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Beau Wordsworth stretched out against the vacant bed in his temporary room. He took note of the stiff mattress as he rolled his shoulders, and sighed in exhaustion. His wet clothes were strung up in the closet, while he rested in some casual slacks he had pulled out. He knew that he would probably regret having a wet bed later, having failed to actually dry himself off, but he was too tired to get up off the bed. He barely had the strength to scratch his head, let alone shower and dry himself off. As far as he knew, the only plans for the day were in the evening, and he figured he'd wake up in time for dinner. He only hoped that the rangers did not bring up his apparent stupidity.

He had taken a ship from Sinnoh, near Canalave City, soaring past the Oblivia region. When he was nearing up the West Sea Pillar, he decided to let out his mantyke so it could stretch its fins. As the pokemon leapt through the rippling waves, a couple of factors had occurred to him: first, the mantyke was swimming faster than the ship, second, it had recently acquired the move surf, and therefore was able to carry him across waters without tiring itself out so that they both drowned, and third, the initial ticket he had received for the ship was free, so there would be no suffering out of his pocket. With those excited thoughts, he offered up his luggage to one of the crew members who was working with the tour and jumped over the edge.

Salty, cool water had engulfed him as he plummeted into the ocean. The water felt much thicker and murkier than he had initially expected. Frantically, he had kicked upwards, losing one of his heavy shoes in the process. He gasped, sputtering and spitting the foul-tasting water from his mouth. He felt the slippery, smooth skin of his pokemon wriggling next to him. He welcomed the new presence, laying one arm over his friend. He then rubbed his eyes free of water, blinking and squinting fiercely.

"All right," he had rasped. "I'm out here, let's get going."

The mantyke then chirped affirmative, reeled itself back, and then jetted across the waters.

Beau had found then and there that propelling across foreign waters with legs slapping, waves splashing, and holding on for dear life on to a three foot three mantyke not the most effective way to travel. The fact that he had hit land a good half hour before the ship had, did not make up for the numb feeling that stretched over his entire body.

At Fuchsia City, he was so out of it that when the cab had picked him up to take him to Saffron, they had to backpedal to pick up his forgotten mantyke: left on the beach, wailing for its trainer. Instead of sleeping, he spent the entire ride apologizing with the driver chastising him in the background. He had actually welcomed the fact that his pokemon were taken from him: his source of guilt.

So now he was lying in his room, his luggage and clothes strewn about like a whirlwind had hit. Occasionally voices of other teens sounded in other rooms and in the hallway, but he didn't care enough to get up from his spot. He had an entire year to get to know these people, no need to start fraternizing then.

A sigh escaped his lips, and his muscles sunk further into the bed.

The door swung open, slamming against the wall. Beau jumped slightly, seeing a blond fumble to shut the door. A girl was calling out "See you later, Davion" in an obvious attempt at having less than pure implications. The teen shuddered, his shoulders shaking slightly. Trembling, he ran his fingers through his hair, drew a breath, and then turned around with a pained expression, looking like he was about to have a temper tantrum. He stopped short when he saw Beau. His eyes widened in alarm under his blonde bangs, and his jaw protruded slightly. Then he phased into a neutral stance, his posture reverting from seething to aloof arrogance.

Beau was less tense, but slightly suspicious of his apparent roommate. Their eyes met, a trivial acknowledgement of one another crossed between them. The redhead rolled his mane back onto the bed, half expecting his newfound roomie to start and lead a conversation, half expecting to be ignored completely, especially after seeing a huge transformation of presentation.

The exhausted teen closed his eyes, the volume of the other boy's movement and shuffling increasing from his missing sense. He could still feel the missing rhythm of the water against him, making the blood in his veins pulse in an outcry. His body was not too happy with him, and seemed to be trying to reject his entire being. Beau decided he was going to hurry up and figure out how to evolve his mantyke so it would at least double in size and be a much more effective pokemon to use for transportation.

