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Chapter 1: THE LETTER

"Umm, Ryuuzaki?" Light asked as he stared at the wrinkled envelope on his hand.

L turned to face the college student, rather annoyed.

"What is it, Light-kun?" L asked, looking down on what Light had been looking at. Light handed him the envelope and waited. L just rolled his eyes and took the envelope on his hand as Light stared.

"What exactly is this?" L began to ask, mostly to himself than to Light. Light shook him head and spoke,

"I am not really sure, I just found it under the table this morning. Turn it around, you will find a messy 'L' written on the back in red, it was still wet, It looks like blood but that is all. I did not open it, it is none of my business. All I know is that it is supposed to be for you, Ryuuzaki. There is no name from whom it was, I checked all over the envelope."

L just stared at it and carefully opened it, it would probably be from Wammy's House but, if it was form Roger, why didn't he warn them and how did it just appear under his table. A lot of questions ran on L's head.

L ripped the top of the envelope and took out an even more wrinkled paper, red stains were marked on it. L's hand was now covered with this red, gooey, liquid. L stared at it for a moment until he slowly stuck his tongue out and licked it off his hand. Jam. Strawberry Jam. Oh so many memories of Jam. Horrible memories.

L quickly opened the sheet and narrowed his eyes over it, he felt his jaw go slack. Shocked on what was written on the paper in a messy order. It read:

Dear L,

I'm back! Watch out baby, Beyond Birthday's coming to town! Kyahaha!

Love, B. B for Beyond Birthday, NOT 'Backup'

L knew the sender was mad at the word 'Backup' by the pressure it was put into by what it seemed to be a pen. L thought. L felt sick to his stomach as he re-read the whole thing for about ten full minutes before he rapidly stuck it on his blue jean's back pocket and walking away, leaving Light even more confused than before he showed L the envelope.

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