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Maleficent stood at the massive window in Villain's Vale, staring out into the now empty canyon that surrounded her current castle. The queen of darkness was rather…displeased with her current disposition. Her followers had been beaten, broken, disbanded, or killed by the accursed Sora and his allies. All that she was left with now was a bumbling buffoon who couldn't even challenge the Keyblade wielder and his friends. To make matters worse for her: darkness slowly began fading from the realm of light, leaving the witch with little power. As much as she hated to admit it: she was no match for Sora and his friends. The witch's eyes narrowed at the bright sky before she lowered her head and sighed. She almost wished that she could go back and bring Master Xehanort back to help her.

Master Xehanort was known for many things. He was known as a Keyblade Master, a rank very few ever achieved. He was known as a genius and a master manipulator. He went to countless worlds, forged alliances with the most evil beings he came across, and had the respect of almost everyone he encountered. He even manipulated Maleficent, although the witch would never admit to being used out loud. She was envious of him on so many levels. Even in death, his was still a constant threat. First Xehanort, Ansem the Wises' apprentice who was solely responsible for flooding the Realm of Light with Heartless, all in the name of research. After that, Xehanort's Heartless, that went by the name Ansem, had emerged. Followed shortly after that was Xemnas, Xehanort's Nobody, and the leader of the once accursed Organization XIII. Now it was all gone. Master Xehanort had been wiped away from memory with the exception of the few who are still alive that met him.

Master Xehanort was known for many great and memorable things, good and bad. Maleficent was only known for being a failure. She tried to do what Master Xehanort did, she went out to other worlds, worlds untouched by Master Xehanort and forged a powerful alliance with a series of powerful villains. However, they were all defeated by a single boy, a single wielder of the Keyblade. Master Xehanort had to deal with three Keyblade wielders at once, and his plan still came through successfully, and Maleficent had to deal with one know-nothing brat and lost time after time again. She could practically hear Master Xehanort laughing at her, mocking her for being a fool. The witch lowered her head and closed her eyes to try and clear her head.

In her silence, Maleficent could hear the footsteps of her only lackey coming from behind her.


"What is it Pete? I'm in a foul mood…"

"Well I was just gonna say that uh…I noticed a lot more stars in the sky last night."

"Yes," Maleficent replied with little patience in her tone, "the stars symbolize different worlds, and when a star fades that means a world has been destroyed; engulfed in darkness. Because of our lack in force, the worlds have been coming back bit by bit, restoring light and causing the darkness to fade away."

"Yeah I know that, but it looks like there's a lot more of em. I mean before we even started to take over worlds with the Heartless." Maleficent's eyebrows pulled together. The witch hadn't noticed that before. It wasn't something she paid that much attention to in all honesty. "Could it be possible that there are more worlds being made or revealed?" The witch put her hand to her chin, pondering if such an event could be plausible. "Cause when I think about it: if this realm was being taken over by darkness, and worlds were being engulfed with darkness, well it'd be like usin' a flashlight in a pitch black room. You could only see bits and pieces at a time, but not the whole thing until you turn the lights on. So if darkness is bein' overtaken by light, then more worlds would be revealing themselves right?"

"Pete," Maleficent said with a certain glee in her tone, "That is an ingenious theory!"

"It is?"

"Yes! If there are more worlds, then that means more Heartless, and perhaps powerful new allies for us that could aid us to defeat that retched Keyblade master and his friends!"

"So that's a good thing right?"

"Good! Pete: it's wonderful!" Pete grinned widely as he swelled with pride. 'Wonderful' wasn't a word very common in Maleficent's vocabulary, so the fact it was being used meant that things were indeed wonderful. "Yes, before I only focused on the close worlds: the worlds that King Mickey ruled. But if I extended my reach beyond that little rodent's reach, then perhaps I shall find new possibilities, new more powerful servants that will do my bidding! Yes, this is wonderful news Pete, wonderful news indeed!"

"GREAT! So what's the first course of action oh mighty Maleficent?"

"We will explore the outer reaches of the realm of light, find new allies that will serve me and help us achieve Kingdom Hearts! We will travel as far as possible and work our way back towards Radiant Garden!"

"Sounds like a plan," Pete exclaimed happily.

"We mustn't waste a moment Pete, we must do as much research of this as possible!"