A weight fell on his bed; presumably his roommate had seated himself next to him. Beau didn't open his eyes, but his body did slightly incline away from the other teen. His eyes flickered wildly under his eyelids, fighting the urge to open. He had originally been determined to push away the blond's presence from his mind, but now his thoughts were whirring wildly in an effort to understand why his personal space was being so heavily violated. Beau continued to debate between staring in annoyance toward the nuisance and not saying a word, knowing it really didn't matter. His roommate stood up before Beau could act on a further reaction than the one he already possessed, and he breathed out quietly in relief.

After a few moments of strained silence, the blond started moving around in his painfully loud manner again. He eventually exited and Beau was left to his thoughts and aching muscles.

His sudden solitary state seemed vaguely bittersweet.

"Gee, I just love the blue in your hair; did you do it yourself, or did you get it professionally done?"

Lyra smiled wearily at her new roommate, pulling out a change of clothes for the next day, her pajamas, as well as her toiletries. The other girl had arrived earlier in the morning, and had yet to cease talking to catch her own breath. Normally Lyra would prefer that others not coax her to speak, but this person was talking so much she felt her roommate was a loudred not a girl!

"Sister did it." She supplied, pulling out her toothbrush and toothpaste and putting them in a cup.

Her blonde roommate's smile broadened even further. Lyra wondered if it hurt. "You have a sister? How old is she? Older or younger, I mean? You two get along? I bet you do if she did your hair for you!" The other girl squealed, falling forward on to her bed kicking her legs. "I bet it must be so much fun to have a sister! I don't have any siblings, so I get so envious of anyone else who has a sibling – do you have any other siblings?" She had flipped over on to her back, pale green eyes shimmering behind her black, squared glasses.

Lyra could tell already this girl was going to latch on to her and grow on her and there was nothing she could do about it. "Alyssa is older than me, and I guess we get along alright." She paused in her arrangement and sat back, considering her relationship with her sister. It certainly was strained at times. She was usually under the opinion that they had next to nothing in common; her sister made bidoofs look genius and put all of her concentration into her looks, rather than her academics. Her sister currently had dyed blonde hair, and after graduating from Sunyshore's Modeling School in Sinnoh, she went on to become a professional model. Lyra never got used to seeing her sister in magazines and on billboards. But she seemed to be doing well for herself, and Lyra was happy her sibling was doing so well.

The only time her sister had ever not enjoyed herself was when she had a nasty break up with a boyfriend. Apparently he was no longer interested, and had never wanted a serious relationship in the first place, and had discarded her like she was nothing. A couple days later, she had seen him with another girl, going off to the same location that they had used to hook up. Lyra had hated to see her sister in such a distraught state, especially over a boy, and sometimes wondered if that occurrence played a part in her wariness toward males.

"Ooh, how old is she?" Gale asked, flipping her blonde hair.

"Nineteen." Lyra paused in her organizing and rummaged through her trunk. She emerged with several magazines, handing them to her roommate. "'Alyssa Smith' is who you are looking for," She told her. The platinum blond shook her head, slightly undoing her messy bun, and greedily took the Sheek magazine.

"Oh my gosh, she's a model! That is too cool! I've sometimes wondered about being a model, being dolled up and all that; I bet it would be tons of fun!" Gale squealed as her eyes scanned for Lyra's sister.

The brunette regarded the girl with a critical eye. The talkative one was certainly thin enough to be a model, and her slight tan complimented her well, but from the terrible posture the girl held herself in, with a completely curled spine and her nose an inch away from the pages; as well as the fact that the girl simply did not have that edge to her looks, it would be hard for her to get into the business. Lyra turned back to her clothes, debating between pants. Gale could possibly be a model, but only one to demonstrate clothes for different body types, otherwise, not going to happen.

"Ooh! Is this her? Is this her?" Lyra turned to Gale's jabbing finger at one page where a blonde was being flourished with flowers in expensive underwear, riding on the back of a dragonair in a lake was shoved in her face. The brunette adjusted her glasses and looked away, muttering an affirmative. "Oh my gosh! She is beautiful," Gale exploded. Lyra frowned, thinking about that statement. Not really, she mused. She's really pretty and knows how to work the pheromones, but her actual facial bone structure is not that superb, unlike Davion …

A vague blush crossed her cheeks at the unwanted thought. She banished the feeling of embarrassment, noting that she was just admiring an obviously handsome person. There was nothing wrong with that. There was a difference between slight crush and infatuation.

