Hey reviewers! I got 5 reviews. All though they came kind of slow, I still got reviews! Anyways I'm adding something in there that's unexpected because a) my original idea doesn't have enough action and b) this might be more exciting. Sorry if the characters are OOC, but sometimes people have to be OOC.

Me: HI! I'm back!

Jaden: Yes I don't have to stop my adventures!

Alexis: I don't have to be away from Jaden!

Me: You guys are in love! It's meant to be!

Jaden & Alexis: *blushes* No way!

Alex: Guys you are in love. I can tell.

Jaden & Alexis: We give up! Fine we're in love happy?

Me: Very. Also Yusei and Aki have some chemistry.

Yusei: What?

Aki: Did you eat chocolate again?

Me: Yes, but that's not the point. Anyways I have a method to show that people have chemistry. Aphrodite, get in here!

Jaden: Who's Aprhodite?

Me: In Greek mythology, she's the goddess of love and beauty.

Aphrodite: Hi TJ. Anyways, I see in the future Jaden and Alexis together. Along with Yusei and Aki.

Chazz: NOOOOOO! Not my Lexi-rama!

Alex: *takes out a mallet and beats Chazz* WHOO HOO! I love doing this.

Alexis: Awww, thanks! He was getting annoying.

Aki: Let's start the story and please R&R.

(in New Domino City)

Back in New Domino City, Aki had just received a letter and screamed. Yusei, Jack, Crow, Leo, and Luna ran to Aki who was in the twin's living room. When they got there, Aki was jumping up and down.

"Aki, why'd you scream?" asked Yusei.

"I got a letter saying I get to go to Jaden's academy and I can bring 3 friends." Said Aki.

"WHAT?" yelled everyone.

Now you see everyone had grown fond of Jaden and wanted to go and see him again. Everyone started fighting, well except for Luna who was quietly sitting on the sidelines and watching Jack, Crow, and Leo try to kill each other.

"Enough! I'll choose who will go. Well, I know that Yusei and Luna are going because they are acting civil." said Aki.

After that Jack and Crow started fighting each other again.

In Aki's mind, Jack was too snotty and Crow would probably try to steal some cards or get the professors mad so Leo seemed like a good third choice.

"Leo you're going. Jack, Crow you two are acting like 5 year olds so you can't go." said Aki.

Jack and Crow groaned and left.

"Yusei, Luna, Leo go pack. We leave tomorrow." said Aki.

"Alright. I can't wait to beat Jaden at a duel." said Leo.

"Leo, didn't Jaden beat you last time. You dueled him 5 times and lost remember." Said Luna.

"Well, I'll beat him this time. I've improved." Said Leo.

As the twins began to bicker, Yusei turned to Aki.

"Thanks for letting go." Said Yusei.

"You're welcome. You deserve to go, you've been working too hard lately." Said Aki.

"I am not."

"I had to drag you out of your garage yesterday just so you could eat lunch."

"Well maybe I wanted to be dragged by you."

"Well then I-"

"Yusei, Aki stop flirting and start packing." yelled Leo.

Yusei and Aki blushed and went their separate ways.

(at the exact same time at Duel Academy)

"YESSSS! WHOOO-HOOO!" yelled Jaden.

Everybody in Jaden's group ran over to him to see what the heck happened.(By the way he's at his dorm.) When they got their, all of their jaws dropped. Jaden had just done a back flip and a cartwheel.

"Jay, what happened?" asked Alexis.

"I just received information saying Aki and three of her friends are coming."

"Awesome!" yelled everyone.

Yesterday, after Jaden had his chat with Alexis, he told everyone about Yusei and the gang. Though a couple of people are missing. Zane is out in the world dueling. Mindy and Jasmine are chasing boys and have gone missing. Atticus is also being chased by rabid fangirls so he's on the other side of the island and will be missing for a couple of weeks. Jim and Axel are at home for business.

"Hey guys, I'll catch you later. I'm going to go call Yusei and see who's coming on the trip." said Jaden.

"I'll come with you. I want to meet Yusei or at least get an idea what his personality is." said Alexis.

"Okay. Anyone else want to meet Yusei?" asked Jaden.

"Sorry Jay, Hasselberry and I are going to duel." said Syrus.

"Yeah Slacker, Bastion and I are going to duel, but the Chazz is going to win anyways." said Chazz

"Chazz, don't get arrogant now." said Bastion.

"Jesse is going to help me study for a test." said Blair.

"Yeah, Blair asked me so I said I would help her." said Jesse.

"Now is this a study date or a study makeout." said Chazz.

"Chazz! Get back over here! I have to pulverize you!" yelled an angry Blair.

Blair ran over to Chazz and Chazz ran away screaming like a girl. (As you can see I really dislike Chazz) Jesse was left behind with a red face and ran after Blair.

