t like being put in a small space with Ashley, unless it was in the cockpit of a ship and even then Jermaine had to be present, for one she was insane, for two she was extremely agile and well trained in the arts of Jon du, a very dangerous style of fighting invented by the Mandalorians, and she was very, very strong, all things that made her dangerous made her a valuable ally but in this case Jack didn t know whether or not she was an ally or an enemy.

"The better question is what are you doing here?" Jack finally asked.

"Taking a little R&R from the whole Space Pirate thing" Ashley replied she then went on to study the apparently fascinating detail and curves of her fingernails that, in Jack's opinion, were overgrown into more claw than actual nail.

"so to make a long story short, Mr. Bubba is here and he's not happy about your whole 'still alive' thing you've got going on so I m supposed to escort you to the Arena down the block and have you executed in front of the Hutts, the Junk dealers and Mr. Bubba himself" She stated "I hear there are some members of the Black Sun attending as well"

"Hmm...Not the way I d expect Bubba would have had me killed but it does show a little masculinity on his part" Jack said as he pinched the bridge of his nose "Black Sun will be a pain in the ass, that's for sure"

"I m guessing Jermaine doesn t know your here or else he'd have thrown a fit at your so called 'rescue' methods"

"Its not my fault that you couldn t have gotten a real job and prevented this whole mess, all I asked you to do was go to the Judicial Department and request a job but nooo! 'We have to stay true to our real selves less we become those hypocrites like the Naboo" at this Padm snapped her head towards Jack and glared. 'Jerk'

Jack shook his head and replied "First off I never said that the Naboo were hypocrites, I just said that they're little children who are scared shitless of every little pirate or mercenary that comes their way and secondly...why did you use Panda Bubba in the first place?"

"Fastest ship"

"Ah, that explains why you chose Panda but why did you bring Gamorreans?" Jack asked slightly confused.

"Well Hehe...funny thing about that, you see Panda didn t trust me enough not to kill you before we reached the arena so he sent two 'Escorts' with us to make sure that we reach our destination without a hitch" Ashley stated scratching the back of her head nervously.

Jack then paused for a moment but quickly regained himself, this was surely going to make things harder than they had to be but he had to do what he had to do to get close to the Silver Manta-ray. 'Dammit Panda, this whole mess just because I kissed her'

"Fine, I ll go see that Fat Bastard" Jack grumbled, turning to Padm and asked "Care to join me?"

Padm hesitated for a moment, weighing the Pros and Cons of going with Jack regardless of the fact that she held not even slightest clue of what he and the woman wee talking about. After a few seconds of thinking Padm nodded and walked calmly to Jack's side.

"well then" Katnappe began "I will leave the boy with his mother and take you two to see the big man himself" Ashley turned to the Gamorrean to her right and Gestured to Anakin, the Gamorrean grumbled then set the boy on the floor. Shmi quickly moved to where Anakin lay and picked him up then went back to the kitchen with him I her arms.

"Lets go" Ashley ordered. though Padm felt slightly off put at the idea of going somewhere with these strangers for something that mainly involved Jack and Jack alone, it was only until Jack took her hand in his and squeezed it reassuringly did all the reluctance and distrust of the situation melt away, then suddenly she felt braver than she felt a minute ago.

The Gamorrean Guards moved to either side of Jack and Padm and put their VibroAxes at their bags leading them foreword. As Padm , Jack and Ashley left the small large hut Jack shot a quick glance towards Qui-gon and mouthed 'Follow us'

Once the trio exited the slave complex Jack was greeted by two more Gamorreans standing at the edge of a skiff. Jack hated skiffs. not because of the look but because of the fact that it was a small slow means of transport that could easily by blown out of the air with something a simple as a projectile rocket. plus, lightly guarded, custom made skiff that was obviously owned by the Hutts flying in and around a slave populated area with many known Guerrilla fighters in said area wasn t exactly Jacks idea of a safe transport, not that the Hutts actually cared whether or not Jack would arrive alive or dead.

Once the three plus the two Gamorreans were onboard the transport lifted from the ground and began flying to the direction of the Arena. Jack leaned closer to Padm and whispered "Its okay, we'll be out of this situation soon, just keep calm and let me do the talking"

The light of the curoscant sunset cast itself over the Jedi Temple allowing its legendary Room of A Thousand Fountains to erupt into a scenery of pure untainted beauty that nearly stole Jake's breath away every time. The calm and stillness of the gardens helped him meditate and the smooth flow of the fountains and small rivers flowing through them assisted him in letting his mind flow.

