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Chapter 1:

Charlie tried to fight of the men however they were unusually strong with bright red eyes. He knew something was wrong when he returned home from work at Fork's police department, and hear his newborn daughter, Bella, screaming. He panicked and ran upstairs to check on her.

Bella was only two weeks old and with gorgeous brown eyes like her mother Renee. After seeing she was unharmed he retreated to his bedroom where he found Renee on the floor in a puddle of blood. Their were two men standing over her with Renee's blood around their mouths. Charlie saw red and charged at the beasts who took his wife's life. Fighting to his death he realized they were two strong for him and worried for his daughters safety, he managed to grab his cell phone and press the automatic button for the police department. He knew the police would arrive any minute. Knowing his daughter had a good chance of survival he embraced the darkness that was clouding his eyes and found his way back to his wife.

Carlisle's POV

After I finished patching up my last patient I left the ward to have my break in my office. It kill's me to sit in here and pretend I actually needed a break, when in all facts I would never be tired, but I had to keep up appearances for my wife, Esme and our children. Even thought they aren't our children by blood Esme and I loved them all the same.

Edward being my first son and companion he was who I was closed to apart from Esme. He was quiet and kept to himself until one day he would imprint and find his true mate.

Rosalie is my first daughter that I changed and the only one I regret as she took to life as a vampire difficulty. I changed he intending her to be what Esme is to me but all Edward saw in her was sister, not that they get along that well. I vowed then not to change another as every time I looked at Rosalie I felt guilty. Then one day she came to me with Emmett in her arms, bleeding and on the brink of death, and asked me to change him and now they are happily married.

Sometime's we all struggle to accept especially with our lifestyle choice. My family don't feed of humans but chose to feed on animals instead changing our eye color to golden brown.

Alice and Jasper came to my family a little differently. Alice has vision, along with Edward who can mind read and Japer who can read peoples emotions. Alice and Japer came to use claiming they want to embrace our lifestyle and we have all been together ever since.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a knock on my door.

"Come in." I shouted to however was waiting. The door opened revealing my beautiful wife holding a brown bag with, from what I could tell was supposed to be my lunch.

"I thought I would bring my gorgeous husband some lunch. He is always working so hard." She said with a knowing smile.

"Sweetie, that would be a sweet gesture if in fact I could digest human food." We both laughed at our inside joke and she came to sit on my lap.

"The kids practically shoved me out the house, I think they are going to surprise us for our hundredth anniversary." It only seemed like yesterday I found Esme one step away from death before I changed her. The moment he eyes opened into her new life I instantly new I loved her. For vampires to find their mate they imprint, whether its with another vampire or sometimes on a human. They would have to wait for them to grow up and change them themselves.

Our comfortable silence was interrupted buy a nurse coming to my office.

"Doctor Cullen, there are no other doctors available and there has been a baby brought in for a check up, I'm so sorry to interrupt but everybody else is busy." She told me with a hint of panic to her voice.

"Don't worry Rachel I'll check in the baby." She left the room and I turned to Esme. "Why don't you wait here and I will be right back."

"OK. Make sure the little dear is ok." I nodded at her then left the room. As I walked with Rachel she directed me to were the baby was.

"She was brought in about five minutes ago. He mother and father were Charlie and Renee Swan both dead. The baby is believe to be their daughter Isabella Swan, Bella for short. Age, about 2 weeks old. Such a shame." Rachel read of the list of details and left me to do the full health check. I turned at the sound of the door opening and turned to find Esme stood there and I new if she could cry there would be tears running down her face.

"Oh Carlisle, I knew her parents. I sent them a card and a gift basket two weeks ago. Bella has nobody to go to." I started the check ticking of the things to do. When I placed my hand on her forehead to check for a fever he little eyelids opened to see her big brown eyes. Esme came and stood next to me.

"Carlisle we cant let her get bounced from home to home. We must look after this little own we can raise her." The one thing I regretted about this life was not being able to provide my love with a child and the look on her face now was pure adoration. I could never deny her anything.

"Of course baby, what ever makes you happy."


I was sitting in my room read my book when I saw a flash in my eyes. Alice was having a vision and I watched it with her. In it Esme and Carlisle returned home holding a baby in her arms. This was not going to end well.

With Jasper in the house with hot the best self control this could end in disaster. I could hear Alice screaming downstairs and the curious thoughts of everybody else. I walked downstairs where everybody else had gathered.

"Alice what the hell is going on? What did you see?" Rosalie shouted at her whilst Alice bounced up and down in her seat next to Jasper.

"Esme and Carlisle have adopted a baby." She said. "They are coming home in an hour or two hey just have to stop at the baby stores."

"What?" Everyone said in together. I sat quietly and observed my brothers and sister's reaction's.

"I don't have good self control yet Alice what if I hurt it." Jasper said.

"Jasper is a her not it. And you wont hurt little Bella I can see that." Alice soothed him. Emmett was looking forward to have someone to play with whilst Rosalie was a little angry and jealous.

"Why do they have to adopt a baby whilst I cant. It's not fare." Emmett was hugging Rosalie to him. Rosalie out of everyone struggled the most with the idea of not having children.

"Rosalie were going to have a baby sister and also we can all help raise Bella." Alice helped Rosalie.

The sound of her name was making me feel loving. Bella was the most beautiful name obviously short for Isabella. After everybody got over the cautiousness we all started to get excited a baby in the house was something none of us had ever experienced. Alice had called up Esme and told her we all support he decision and Alice even ran the shops for them before the arrived. The process took longer than they realized but Carlisle's good reputation speeded things up a little.

The spare room ironically was colored a light pink and with everybody's help and our super speed, we managed to get Alice's purchase up in Bella's new room. She had bought a crib, dresser, pram, clothes, high chair, mosses basket (for downstairs) bottles and everything else.

We hadn't even seen this baby yet and already everybody is wrapped around her fingers. I looked at Alice and new she was having a vision, the only thing I saw was a meadow before she blocked me.

"What was that Alice?" She looked over at me with a grin.

"Nothing Edward but you will find out soon." She answered back. "Quick everybody on the front they will arrived in 30 seconds." Everybody piled out in the front just as Carlisle's Mercedes pulled up in front. For some reason I felt a pull towards the car but ignored it hoping it wasn't blood lust. Esme had never looked so happy as she pulled the baby from the car.

"Everybody say hello to your new sister." She said.

I looked at the baby and everything changed as he big brown eyes met mine I knew I have imprinted. It was nothing romantic just a protective love. My new life's goal was to keep Bella safe and happy until she was older. It was I saw Alice looking at me and her block slipped on her mind and I saw her vision.

It was of me and Bella when she was older. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, her skin was sparkling in the sunlight with mine and we were kissing and embracing. The day had finally come even I thought I never would.

I had found my true love. I had found my mate.

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