This is the 1st part of a series of small Tony and Jimmy friendship fics.



Walking out to his car at the end of a long and stressful case Jimmy palmer was just about at his car when he saw something in the corner of his eye, looking to the left to see what it was he saw was Anthony DiNozzo sitting on the ground next to his own car looking at his hands.

Jimmy knew that he could not just leave Tony there by himself. Walking over to where Tony was Jimmy sat down so he was across from Tony he asked "you ok?"

Looking across at Jimmy Tony answered "I'm not sure" Jimmy could swear there were tears in Tony's eyes but didn't say anything. he knew that the older man across from him has had it bad the past weeks after finding the truth about his father's life.

Jimmy knew that there were going to be more people going to their cars soon and he also knew that there was no way that Tony would want to be seen like this. "Come on, lets go to my place we're pick up your car later."

Standing up and Helping Tony up off the ground and over to his car opening the door so that Tony could get in Jimmy then got into the drivers side and drove off. It wasn't until they were ten minutes out of the car park when Tony asked "who am I? Jimmy" it was not lord or anything but Jimmy heard it.

Looking across at Tony, Jimmy answered.

"A Friend"