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Anyway, here is the final chapter(?) to "It Always Rains" I hope you enjoy :)

Sakura stared at the sword in shock, watching it bounce and clamor before lying very still in the mud. She carefully brought her eyes upward again, squinting against the stinging droplets of rain.

Sasuke stood very quiet, his arms by his sides, his hair dripping wet, the faint fleshy color of his skin bleeding through his soaked white shirt. His eyes were wide and cofused, not looking at Sakura but straight ahead. Sakura glanced behind her but nothing was there.

"S…Sasuke?" she said tentatively. "S…S-Sasuke, what is wrong?"

Sasuke bent forward and pressed his palms to his eyelids, his fingers digging into his forehead. The rain continued to batter both of their bodies.

"S-Sasuke, are you okay?" The sight of his agony caused her to reflexively sit up—she didn't have the strength before, but it came naturally in that moment. Suddenly all the blood leaking from her body was irrelevant—her fatigue vanished. Perhaps it was something only a sincere lover could achieve.

An ugly sound emitted from Sasuke's throat and he fell to his knees.

"SASUKE-KUN!" She screamed. Again—almost supernaturally—she found the ability to push past her limits and kneel by his side, cradling him as his body sunk to the ground. He lay in her arms and held his eyes, his shoulders shaking.

"Get…off of me…" he growled, trying to rise but wincing as the pain forced him to the ground again.

Sakura heard a third disturbance in the rain. It was Shikamaru. Sakura met his eyes as he approached her, his figure slowly coming into focus against the blur of pouring water. He wore a stoic expression, his shoulders slumped forward.

"He has reached his limit," he told Sakura dully. "You did it. You have conquered his power."

Sakura's fatigue returned at these words. She stared at the Jounin pleadingly.

"We can't waste time. We need to tend to your wounds immediately—we can't waste one minute on sentimental good byes, although I understand your pain. Remove the threat to Konoha, Sakura."

Sakura looked down at Sasuke, shivering with a grimace on his face.

"Okay, I understand. Sakura, give me Sasuke. I will handle it. It won't be your burden to bear."

"N-Naruto said," Sakura began to cry, sobbing as she stammered, "N-Naruto said he w-wanted to handle Sasuke!" she wept. "Naruto will hate me now! He will hate me for selfishly—"

"Sakura, Sasuke's end was determined the moment he intended violence on the Leaf Village. Whether it is by yours or Naruto's hands, it doesn't matter. "

"But N-Naruto could have—Naruto could still—change him—p-please, Shikamaru, don't—"

"You were so set on doing this, but now that he is defenselessly in your arms you go back on your word."

Sakura bowed her head in shame, letting the rain wipe her tears from her face.

"I'm not finished yet," Sasuke growled. He tried to get off of Sakura but he fell to the muddy floor. He grunted in pain, uncovering his hands from his eyes but seeing nothing.

"It's a poison I made, "Whispered Sakura, her voice a little high-pitched from filtering through her tears. She watched Sasuke struggle with a pitying, regretful gaze. "I made it specifically for you…the one poisoned quickly loses sight and experiences severe headaches, making him unable to use the mangekyo as well as his genius mind."

"Damn you!" yelled Sasuke, "And you made it so that I couldn't feel the poison until it was too late!"

"Yes," said Sakura sadly. "I made it so that the effects were postponed. Or else you may have searched me for the antidote. It also causes blind hallucinations, so that the poisoned one is… thoroughly handicapped by confusion…"

Sasuke shouted in rage. He raised a fist as if to strike in the direction of her voice, but instead cried out in pain and held his head.

Sakura wept, holding her face in her hands.

Shikamaru came to loom over Sasuke, his Kunai in his hand. "Turn around, Sakura," he said quietly, "I don't want you to see this."