"I wonder if I should style my hair like that." Gale ran her fingers through her hair thoughtfully, looking at the picture. Lyra shrugged. The girl could do what she wanted, made little difference to her. She glanced at the girl next to her, and noted her expectant smile. The blonde was waiting for a response that actually spurred advice.

"Your current style suits you fine." Lyra told her. Her statement was true; the girl had the kind of face that would not be complimented by her thin hair framing her face. Gale had pulled her hair back into a low, loose bun that was actually somewhat pretty. Her eyes were fair, but the glasses took away from her looks instead of adding. Lyra pushed up her own glasses. Like she was one to talk.

She rose from the bed, observing the work she had done. Her clothes were set out, toiletries in the bathroom for later use, luggage tucked to the side: she was all set. Gale took note of her look of finality, and stood up herself, handing the magazine back with a smile.

"Thanks, and how about we go visit with others, huh?" Gale beamed as she edged closer to her brunette counterpart, a method to shepherd Lyra out into the hallway. "Please? I totally want to go meet with the others, I'm so excited to see them! Come with me!"

Lyra was given little chance to argue: Gale grabbed a hold of her arm and dragged her out of the room, squealing. Lyra made a gesture for the blonde to take it down a notch, as they didn't know if other guests were on the same floor as them, and therefore others would be disturbed by their loud levels. Gale hushed immediately in response, but her joyful mood did not waver.

No one was outside, but the doorway across from them was opened to two girls moving about their belongings. Lyra followed Gale tentatively into the room, hoping that the two teenagers were actually involved; it would be awkward to just walk in on people staying for completely different reasons. Once she realized that Friday was one of the girls, her worries calmed.

"Woah, your hair is white!" Gale gasped, prancing over to Friday, who was playing with her pokegear in boredom. She was dressed in a black tank and loose cargo pants. Her red eyes flickered to the blonde, and rolled dramatically. It did not take a genius to guess that her coloring was a frequent topic for her.

"Really?" Friday asked with dry surprise. She fingered her side-swept bangs as if she were examining them. "I had no idea. Such a pleasure you were able to point out that fine little detail." Her attention turned to Gale. "I feel much more complete now."

"O-oh." A slight flicker in Gale's mood. "Yeah, I suppose you do get that a lot. What I meant to ask, was if it was natural, or something. I mean, it looks it, but I never imagined white hair was natural for kids. Or maybe your hair has lost its coloring already?"

"She's albino, Gale." Lyra muttered. She figured she ought to point out the obvious to the girl before she embarrassed herself further. Friday looked at Lyra, perhaps with appreciation, and then turned back to her pokegear.

"Do you guys have plans for the day?" Friday asked. "I know some kids tried to go see their pokemon, but apparently the visiting hours are out of whack. Then there was a slight shopping spree that a couple of the girls and guys went on, but besides that, not really sure what to do." She shrugged. "Ari and I were half debating it here."

Lyra and Gale looked around to mentioned girl they had yet to meet, and as if on cue, the other girl that had been in the room earlier emerged from the bathroom. Lyra whistled mentally. This girl is what she would call model potential. The girl had muscle, sleek and firm that was accented in her controlled walk: shoulders poised, back ramrod straight, hips in a figure-eight roll. Lyra had never seen a girl with a pear-shaped body look so good, and made a slight comparison to her own square-shaped build. Her cheek bones were high, lips full, and dark hair thick and wavy fell past her shoulders. She wrinkled her small, perked nose to suppress a sneeze.

"It's a pleasure to meet you!" Gale offered her hand to shake. The beauty paused, then smiled slightly, taking her hand firmly. Gale gasped and scampered over to Friday to shake hands, realizing she had not treated the white haired girl with the same respect.

