We walked into the mall and Nudge just started freaking out.

"OMG! OMG! OMG! We are in an actual mall! Clothes, hair, jewelry, accessories! I am so excited! Excitedddddddddddddd!" Iggy finally slapped his hand over Nudge's mouth.

"Nudge, love the enthusiasm, but keep it down just a little bit please," I told her. The others were just shaking their heads. "All right, first we are going to get your hair done, Nudge don't scream," I exclaimed quickly afterward and sure enough she shut her mouth. Angel and Gazzy were trying to keep their laughter down and Iggy was just outright laughing. Fang looked like he actually cracked a smile.

We headed over to the hair dressers and I swear the whole way there Nudge was jumping up and down on the ball's of her feet. I looked back at Fang and gave him a look that basically said What the hell have you done to her? And he gave me look back that said She was always like this. I guess that he kind of had a point.

We finally made it to the hair dressers and I went up to the desk. Thank God a guy was there. He took on look at me and his jaw dropped. Let's dig into his mind shall we…..

Holy Shit! This chick's hot as hell. I can't think straight...DAMN!

I pulled back out and giggled acting out the part and 'cause his mind is hilarious. I gave him my slow smile and sure enough his eyes glazed over.

"Perfect," I whispered. I knew the other's were giving me looks and I could practically feel Fang's glare on the poor boy. "Hello," I said sweetly.

"H-H-Hey," the guy finally answered clearing his throat looking more than just a little flustered. I smile again.

"I need 5 haircuts please," I said again.

"Don't you need one yourself?" The boy replied back to me looking more that a little flustered and then of course I think Fang was still glaring at him too.

"Do I look like I need one?" I asked him coyly. I even twirled a piece of my hair around my finger tips looking up at him underneath my lashes. I'm pretty sure Fang was glaring at me now too.

"N-No. Of c-course not, you l-look beautiful." He stammered out. Ha, he was putty in my hands. I checked behind me quickly to see Angel whisper laughing to everyone about what was happening. Although Fang looked like he was not listening 'cause he was still glaring at the poor boy. I think Fang was reaching his last sanity mark so I quickly leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"You wouldn't mind getting us some haircuts, styling and coloring now would you?" I asked him sweetly.

"N-No. Sure." He cleared his throat awkwardly and waved us back. As soon as we got clear of him everyone but Fang burst out laughing. No Fang had to just come over to talk to me and let me just guess what…

I am so mad at her she had no right to do that. I'm going to go see why. Fang thought. Ha, I thought so.

Fang came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, all the while glaring at the empty space the teenage boy was just standing in a nd whispered his question in my ear,

"What the hell was that all about?"

"Well, Fang. If you were listening to Angel and not glaring at the poor guy behind the counter you would know that I was just messing with him," I answered sweetly back at him and he just looked at me, blushed a soft shade of pink and buried his head into my shoulder.

Awwwwww. He blushed! The great un-emotional Fang blushed! He looked so cute.

No Maximum, you do not think he is cute you think he is a very, very uglyfied person/bird.

With great hair, and a gorgeous chest. Oh and that smile, it just makes my knees wea-.


You know you love him, Maximum. Mr. Voice said to me.

What. The. Fudge. You finally leave me alone, just to come back when I am contemplating this topic! Ugh! You are so infuriating. I exclaimed back at the Voice.

I am so proud of you Maximum. Using big words. Sigh. He replied back humorously.

Oh, no he didn't. He did not just mock my intelligence.

GO THE FUDGE AWAY! I yelled (okay screamed) back at the Voice.

Now, while all this is going on in my head, Fang still has his head buried in my neck and Angel is snickering away at my conversation with the Voice and the rest of the Flock is looking at her weirdly.

"Max has very interesting conversations with the Voice," she choked out while still snickering. The Flock just nodded as if that explained everything.

You are very sarcastic right now Maximum. The Voice decided to inject in the conversation.

SHUT IT! I replied ladylike.

By that time the boy I was "flirting" with came back to tell me the lady's were ready for us.

Who the fuck is that?

I smirked at him and ran my fingers through Fang's hair making sure the guy knew I was "unavailable". Fang, by that time, was done with his blushing session and was again glaring at the guy, I'm pretty sure he growled to but I am only 75% positive of the little tid bit. I smoothly stepped out of Fang's arms and felt a pang of loss but pushed it to the back of my head and went up to the counter to whisper in the boy's ear,


I walked around him to the back with the Flock following me.

Fang POV

Who the fuck gave that boy the right to stare at my Max. I quickly stepped up to wrap my arms around Max and ask her my question only to feel embarrassed enough to actually blush. I dug my hair into her shoulder and was quickly relaxed, breathing in the scent of Maximum Ride. I only came out of my stupor when Max ran her fingers through my hair. I'm pretty sure it was only so the guy would get the idea she was taken, but I will take what I can get. I growled at the boy because he was starring at my Max again!

Max of course had to go ahead and piss me off further by whispering in his ear. He was so lucky I knew she was only messing with him.

We went around back to get out hair cuts.


I walked around to the back with the Flock trailing behind me. I came around the corner to see five ladies waiting for us. They motioned for the Flock to each sit in a chair.

"Hello, ladies, I am going to be directing their haircuts today," I said to them and they nodded at me. I walked over to Angel and took a good look at her hair.

"Can you cut it down to her shoulders and layer it, giving it a feathered look, and then adding bangs cut thinly across her forehead?" I asked the lady and she nodded to me. "Also, would you by chance be able to put feathers in her hair?" The lady looked rather shocked at my request but nodded. I came up with 5 of Angel's baby feathers and handed them to the lady last requesting for her to put random light pink streaks in her hair. I looked to Angel for confirmation and she nodded excitedly.

I then walked over to Nudge.

"Can you cut it angling down the back so it end's in a point and then frame the rest of her hair around her face, and then adding side bangs dying them white and adding in hot pink streaks and then adding in hot pink streaks to the rest of her hair and adding these feathers?" The lady again nodded. I handed her 5 of Nudge's longer feathers. I looked down at Nudge for approval and she bobbed her head up and down like a bobble head. I laughed and then walked to Gazzy.

"For his hair can you feather his hair so it sticks up at little and then do the tips in bright blue and then add these feathers," I asked of her knowing she was going to say yes and then handed her only 3 of Gazzy's baby feathers. I looked down at him in approval and he saluted me.

I walked over to Iggy.

"Can you shorten his hair in the back slightly so it ends a little past the base of his neck and then feather it at the ends and his bangs? For his hair I also want to die it light blonde and then have blood red tips. Then of course the feathers." I told her and she just nodded like the others. It was getting a little creepy. I handed her 3 of Iggy's feathers and looked to him in approval and he nodded looking at little scared but I smiled to reassure him and he smiled back brightly.

Then it was Fang's turn and he looked slightly scared. I wasn't going to damage his hair. I smirked evilly at him though.

"For his hair can you cut it just slightly and add bangs that go down the side of his face on both sides and then add some dark blue and silver streaks in his hair while ruffling it a little and feathering the ends and then adding these feathers?" I again gave her the directions and handed over 3 of Fangs slightly longer baby feathers. I looked down at him to see the blank mask but appreciation in his eyes. I ran my fingers though his hair to tell him I understood and then walked to the middle of the room saying,


They broke into action bringing the Flock over to wash their hair and then towl dried their hair, finally starting the process. I read a magazine and waited.