Though the amount of time Jake was able to sit in this small yet large haven was abundant, it never seemed enough. Peace and Harmony seemed to have an overly positive effect on him and made him smile whenever the two were in sync, because the temple was almost never anything else than peace and harmony it only meant that he never stopped smiling.

Jake felt the soft artificial breeze whisk across his bare back sending shivers up and down his spine, whenever Jake let himself relax from his duties as a Knight this was the place he would come, on the rare occasions Shaak wouldn't force him to train with her. Jake smile, more than he had been already, he remembered when Shaak hated having to be anywhere near him, now it seemed that she couldn t go a day without making Jake be around her.

Not that he minded her wanting to him to be her one and only friend, sadly as that sounds, Shaak didn t like to be around other people, she didn t like to depend on others for even the slightest thing. Shaak would always say that she was glad that she was not an average being, she didn t want to blend in with the fabric of life, she didn't want to be like her ancestors and join groups of her people just to survive, Shaak wanted to be an independent Jedi and Togruta.

Jake felt a familiar presence behind him and, once again, smiled.

"Have you never heard of the saying 'One cannot surprise a Jedi'?" he asked her.

"Contrary to the familiar words of Master Yoda 'One must understand that nothing in life cannot be surprised'" Master Adi Gallia, one of the highest respected Masters in the order and one of Jake's former Masters. Jake felt a sense of refreshment when Adi sat on the grass next to him, it was like when he first came into the order and Adi had begun teaching him meditation, it made Jake realize just how fast time flies.

Adi sat with her legs crossed shoulder to shoulder with Jake, though only of sixteen standard years Jake was taller than she even sitting down. Adi closed her eyes and reached out and touched Jake s mind with the Force, it never surprised her to see Jake's mind full of happy and vibrant thoughts, but, there was something there that wasn t there usually...

A Wall.

"What are you hiding Jake? not something involving you and Shaak again, I hope" Adi asked as she let out a exhausted sigh "I swear I cant take having to listen to Mace lecture you to about the dangers of the Market sector, last time he even chewed me out for not wa-"

"It s about my Brother, in a way" Jake stated, his smile long since leaving his face. Adi was caught off guard, Jake NEVER talked about his brother. She knew about it though, his betrayal, to turn on your own family was something that Gallia had not the slightest acceptance for, but in the case of Jake, Adi couldn t say anything. No one knew why Jake set up his own brother to be arrested by the Judicial Department, how could they when Jake never spoke of it? But the one thing that Adi did know is that whenever the slightest mention of his brother s name was heard Jake immediately became anxious and defensive.

Adi shifted and asked "What about your brother?" hoping to get a response.

Jake thought for a moment. Adi was perhaps the most trustable person other than Shaak and Yoda, Mace Windu was never the person to tell secrets to, and she was never that judgmental.

"I...I dreamed that he was in a dark place, that he was angry and alone, but then something happened, something...worse. when I dreamed of him before I could feel his emotions, sadness, anger, hatred, but last night when I dreamed of Jack, I did not feel his emotions, I couldn t feel Jack at all" Jake stated his eyes far away.

Adi sat across from Jake now with he legs folded underneath her and her hands in her lap, her eyes trained on Jake while her ear s hung on every word that left his mouth.

"I saw a Beast, devious and dark, Malicious in its intent and Evil in its mind" Jake now seemed out of tune with the world, his eyes weren t even slightly moving and his body was tensed, Adi felt as though Jake wasn t even realizing he was talking anymore.

"I saw a land of Grief and Death locked away into a pit of swirling darkness and the edges of space, is saw a being unlike any other rage against black gates made of the bones of men with a hundred arms and heads. I saw creatures of illogical size and strength roam across this...Hell like it was a planet, destroying things in their path and each other upon crossing paths" Adi was confused as to what was happening, one moment they were just enjoying one another s company and the next she was trying to understand what Jake was talking about.

"but then, in the chaotic mass of Anarchy, the Man from behind the Gate spoke to me" Jake said, Adi waited for Jake to continue, When Jake didn t continue Adi nudged Jack slightly and his head snapped up, eyes filled with fear, His breathing irrationally heavy for it being calm just a moment earlier.

"Its coming" Jake said "The Beast is coming"

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