Lyra took her hand as well, smiling slightly. "I'm Lyra. That was Gale." She jerked her head to her roommate in good nature.

"Ari," the brunette trilled. Her large eyes widened further. A pretty aquamarine color. She let go and addressed the room, Friday in particular. "Is there a plan for exploring today?" Her arms had folded over her chest as she leaned against the wall.

"Nah, we're discussing it now." Friday stretched her arms above her head. "Any suggestions? I don't particularly care."

"Why don't we go out for ice cream?" Gale asked. Friday chortled, as if sharing a private joke. When questioned about her reaction, she shook her head muttering she just 'remembered something'.

"I'm going to look for the exercise room, actually." Ari interjected. "Come if you want, I don't think I'll be there long; just want to check out the equipment. I do want to work out later, though."

The other three took in her nomination with hesitance. Lyra flat-out did not want to do anything that required physical labor. Friday was not in the mood. Gale did not care to exercise, but she was willing to adapt to others' desires.

"Um, I dunno." Friday muttered. "Just to see?" She asked, a verification that they would not be there long.

A defiant expression crossed Ari's face. "I don't mind going by myself. Go get ice cream, I just want to check it out. No need to drag anyone." At this, more indecisive looks exchanged, along with more reluctance to not be accused as 'ditchers'. Lyra could not tell if the girl really cared if they were with her or not, but from the way that she pointed her body toward the door, showing she just wanted to go, and lolled her head back with impatience, Lyra figured the three of them were not very important factors.

"Well, if you don't mind…" Lyra took the role as the decision maker. She pulled out her pokegear. "If you need anything – why don't we trade numbers?" The brunette paused, and then strolled over to her luggage on the opposite side of the room. Gale whipped hers out as well, excited to add new numbers. Lyra assumed that Friday and Ari had already exchanged numbers, since the albino put her pokegear away.

A few moments of fumbling and name-spelling, and the girls felt better about the option of going separate ways. "Do you want to call us to meet up with you later?" Gale asked. "We don't mind waiting up or anything."

Ari shrugged. "I might exercise, actually. Feel weird after the flight; want to get it out of my system." She then offered a nod of her head, and strolled away with grace that they all vaguely wished they walked with.

"Suit yourself." Friday turned to walk in the other direction, toward the elevators.

"Bye!" Gale called across the hallway. She scampered after the albino, chattering about her favorite flavors, strawberry and girafarig tracks. Lyra sighed, quickly ran across and double-checked that her room was locked, and then hurried her pace to chase after the two.

Ari flipped her hair up into a high ponytail. She stepped lightly on to a treadmill, setting the speed so that she'd run a mile in seven minutes, and then started up the machine. Her sneakers squeaked with each step she took, and quickly fell into a rhythm. She mentally calculated what machines and exercises she would try out, once she got her blood flowing. She cocked her head slightly to view the other occupants of the small workout center.

Two men were competing playfully with one another while bench-pressing about a hundred pounds each. They were large; one with red crew-cut hair and a brawly appearance, while the other had black hair with red-dyed tips. Both had large builds, and although the black haired one had a slight belly, he clearly had enough muscle to keep up with the red head next to him. The two were wheezing insults at one another, while instructing the two boys spotting them to load on more weights.

One of the boys was a handsome blond whose white shirt was soaking with sweat. She thought that perhaps he had been working out on a machine earlier but had been called over to be a spotter. He stood over the redhead with a frustrated expression that amplified the welt on his cheek and bruise on his jaw. She could tell he'd rather get back to pumping iron rather than straddle the older man so that the bar would not fall on him. The black haired boy that had somewhat long hair looked as if he was really out of place in the mini gym. His stance in holding the bar was horrible: he wasn't watching his partner, his legs were locked, and his arms were close together. If the man he was spotting for weren't so large, she would have been more concerned.

She figured that those four would be preoccupied in that area of the gym, so she would be able to get involved with other machines in the room.

"Shawn, I know Bear is not the loveliest of the ladies, and certainly has some competition with that girl over there, but at least pretend you're paying attention to him!" Someone called.

