Chapter 9: Warmth

11:06 AM

"Don't worry Kira. You won't die... yet."

Those words. Those exact words kept on replaying over and over inside Light Yagami's head. He was going to die? When? Why? How?

Light sighed, bringing his legs up to his chest and hugging them tightly. He traveled his hands down to his ankles where the shackled restrained him. The cuffs had already damaged enough tissue and was leaking out blood little by little every moment.

"I-I'm... Cold..." Light whispered, sniffling slightly.

"S-S-So am I, L-Light-kun." a voice shivered.

Oh, that's right. L was also in the same situation Light was. How could he forget?

"D-Do y-you th-think... we'll b-be a-able to g-get out of th-this mess, R-Ryuuzaki?" Light asked, his teeth clattering.

The detective sighed, "D-Don't c-call me R-Ryuuzaki now... But... F-for once... I a-am not so s-sure..."

L let his legs fall back down, his shackles clattering against the cement floor.

The sound in the room died, the only thing heard were the breaths of the two cold, sorrow, hollow, helpless, and imprisoned males.

- Time Skip. -

1:26 PM

Clack. Clack. Clack.

"Hunh?" Light slowly opened his auburn eyes upon hearing a small wooden squeaks coming from behind the metal door.

Not sooner or later, the door was slowly and quietly pushed open, a dark figure slowly creeping in.

It took less than a moment for Light to recognize whom the figure was.

It was the man whom he deeply despised. Who had ruined his life. Who had hurt him mentally and physically. Whom brought pain and agony to him in less than half of a day. This man with ice-cold blood that ran all over his body and hatred growing from deep inside his heart. The man with no heart and no emotions. As if he were made out of pure stone, or he was just an insane robot.

This man... Beyond Birthday was standing on the door way, looking at the cement floor.

Light closed his eyes slightly but half opened them to see what the man was going to do. That's when Light noticed something he had never thought he would find upon his kidnapper.

His beautiful red eyes held sadness in them. Sadness, sympathy, and- what was that? GULIT?

Light quickly closed his eyes shut once he saw the murder walk back inside. But he did not leave. Of course not.

Light began to hear ruffling coming from the other room.

A low sigh was heard. soft footsteps began approaching him and Light shivered.

'Please... Don't hurt me...' Light begged in his head. Light shivered once again but was soon calmed down by something warm wrapping around his body. At that exact moment, Light's eyes shot open. Meeting blood-red ones.

Red met brown.

That was when Light took notice that he was wrapped in a fuzzy and warm red blanket.

Light blinked, also taking notice on the position they were both in.

Beyond was on top of him, his hands where on either side of his head while his legs lay on either side of his waist. One may have thought that they were going to fuck at any moment now. But in reality, Beyond was just arranging the blanket to cover up the Light, making sure it blocked out the cold.

Both Light and Beyond's cheeks turned bright pink.

"I-I... I apologize for disturbing your sleep..." B whispered, much like a butler would.

Wait- this Beyond just apologize? Was Light dreaming or something? What crack was Beyond smoking?

Light just stared at the murderer with confused caramel eyes. B stared back at him and smiled, but not a creepy, insane, evil, or perverted smiles he always used. No, this was a real smile. It was a comforting and a warm smile. Light blinked in surprise, he had never imagined that type of smile to flash on the murderer's features.

"I don't want you do die with hypethormia." B said, standing up and walking towards the door he came in from. He returned with another red fuzzy blanket and walked towards a sleeping L. B proceeded to do the same he did with Light, being careful not to wake up the detective. It seemed L was a heavy sleeper.

Beyond stood up once he was finished and smiled warmly at the sleeping raven.

He turned towards the door and stopped, turning to Light.

"Would you like an Italian, French, or German meal?" B asked politely.

Light stared at him for a while before replying. "I-Italian."

B smiled warmly once again, "Italian it is then. It will be done in about an hour. In the meantime, please rest." he said before turning and walking out, slowly closing the door behind him.

Light stared at the closed door and smiled, nuzzling close to the blanket the red-eyed murderer had given him. He inhaled the blankets smell.

It smelled like Beyond. Strawberry Jam and expensive axe cologne.

He slowly closed his eyes and fell into a warm, comforting, and wonderful sleep.

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