The final part


Tap dancing

Following morning Jimmy was in the kitchen making breakfast it was their weekend off. seeing Tony walk in the kitchen and sitting at the table, Jimmy had to say Tony was looking more relaxed that what he did when he found him in the car park the night before. But still has along road ahead of him.

"here's some breakfast for you" Jimmy told him "want some coffee or anything to drink?"

"Coffee would be great thanks" Tony answered, giving Jimmy a smile.

After getting him some coffee Jimmy sat down at the table with his breakfast and sat across from his friend. "your looking a bit better this morning"

"guess a good sleep was what I needed." Tony replyed "Thanks, for being there Jimmy"

"you would have done the same thing" Jimmy smiled back.

Later the day, they drove to see the therapist and to book some appointments. Tony was a bit worried on what the team would think about him seeing a therapist. "then lie and tell, them something else" Jimmy told him as if he was reading Tony's mind. "Don't tell them until your ready" Tony just nodded.

Then they called into NCIS to pick up Tony's car. Getting out of the car Tony once again thanked Jimmy. "call me, when you need anything" Jimmy told.

"Tap dancing" Tony called back

"What?" Jimmy asked looking back at Tony.

"When people ask what we were up to, I'll tell them Tap dancing" Tony replyed with a smile.

"Tap dancing" jimmy laugh "Ok"


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