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Note 1: AU.

Note 2: Harry's normal expression is that of deadpan, in case you've forgotten.


chapter seventeen

"How long was I out of it?" Harry asked after his eyes had adjusted to the light of the room he was in, it wasn't his room as he was in The Complex' Hospital Wing.

"Three and a half days," Charity answered him from his bedside, "School ended early due to the events prior to our picking you up from school."

"Ah," Harry said, "How bad was it?"

"Well you are alive aren't you?" she said.

"Guess it wasn't so bad," Harry said, and continued to lay back down, "Did anything happen while I was out of it?"

"An old man arrived," Charity said, "He's been waiting for you to wake up since yesterday, and its not Dumbledore. Insisted that he stay and for some reason we could not refuse him."

"Send him in then," Harry said.

While Charity walked away, Harry plunged an aching arm into his gut and pulled out his Welther P-38 pistol and curled his hand and fingers around it, and let his hand drop to the side of the bed to hide the gun from view of the door. He recognized the man that entered though he had never seen the man in his life, he just seemed oddly familiar.

"Time to die Great Pretender," the old man said as he pulled out the spear of destiny from within his suit, and moved to end Harry's existence as he believed that Harry was defenseless, his joy at finally winning clouding his thoughts and judgement.

"I think not," Harry said as he brought up the gun and leveled the barrel with the old man's head, "I AM the Ruler of the Nine Hells, and all Hell, the True Hell."

A gun shot was heard echoing all around The Complex, and all that heard it rushed to where the noise had come from, Charity was the first to find out what had happened.

She found Harry on the bed, covered in blood, as the old man shriveled up right before their very eyes, and visibly vanished as if he had never existed, the spear of destiny lay on the blanket that covered half of Harry's body, and as he touched the blade, he felt a greater power rush into him. He also heard a voice..

The Game of Thrones had ended, Rule well victor, lest another take your place...

"I win," Harry said, then fainted, he was not really all that ready for everything yet.


It took Harry four more days to fully recover from his year long ordeal, he had to deal with the consequences of winning in the game of thrones in which he participated in. To the winner goes the spoils, and he had actually bested one of the primevils, and had received the blessings of the other higher ups that dealt with such things. By no means was there actually anything comedic about his situation. Not only was he immortal in the truer sense, as when he died, passed on from his mortal life, he would still be who he was. In life and in death he was the Demon Lord of the Underworld. The Underworld being his domain in the living realm, while Hell was his domain in the afterlife or in the next great adventure.

It came as quite a shock when such information finally sank in, he was essentially in charge of everything not considered by everyone as not good, as good and evil depended on people, and such. But of course there were many things that helped the classification, not that that stuff was really important at this point in time. Harry had fainted and stayed unconscious for two more days after everything finally and truly sunk in.

Throughout the course of the year many land owners had for a number of reasons sold their lands to PI, which resulted in an entire city district to be owned by one young man. If New York had a Hell's Kitchen, well London now had one too, Hell's Gate was the name which was approved due to the real and actual appearance of real live honest to goodness demonic entities. While everything wasn't released to the public as that would cause mass hysteria, there were some things that were released in press releases like a slightly fabricated version for the name change of that one district.

The Ministry of Magic chose to view the district as entirely separate from their control, a separate entuty entirely, which meant that their laws could not go that far anymore, and any residents of the area were beyond Ministry jurisdiction. When such a change was announced Harry let his address be known, or at least the general area of his home.

"How in the world did my plans for world conquest deviate from the path that I had wished to tread on..." Harry wondered one day during the summer while he completed his paperwork, while there was a lot, he seemed to be able to do more of it than before, just as he was for some reason able to be in more than one place at any given time, or do more than one thing at any given time, consciously and subconsciously.

"Its called multi-tasking, that's the term we higher powers use.." an unknown voice whispered into his ear one evening, "Now..don't screw up lest someone decide that you aren't fit for the job.."

"Tch..whatever," Harry said dismissing the voice as he was well aware of the possibility, which was why he took his new responsibilities seriously, like appointing new generals of his armes, his commanders would remain as they were, but would simply have their titles altered slightly when they had to go on a campaign or a mission that required the use of his hellish armies, and as it stood he had nine hells worth of the things. Luckily for the rest of the world there were a few rules which still needed to be followed, rules which Harry couldn't simply disregard like the rules of the mortal world which he violated whever he fed his hunger for life.

"So boss," Charity said walking into his office with her kid held in place with one arm, the other holding onto some reports, "What's the summer agenda?"

"I hear that there'll be some inter-school tournament taking place at Hogwarts this year," he said, "Maybe I'll enter that, participants have been said to die in that thing."

"Sounds like fun," Charity said, "What's it called?"

"The TriWizard Tournament," Harry said, while not looking up from his paperwork, "I'll see if I can get six paticipants instead of the original three to have fun."

"I don't doubt that you'll be able to accomplish such a task," she said, "Are we bringing the fight to the Irishmen this summer?"

"We'll see," Harry said, "We'll see. Now if there isn't anything else, I still haven't mastered this multi-tasking thing..so.."

"Of course, my lord," Charity said, "I'll take my leave now."

Once he was alone in his office again, he let out a sigh, and wondered if he would have a more normal summer for once, if possible even go on a short vacation to some beach or something like that...he wondered what would happen if he entered a church or the vatican for that matter..

*#~Year Three End~#*

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