Ari smirked, tossing her head slightly and straightening her posture even further. She heard a small apology, obviously embarrassed, which only inflated her sudden ego swell. More laughter from the two larger men sounded as she finished running her mile.

She slowed the treadmill to a stop, walking slightly as she bent over to pick up her water bottle. She took a couple sips, positioning herself nonchalantly so that she could discretely check out her male company. She pinpointed the most attractive of the lot, the blonde who had been working out earlier. She made a little appreciative note of his broad shoulders, and as she further analyzed his build, she wondered if he was a dancer. Even while he was slightly hunched over to have a grasp on the bar, she could tell he had brilliant posture that only people that were well-versed with moving their bodies could achieve.

She sauntered over to a machine that would allow for leg curls. She checked the weights, adding on 140 pounds, and then proceeded with her reps. Ari made slight grunts, having a good grip on the cushioned seat as she kicked the gears up. Soon she felt the familiar ache of a good workout beginning to stir in her calves, and began to pump harder. She finished with three sets of ten reps, pleased with herself. She flipped over, looking for wipes to rid the machine of her sweat for the next user. She found a squirt bottle hanging on the wall, and grabbed it, squirting and wiping down with her own towel.

"You see that, Big-Dude?" A voice sounded so close behind her so that she nearly jumped. "There are some teens with proper etiquette when it comes to equipment." She returned the cleaner, and then faced the two older men that had been doing reps earlier. They loomed over her, heavily built and somewhat stinky from their apparent sweat. From the reaction of blond, who muttered a disgruntled "whatever," she assumed that the large men were referring to him.

"Well, I'm impressed, Little Lady." The redheaded man grinned. "Are you here with family or - ?"

"A tour." She said simply. She did not know these men and was not about to give her whereabouts or the names of those she was involved with, no matter how friendly they appeared.

Their faces lit up. "Rosario Wilkinson?" The redhead asked. She blinked at the usage of her full name, but nodded. She realized that they were probably rangers, which gave sense to their large forms: they were perfect for the job. They both reached to shake her hand, firm with a slight jerk, introducing themselves as Bear and Jason. She smiled coolly, hiding her desire to nurse her arm socket. "We've been working with these two rascals here." He brought the two boys under his arms, neither happy to be near his sweat-stained pits. "Say hello to Shawn and Davion."

"Their names rhyme," The one with dyed hair pointed out.

The redhead grinned, then shook the two boys playfully. "Woah, going to have to put you two together, just for that coincidence!"

Shawn smiled weakly, clearly unhappy with his prospective roommate. Davion was a state of neutrality. He seemed to take it with a grain of salt. Jason then released the two, who couldn't get away fast enough. Davion went back to working out with dumbbells, and Ari had a feeling he picked purposefully larger ones. The other boy stood off to the side, eyes flickering between the occupants in the room. There was an apparent desire in him to show some testosterone in a room of grease and sweat. He teetered for a moment between leaving and getting set up on a machine, before one of the rangers waved him over to help clean the sweat off of the benches they had been working on.

A couple of other men entered the room, cueing Jason and Bear it was time to stop fooling around. They hurried Shawn out of the room, telling him if he wasn't planning on working out, he ought to stop getting in others' way. Shawn agreed to this quickly, wanting to get out of the foreign territory. Davion put away the dumbbells he had been working on, and then proceeded to work on the same leg machine Ari had earlier.

She gathered her water bottle, sweat towel, and room key, and then allowed for herself to pause for a moment. Davion was facing his back to her, and was moving rhythmically against the machine. His muscles clenched and convulsed beneath his work clothes, and she watched the wave of his body with pure appreciation. With a smirk, she spun on her feet and left the room.

Davion paused in his reps, as if thoughtful, and then cocked his head behind him, searching. He frowned before turning back to continue.