Jaden brought out his red cell phone and dialed Yusei's number. It was ringing.

"Hey Jaden, can you put the phone on speaker?"


Jaden pushed a button and the speaker turned on.

"Hello?" asked a voice on the phone.

"Hey Yus, it's Jay."

"Oh hey, Jay."

"Hey Yusei, I have a friend on the other end, that I'd like you to meet. Um, well at least know the voice. Alexis meet Yusei. Yusei, Alexis."

"Hi Yusei." said Alexis

"Ah, you're Alexis. Jaden wouldn't shut up about you when he visited us. You know he has a huge cru-"

"OKAY YUSEI! No need to tell her that." said Jaden really quickly with a hint of pink on his cheeks.

"I heard that you're coming to our Duel Academy." said Jaden.

"Oh yeah. Well Aki got an invitation and she decided to bring me, Leo, and Luna." Said Yusei.

"Aw, sweet. I bet you that Leo is going to challenge me to another duel while he's here."

"Yeah I heard him talking about it. Hey Jay, I got to go pack. We'll be at your D.A tomorrow. Bye Jay, bye Alexis."

"Bye Yusei." Said Jay and Lex.

Jaden shut his phone.

"So yeah. That's Yusei for you." said Jaden.

"Well he seems like a cool guy." said Alexis.


There was a silence. It was pretty comfortable. They both sat down and just enjoyed the rare silence.

Hey all reviewers! So yeah that was basically the second chapter. Sorry if it's cruddy or short. I've been busy even though it's summer. Anyways I've got two ideas for this story but I can't decide. So I'm leaving the choice to you the readers. One is that Jaden and Yusei are both secret spies that have known each other for years before they met each other in New Domino city and that two enemies from their past have become evil spies. The two enemies will try everything to get what they want. If you want this story please tell me and put secret spies at the end of your review.

The other idea is that Jaden and Yusei are the chosen heroes of a prophecy of the Star Elemental people. They can control the elements, but two enemies will try to kill them. If you want this story then please tell me and put Star Elemental at the end of the review. Here's the prophecy:

Two heroes shall rise

But enemies from their pasts shall cause their demise

They can be saved

If they unite

Along the way they shall find true love

And see its might

If you want me to combine the ideas (which would be kind of fun to write), tell me and put down Secret Star Elemental Spies at the end of the review.

Me: Hey all reviewers! So what do you guys think of my ideas? Do they seem kind of "out there"?

Jaden: They seem pretty cool to me. I want to be a spy. I get to use really cool gadgets.

Yusei: They seem like pretty good ideas to me.

Me: Aw thanks guys. I like making you guys OOC. It's fun.

Chazz: How come they're the stars of the story?

Me: 1) Who the heck let this emo dude in? and 2) Because they're awesome and have saved the world.

Alexis: Sorry Chazz, but she's right.

Chazz: It's alright. I could never get mad at my Lexi-rama.

In the background, Jaden is giving Chazz a death glare.

Alexis: Leave me alone emo-crazy.

Me: Hey Jaden do you want this tazer?


Me: Here you go.

Jaden: Awesome. (he pushes a button and it zaps Chazz) Oops. Oh wait, I did that on purpose.

Alexis: Aw thanks Jay. (hugs Jaden who's now blushing)

Chazz: (gets back up) Fine I'll go to the other hot chick in this story. (starts stalking Aki)

Aki: Leave me alone you weird emo hobo guy.

In the background, now Yusei is giving Chazz a death glare.

Me: Hey Yusei, want a dart gun?

Yusei: Oh yeah!

Me: Alright, here ya go.

Yusei: Cool. (pulls the trigger which shoots out darts at Chazz) Yes I hit him.

Chazz: (suddenly becomes unconscious)

Aki: Thanks Yus. (gives Yusei a peck on the cheek and Yusei turns red)

Me: *snickers* Just too easy. Well at least we got rid of the emo stalker.

Divine: Not for long.

Me: Darn. Wait didn't you die in that episode where Aki was dueling Misty?

Divine: Yeah well I survived. Though I had to wait many weeks before I could escape.

Me: Dude, that's gross. And you're hair reminds me of one of my teacher's hair. She uses a lot of moose to get it to look all poofy like yours.

Divine: My hair is not like a girls' hairstyle.

Me: Whatever. Why are you here anyways?

Divine: To win back Aki.

Yusei: Oh no you don't.

Both then start arguing. After awhile I just hit Divine in the head with a full moon frying pan.

Aki: Thanks TJ.

Me: Well what do you guys say? Also, the people who stared in this A/N is a hint in the story.

Jaden,Alexis,Yusei,&Aki: Please R&R. Also write down which idea you like better or if you want the ideas combined.

Me: See ya guys later.