Chapter 10: Rage.

Light Yagami was never the type of person to judge someone. But, he knew, in fact, that Beyond Birthday was a Bipolar, paranoid, sadistic, masochistic, very violent, cannibalistic, dominant, angry, insane, creepy, evil, cold-blooded, and suicidal person.

But, he had to admit, Beyond could be a very darn good person, well... Not really. Take this scene, for example: ( :B)

Light had just woken up when he heard the metal door open ever so slighty.

Beyond emerged from behind it, holding two plates in both of his hand while he kicked the door closed and turned on the light with his tongue. ( Oooh. )

"Hiya!" Beyond said, smiling warmly.

Light tilted his head to the side curiously, taking in the aroma around him. It smelled like Sausage and Bean Ragout, And it smelled delicious!

Light couldn't help but smile. This was sweet.

"...I never knew you could cook, Beyond?" A voice interrupted.

Both Light and Beyond blinked, turning to face a concerned L in the corner, rolling his dark eyes.

"Oh," Beyond started, frowning, "Well, I do and did many things you are not aware of, my dear Lawliet. Such as, I had worked at a McDonalds in London, that was my only way on making pounds so I could go to America. I have worked at a Hot Topic in California, The Great Mall, to be exact, Worked as a waiter in a fancy restaurant it San Fransisco. I have a soft spot for dogs, I owned a long haired chihuahua named Scruffles, I hate and am allergic to Cats, I dated a girl for five weeks, I almost got raped, and many other things. And adding to the fact that those were just in the matter of 2-3 years, Lawliet." He explained.

Light snickered, he had to admit, that was pretty darn hilarious.

L frowned, not because Beyond had just smart-talked him, but because he could tel that Light and Beyond were getting along quite well than he thought they would.

"Anyways..." Beyond said, breaking the silence. He knelt down in front of Light, placing the plate carefully in his hands.

"Thank you, Beyond." Light managed to say, letting a smile cross his lips, in which Beyond gladly returned.

Beyond stood up and walked towards L, carelessly giving (Almost throwing) the plate towards L.

"Enjoy." He seethed before he stomped out of the door and slamming it shut.

Light blinked, his mood changed rather quickly, as expected. Without further hesitation,Light dug into his dinner, pleasuring his taste buds with the outstanding taste. Beyond was one amazing cook!

Light didn't have time to get another bite when he heard a loud crash.

He looked to his side, seeing L's plate broken and the Sausage and Bear Ragout splattered on the nearest wall. He looked up, to stare at a furious L glaring at him in pure rage.

"R-Ryuuzaki?" Light managed to choke out.

"Don't call me such thing!" L exclaimed, "you are falling into his trap, Light! You just THINK he's doing something good, but it's just an act! AND ACT! Get that into your thick skull! He's trying to kill us, can't you see? He's just waiting to earn your damn trust so he can laugh at you and THEN kill you!" L shouted.

"Ryu- L.. WH-"

"Shut UP!"

L and Light tuned to face a fucking furious-ass Beyond standing in the door way, his eyes sparkling with pure rage.

"B-Beyond!" Light choke out.

"I said SHUT UP!" Beyond growled, he turning to face L and walked up to him, grabbing him by the hem of his white shirt and throwing a heavy punch square on his face.

"You know nothing!" Beyond shouted, glaring at L, who stumbled backwards at the heavy blow, clutching his already bleeding nose, "Nothing at all! You don't know my plans for the future! You don't know me!Sure, you are the world's greatest detective; but here you are just any other pathetic human! L does NOT exist here, only L Lawliet does. So don't you DARE say, nor think of my future acts, Lawliet, for they are ALL wrong!" He exclaimed, furiously.

"...I-I" L stammered, "B-Beyond... I aplo-"

Beyond growled, once again and punched L in the face , interrupting his sentence.

"What part of 'Shut up', don't you understand? You know perfectly well that I HATE repeating myself, Lawliet! DO NOT TEST ME! So shut up, before I sew your mouth shut, you tramp! You hear me, Asshole?" Beyond shouted, kicking the detective harshly in the ribs before turning and walking out the metal door.

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