Auto stopped short in the doorway to her room. When she had left earlier to go scoping for others on the tour, her room was empty, save for her unpacked belongings. She had reintroduced herself to the two rangers that had picked her up from the airport, but kept her conversation short since the two smelled worse than a couple of grimer in the ides of summer. When she had asked about the other students, they informed her that they knew several girls had just left to get ice cream, a couple were down in the gym they had just come from, and some were out shopping before they visited their pokemon at the farm. There were a few whose whereabouts were unknown, and they were about to go track them down; they reminded her heavily that if she were to decide to go off somewhere, she required a buddy and needed to tell them of her departure in the first place.

She had thanked them, then returned to her room, only to find an array of disgusting floral luggage scattered about the room. She stood dumbly for a moment before realizing her roommate must have arrived without her noticing.

"Greetings and salutations!" She yelped in surprise; a girl had popped her head up from between the twin beds. "I am pleased to inform you that there are no looming spirits that wish us bodily harm." She held up a can of mangoes. "I have dispelled them."

Auto's smile was strained. "Y … yay...?"

The strange girl stood to full height, holding the fruit above her head while she brushed off her long skirt. She then paused and leaned forward to look at Auto, squinting her light brown eyes, and slightly smudging her drastic eyeliner. She then smiled widely. "Oh, you have a green aura, we'll get along just nicely. No worries. But I'd look out for ghost types if I were you."

"What?" Auto stood in the crossroads of great interest, and wanting to hear more about her apparent 'green aura', but felt disgruntled at the girl's last warning. "Excuse me, my starter was a ghost type – what are you talking about?" Her thoughts swarmed around her beloved Bertha, a dusclops who was entirely too maternal and loving to be a worry.

The brunette roommate twirled one of two pink ribbons tied in her hair thoughtfully. "It's nothing specific, just know to be concerned. I wouldn't think of it as being anything deathly, though." She pouted her lips. "You don't believe me, do you?"

Of course not. The girl out of no where began spouting nonsense that put on the defense and had her entirely suspicious. She happened to adore her ghost pokemon, and did not care for the fact that this girl was insulting them as such. "Sure I do." She smiled as she seated herself on her bed. She crossed her legs. "Tell me more about my aura, I'm curious about that." She could only assume this girl was a psychic of some sort; she'd never met one, but had heard they were common in the Kanto region, perhaps where this girl was from,

The girl had lit up with excitement and knelt before her, teetering with her welcome. "I am ever so pleased to hear that – have a mango!" Somehow the girl had pried open the can so that the lid was hanging off, while the watery contents floated about at the rim. Auto had never been one to eat canned food, and was not about to start then.

"Thank you for the offer," she smiled sweetly. "But I'm not really hungry right now." The girl shrugged and popped the contents into her mouth. Auto averted her eyes as the girl licked her chaps with a satisfied smack.

"I can see you have things that are troubling you, I am receiving strong signals that you are." She announced. Auto's eyes widened. "I sense that the things you really want out of life sometimes seem unrealistic and you often wonder whether you can achieve them. I also sense that at times you are friendly, social, and outgoing to others, but that at other times you are withdrawn, reserved, and cautious. You take pride in being an independent thinker, but also know not to accept what you see and hear from others without proof. You like change and variety, but become restless if controlled by restrictions and routine. You want to share your innermost feelings with those closest to you, but have found it unwise to be too open and revealing. A man in your life with the initial "M" is exerting a strong influence over you right now and a woman who is born in … August will contact you in the next month with an exciting offer, While you appear disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be concerned and worried on the inside, and at times you wonder whether or not you have made the right choice or decision."

Auto could feel her pixie-cut hair prickling. The girl was spot on. She had been wary earlier, but she had figured her out within five minutes of meeting her. The "M" man must have been her father, Marcus. Perhaps the woman with an exciting offer was related to that acting troupe she had tried out for several weeks back; weren't callbacks next month? Did that mean she got the part if it was an exciting offer? Her mind reeled at what was revealed about her future and current self, and at the fact that she felt rather dissected at the moment.

"Woah, you were, like, spot-on." She gasped. The girl swelled with pride. "How did you know all that?" She shook her head. "That was scary accurate."

