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Chapter 14:


Here I am.

Stood in the house where it all began.

Where my parents lived.

Charlie and Renee Swan.

The house that was now mine.

Edward was sootd next to me holding my hand as I looked around the small house. Everything was still intact. Dusty was spread over every piece of furniture. Photos on the fireplace. Everything seemed normal excpet it wasnt. The stale air told you that the house hadnt been entered in almost 18 years.

"You okay?" He asked from beside me and gently sqeezed my hand. I looked up into his eyes and kissed his cheek in answer.

The kitchen was small and outdated, nothing campared to my own kitchen at home. The dinig table was also small with three unmatching chairs. I couldnt imagine sitting thier at this age eating breakfast as a family.

The living room again was small compared to ours. The love seat and the one seater where placed close to the telly. A wooded coffe table was placed inbetween and thier was a bookshelf unit on the other side of the room.

I moved closer towards the fireplace to look at some of the pictures. Thier was pictures of them both as children seperatly then when they were older together. Wedding pictures. Family pictures. Then at the vert end was a picture of a baby.


"You were a beautifull baby Bella." I was suprised Edward was talking about me being a baby. Usually he never brings it up because it makes him feel weird.

I took a deep breath before answering him.

"Sometimes I feel bad." Edward pulled me around to face him.

"What do you mean?" He asked me. I took a deep breath before answering.

"As much as I would have loved to get to know them I cant help but think that If they hadnt of died, I wouldnt have met you. I wouldnt have my Mom and Dad that I do now. But they didnt deserve to have thier life ripped apart like they did." I felt horrible. I looked away from him as I didnt want to see the look of disgust that he should have on his face.

A cold finger pulled my chin up to face him.

"Bella you are only human." I pulled a face. "Ofcourse you mean more to me than that but what I mean is you have human emotions. Its not wrong to feel that way. I feel it too." I blinked the unshed tears from my eyes.

"You do?"

"Yes. Remember if this tradgedy didnt hapen then I wouldn't have the love of my life in my arms right now." I smiled and cuddled into him. he always knew how to make me feel better.

"Would you like to look upstairs?" I looked up the wooden staircase and nodded. The stairs creaked with the combined weight of Edward and myself. This was a sure sign of abandonment.

I garvitated towards a room and pushed open the door. Insides was what looked like a nursery it was coloured a pale pink colour a crib rested under the recked window. I walked towards a set of draws and once again it held a couple of pictures and some small childrens books.

I walked over to the window and looked down into the crib. Inside was a thin blue blanket. I picked it up and turned it over. I gasped when I found the name stiched in silver.

Isabella Marie Swan

"What is it Bella are you alright?" Edward was beside me in a second. He stopped talked when he noticed what was in my hand.

"Your Parents obviously loved you Bella. You could never doubt that." I sighed "Come on thier is some interesting things in your parents bedroom."

The bedroom was plainly simple but still had the feeling of home. Even with all the units thick with dust it still had a loving feeling to it. I didnt want to rumage through the cuboards but I was too curious not to. Beside the bed was a door that led to a small walkin wardrobe and inside I found a box. Edward lifted the box of the shelf and brough it over to me.

"Here." I took a deap breath before opening it. It seemed to be letters. I looked closer to the sending address and my great suprise as they were from italy. I began to read.

Dear Charlie,

Son, I am not writing to congratulate you on your fortunate news of a child. They know where you are so be carefull. Your Father has fought them off telling them you ran away but I cannot hide you any longer. They are following the ledgends about the 12th generations daughter and will be coming for her soon.

Remember they have super strength and super fast so if they find you, they wont leave you alive.

Stay safe my son.

Marie Swan

12 Generation daughter? They cant be talking about me can they. I handed the letter to Edward and became wary when his face stiffened.

"Bella quick bring the box we have to get to Carlisle."

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