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I was walking down the street thinking about how things have turned out. I remember the Flock kicking me out and how much pain I was in from hearing them say those things to me.


Lying in the grass I felt so comfortable and relieved that my family and I were here together. Too soon to late.

"Max," I heard from behind me. I turned around to see Fang looking down at me. "We need to talk." His bottomless black eyes looked down at me coldly. I frowned.

"Sure Fang." I said getting up off the ground. I dusted myself off and followed him into the cave where the others were seated around the fire Iggy made earlier but was still burning bright. They turned to look at me with cold eyes, I was suddenly really worried. "What's up guys?"

"Max you need to go." Angel said with the same cold eyes as everyone else and her voice just the same. I looked at her in shock.

"Wh-What?" I asked, my voice shaking.

"You need to leave Max." Fang said, his gorgeous eyes looking at me with disgust and hatred.

"Why do I need to do that?" I asked as calmly as any bird kid on the run with only her family that she trusts could ask.

"Because you're putting us in constant danger and we can't live with that anymore!" Iggy yelled at me across the fire. I looked at him in shock and I could feel a piece of my heart ripping away.

"Yeah, Max!" Angel, Gazzy and Nudge yelled at me. As they each repeated the other I could feel another and another and another piece of my heart rip away. I look to Fang.

"We don't need you anymore Max. We need you to go." There went the last piece of my heart. I felt cold all over. I could feel my face go as blank as Fang's. I answered in an emotionless voice.

"Fine." I got up and turned away, going towards the bushes. I turned towards my old family and suddenly felt all my anger and hurt, everything, rush to the surface and explode.

The sky was suddenly alight with lightning. Clouds rolling in on the use to be perfect day. Thunder echoing across the dark sky. Then, suddenly I felt the air shift, the rain in the sky collecting towards me, the ground rumble and Fire encircle me. They gasped and their bodies shook in terror looking at me. My wings sprung out and I realize that they had changed. My beautiful tanned white feathers were now breathtakingly white with silver and gold threaded through. My primary feathers were glowing gold and a beautiful metallic silver and blue. My secondary feathers were glowing green and were ringed in Fire. I launched into the sky looking down on their awe struck faces. I felt myself be warmed by the flames encircling me, the air lift up my now streaked through, gold, silvery blue, green and red hair.

"Goodbye," said a voice that was as beautiful as a flute. I realized it came from me. I flew away, never to look back again.

End Flashback

Now I am a free soul. A powerful soul at that. I have so much power it is not even funny. That night I discovered that I can control the elements and my moods if strong enough can dictate the weather. Usually wherever I go it is gloomy. When I got to a cave I realized that I had the Max Ride card and I decided to spend a night at a hotel. It was there that I realized my other power and what my powers do to me.


When I was walking up to the receptionist I realized that he was staring at me in awe. I looked down at myself to see if something was off. Nope, I still looked like a runaway kid, a really dirty one at that. I looked at him in confusion.

I heard his voice in my head. Your eyes

I looked at him in the eye and spoke in his head.

You will give me a key to a room with a single bed and when you remember me I will have brown eyes. The guy looked at me with hazy eyes and said "Yes."

End Flashback

It was then that I realized that I could read, control and talk in other people's minds. I also realized that my eyes were changed to a charcoal black and they swirled with clouds. I also realized that when I used a certain element they turned gold for Air, silvery blue for Water, a beautiful New York grass green for Earth, and red for then on my hair was gold with the four colors for the elements. I had no problem with the change. I looked dangerous and not many people had the guts to approach me, except for guys. I changed so much that night. My attire was now all black leather and I was drop dead gorgeous. My wings from then on stayed the way they were when they first change that night but they only glowed when I was using the elements, healing or killing, my way.

I learned of another power as the months went on. I could heal or make someone die if I stared at them long enough. My whole body glowed white when I healed or black when I killed. I didn't like killing that much in that certain way. I liked the fight. As more months went by I acquired different weapons. I acquired twin forearm length daggers, a whip and a gun. I know what you're thinking 'Maximum don't you have a thing against guns?' Yes, yes I do. All of my weapons are special. They were created so when I use the elements they could use the elements within them. It was all very cool. When I shot the gun the bullet would be made out of the element I was using. So no one else could use it and also I could never lose a weapon. Perks. I favored my whip and the element Fire most though. All my weapons were engraved with my name: Maximum Ride

Now I was flying in the sky my gorgeous 17 feet across wing listening to my I-Pod (I need music too). I was listening to the song Brick by Boring Brick Paramore when I looked down to see Erasers crowded around five kids. Oh no. I thought putting up my mind blocks. Might as well show them who I am and save their butts AGAIN! I swooped down pulling my wings in close and walking out of the trees.

"Hello boys." I called out to the Erasers clearly and loudly. They all turned to look at me and gaped. They were all thinking that I was normal. Ha!

"Good to see you again Maximum." Called out one of the Eraser I recognized as someone I met at the school.

"Hello, Bobby" I answered coolly walking forward to the tip of the peak that they were in formation. Fang looked at me in shock. I placed myself in front of him and the others who were also looking at me in shock.

"Where have you been?" He asked calmly signaling the other Erasers to pull back.

"Here and there." I answered short and sweet.

"Well now that we have all of you, do you want to come back to the school with willingly or unwillingly" he asked slyly. I tsked him.

"The school hasn't told you about my powers have they." I said to them. Looking at them with mischief, I made my eyes glow black as I looked at him. He gulped.

"You will come back with us willingly." He sneered fear evident in his eyes and his voice shaking slightly.

"I don't think so" I said as I un-wrapped my whip from my left hand, snapping it out to the side. The others behind me gasped as the whip cracked clearly and expertly on the ground. "You have no idea what you're dealing with," I said deadly as I concentrated on an Eraser in the back. I let my whole body glow black and within seconds he dropped down dead as a doornail. The other Erasers looked from me to him in shock. "He is dead." I told them in a deadpan voice. They all gasped then and I chuckled quietly, leaning forward into a fighting crouch. "Let's get this show on the road."

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