"I'm a psychic, actually." The brunette told her proudly. "Not the mind-reading type, or the moving things with my mind type, that's more telekinesis. I just know things about people, pokemon, places. It's a gift, really."

"I wish I were a psychic." Auto murmured wistfully. "That was would be so cool! And I'd know about acting parts and whatnot …" She hinted at the fact that she was an actor, hoping the subject would deter to her genius, rather than her roommate's. The brunette didn't catch on, or chose not to.

"Sorry, I think it's something you're born with. Perhaps if you were to get into an accident with a psychic pokemon, you're Inner powers could awaken. I wasn't born with my psychic ability, you know. It was given to me. By a goddess." She held out her palm, revealing a white crescent moon-shaped scar. "See that? That's the Mark."

If it weren't for its interesting shape, Auto would have figured it no different than any other scar she had seen. "That's so cool," she gushed. "Can I, can I touch it?" The girl nodded. She had half expected an electric current to be jolted into her when her hesitant fingertips lightly pressed onto the palm, but it was only cool and somewhat clammy. She pulled her hand away, a little disappointed, but still smiling. "Wish I had a scar like that."

"It's not a scar, it's the Mark."

"Right, mark." Auto corrected herself without conviction. "Oh, uh, what's you're name again?" She giggled apologetically. She knew the entire time the girl had yet to introduce herself, and had originally planned to act with indifference and wait for the girl to introduce herself, but Auto was never a patient person.

"I find that names are a trivial thing that binds us to unnecessary forms." She said mysteriously. Auto stared at her. "But if you must know, I was dubbed as June by my mother."

"Oh, June, okay. I go by Auto."

"That's a weird name."

Auto sat back in a defensive stance. "It's a nickname. My actual name is Genesis."

"Like the Bible?"

Auto ruffled her black hair to hide her annoyance. "Yes, hence the desire for a nickname."

"Oh." June eyed her thoughtfully. "It's not a very good one, though. I'd rather one such as 'Solaris' or perhaps 'Alana' or something mystical like those ones."

Auto shrugged. "I like Auto."

"I like mangoes." June chucked the empty can at the trash bin by the large dresser in their room. It missed. Auto smirked slightly.

"I can tell."

"Hey, dudettes." They turned their heads to see Bear leaning in their room, using his knuckles to rap on their door to get their attention. His hair was wet and he was dressed in a loose black t-shirt with an unfamiliar band logo and baggy khakis. Auto assumed he had showered since she saw him last. "Dinner is going to be ready in a bit, so why don't you come along with me while I round up the others?"

Auto grinned and stood immediately. "Awesome, I'm starving!"

June got up next to her, smiling tentatively and unsurely. "I did offer some fruit…"

Auto made for the door, a little guilty, she said over her shoulder: "Yes, well, I only just realized I was hungry. I don't mind mangoes; I just wasn't hungry then, is all."


The two paraded after the ranger once he reminded them to lock their door. June lingered behind to do so, while Auto stuck close to the larger man's side. She welcomed the new company. And he was kind of cute. Definitely looked strong, the way he towered over her. "Are there a lot of other students here?" She asked.

"Mm, I suppose so," he regarded her hair. "Pixie-Dude." She grinned at the nickname. "Not really sure what the number is off the top o' my head. Maybe twelve kids?" Her face dropped to neutral at the word 'kids'. She was not a child, she was an older teen, and would soon be eighteen. She was not to be treated as such. "No, I think the number's a bit more than that." He shrugged. "Doesn't really matter."

"It probably should if you plan on keeping track of us." She pointed out with a rue smile.

He almost stopped in his tracks at her comment, then turned to her and ruffled her head. "Whatever." She ruffled her hair once he retracted his hand. He behaved too familiar. It was weird. June trotted up to his other side, staring at him with the same concentration as she had at Auto earlier on. She caught Auto's eye, and mouthed 'yellow'. Auto nodded, mouthing 'oh' as if she were interested. Bear ignored their obvious form of communication and stepped ahead to knock on a door.

