"H-Hello my name is Conan Kudo I just transferred here nice to meet you all" Conan said nervously

Ok, Conan you can sit near Amy Yeager" Ms. Whitley told Conan " Please raise your hand Amy"

Conan walked towards a little girl wearing a head band and what looked like a sailor suit and thought to him self " I'll get you for this Rachel"


"Elementary school you've gotta be kidding me" Jimmy yelled

I'm not joking if you don't go people will start to get suspicious including my dad" Rachel explained

"I guess your right" Jimmy said finally agreeing

End flashback:

Hey its Conan right nice to meet you" The little girl named Amy said to him

And I'd like you to meet my friends George and Mitch" Amy said introducing a chubby boy and a skinny boy

Hey look let's talk later so we wont get in trouble alright" Conan suggested

After school

"Hey Conan is it alright to talk now' Amy asked running up to him

"Sure" Conan answered

First off I was wondering do you be friend with me and George and Mitch" Amy asked him

"Alright sure why not" He answered

"And second I was wondering how come you have the same last name as that famous detective Jimmy Kudo" She asked him

"It's funny you ask he's my older brother but I was born in America so I know English" Conan explained

"Cool so you're his brother and did you know each other well since you did live in America" Amy asked

Not really I had just met him a few days ago but he had to go on a special case so he left me with his friend Rachel" Conan explained

"Oh speaking of which here's Rachel now" Conan said

"Come on Conan lets get back to the agency" Rachel told Conan

"So how was your first day of elementary school Jimmy" Rachel asked him

"Fine but ya know I'm gonna get you for this Rachel" He told her

"Yeah right how are you gonna do that in that body" Rachel asked sarcastically

Good point oh well I'll get you when I get my body back hopefully" Jimmy said to her

End chap I'll give you the reasons I chose to keep his name Kudo

1 Because I can

2I figured since Rachel knows its him what was the point

3 Because I can ( Just Kidding)