"Hey dudes, are you two in there?" There was a slight groan, and then some fumbling and heavy footsteps. The three crowded the door, waiting for the appearance of the two boys. The door creaked, revealing an extremely attractive boy. He looked at them lazily, and then opened the door wider.

"Ah, Pimp-Dude, where's your roomie?" Auto giggled at his nickname. 'Pimp-Dude' ignored her and jerked his thumb behind. June stood on the tips of her toes to peer over him. Bear tunneled through the two. He barked a laugh when he saw the dehydrated by collapsed on the bed.

"Oy, Dumb-Dude, have you been drinking any water?" There was no answer, so he leaned over and tapped him slightly. "Wake up, can't have you passing out." The large man turned to the three teens staring in the doorway. "Would one of you go get Big-Dude and let him know we need ice packs and some dehydration meds?" No one moved. "Come on, Pimp-Dude, I know you've met him – he's in room 324, go get him."

The blond nodded slowly, and spun on his heel, and strutted off at a fixed pace to the right. Auto and June watched after him with a fixed fascination.

"Hey!" Bear clapped his hands to get their attention. Auto jumped. "Pour some glasses from the bathroom, would you two? Preferably cold."

"Yes, Bear." Auto nodded and ran to the bathroom, June following. The two rummaged about for the customary glasses that were set out for guests. Four glasses were pulled out, and the two began to fill up the glasses hurriedly. "I hope he's alright." Auto murmured to June. "I mean, what do you think happened to him? He looks awful! Do you think he'll die or something, that'd be horrible!" She frowned and reached over to feel the water June had pouring from the facet. "Hey, did you make sure the water was fully cooled before you started pouring water? It has to be cold."

June paused to consider her previous actions, and then dumped out the water so she could refill them. Auto shook her head, aghast.

"You totally just wasted water, there. A magikarp just keeled over dead somewhere. I hope you're happy." June's eyes went wide as she gaped at her in horror. Auto took a vague amount of pleasure at the girl's apparent gullible state of mind. "Well, hurry up with the water, then." She took a glass in each hand and half ran out of the bathroom, quickly to Bear's side.

The boy on the bed had an extremely bad sunburn that was going to fade into an uncomplimentary farmer's tan. His face was puffy from his state of dehydration, and his cheeks were somewhat sunken. He licked his chapped lips at the sight of the water held out to him. He began to move one of his arms, but groaned in discomfort from his burns, so Bear took the drink from Auto and helped the teen drink.

"Is he okay?" Auto asked. The boy glowered at her. She flushed. Stupid question.

"He'll be fine, probably won't be joining us for dinner, though." Bear groaned. "Gonna have to have a ranger stay." The boy looked abashed. "Wonder how good this hotel's room service is."

Auto shrugged noncommittally. The boy finished with the first glass, and began to fall back to fully lie down again. Bear clicked his tongue and lightly gripped his shoulder. "Hey, you are going to drink the four glasses that have been prepared like a good gentle-dude, got it?" June sat down on the other side of Bear, holding the two glasses as if they were fragile pieces of art that were worth more than her life. Bear turned to June and took one of the glasses from her. "Thanks, Ribbon-Dude."

She smiled, then peered down at the burnt boy with a hazy expression. Auto guessed the girl was trying to do something 'psychic'.

"Bear," the three looked up to see Pimp-Dude had succeeded in his mission of finding Big-Dude. "Why are there fifty people in here?" Jason scowled at Bear who muttered something about little helpers. "Thank you," his attention was split between Auto, the blond, and June. "But we have it handled, kindly shimmy on downstairs, and we or maybe someone else will meet up with you guys to guide you to dinner." He then frowned. "And Davion," the blond rolled his eyes. "We're going to take better care of our fellow 'tourists', aren't we?" His face went stony, but he nodded nonetheless. He spun out the door, hands shoved in pockets.

"Feel better," Auto smiled at the sick boy.

"Yes, I am sure you will be fine come morning." June informed him pleasantly.

Auto hurried to catch up with the cute blond, June hot on her heels.

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