Pete saluted the witch then ran out of her room. Maleficent turned around, grinning to herself as she stroked the orb on her staff. A new feeling of, dare she say it, happiness overwhelmed her. If this theory of Pete's was true, then…the possibilities were limitless. Maleficent felt a new age for darkness coming as she approached the ledge of her castle. For reasons beyond the old witch; she recapped to herself her rise to power. In the beginning she desired to rule the kingdom of her world, and looking back on it now it was utterly foolish. Her life changed whenever Master Xehanort appeared and soundly defeated the dark queen, sharing with her his goal and what he knew about the other worlds and acquiring her aid to lure a young Keyblade warrior to the darkness. Thanks to that old man, Maleficent desired more power at any cost and branched out her grip to other worlds. This sudden disturbance of the worlds had gotten the attention of King Mickey, as he quickly moved to subdue the dark witch. Maleficent threw her head back then cackled as she remembered her fist encounter with the king. They fought one another to a stalemate before Maleficent retreated. As it were, she knew she couldn't defeat the annoying rodent, so she began recruiting servants from other worlds that would help her.

The first was the bumbling idiot she was forced to work with now: Pete, but she sent him out to spread the influence of the Heartless to other worlds. Shortly after that Maleficent decided to follow in Master Xehanort's footsteps, recruited Hades and Captain Hook to her cause. The dear captain possessed no strong magical powers and as such had no strong use for the darkness, aside from summoning Heartless. Hades was a god in his world, and extraordinarily powerful, there was no getting around that. On top of all that, because of his god status, his heart couldn't be consumed by the darkness. However, that didn't mean he couldn't be consumed by his own personal hatred and desires. Maleficent shortly then found a sorcerer by the name of Jafar. His tastes greatly reflected Maleficent's: both wore dark clothing, had staffs to better utilize their magical abilities, and both desired for something greater than what they had. On top of that, Jafar was quite the accomplished sorcerer, but he was easily consumed by his anger, but made an adequate second in command for the time that he served her. Maleficent also recruited Oogie Boogie, the incompetent bag of bugs that failed her twice, and practically betrayed her after she brought him back to life, and Ursula, the sea witch with a major need of an attitude adjustment.

After obtaining her council of evil, they spread their influence and darkness over King Mickey's kingdom, threatening his rule and laughing all the while at the rodent's attempt to stop the spreading darkness. It all would've worked out if not for that accursed Sora! Maleficent's blood boiled as she thought of how that one boy took apart her plans piece by piece. She tried to rebuild with Pete acting as an emissary, talking to such villains as Captain Barbossa and Scar, but once again due to Sora's meddling, her plans fell through. As if it weren't enough to have to deal with Sora, that Organization XIII threw another wrench into her plans. This was it for her: all or nothing. She would either rebuild outside of King Mickey's rule, or fade into the darkness once and for all.

Maleficent looked to the sky with a devious smile on her face as if to stare back at Master Xehanort. "Now…this is where I surpass you, you old fool." Maleficent turned around and laughed to herself as she entered her castle.

It took days, but Pete came to Maleficent with a breakthrough. The large minion held out a poorly made telescope that looked like it was created by a child.

"Pete," Maleficent seethed as her anger rose to a boil. "How does this help me get to other worlds?" Pete jumped, his telescope slipping from his hands before he tried four times to recapture it.

"I-it's not an ordinary telescope now," Pete replied weakly. "See it's a combination of science and dark magic. All we gotta do is adjust it a bit to focus in on another world. Here, let me show ya!" Pete walked over to the ledge of the castle and propped the telescope up, looking through the peep hole and adjusting it properly. "There ya go, just look through there and you'll see that world!" Maleficent walked over, looking into the telescope and seeing a far distant world.

"That's wonderful Pete," Maleficent said, her voice drained of any enthusiasm. "But how do we get there?" Pete grinned then pressed a button on the telescope. A bright light exploded out, engulfing the two users of darkness before launching into the sky.

On the world in the telescope, on a grassy hill above a lush plain, there was a loud booming sound, forming a crater. The dirt settled and the blinding light faded, revealing Maleficent and Pete unharmed. The former was rather startled and baffled about what just happened while Pete beamed with pride.

"Pete…I've never been more proud of you than this moment right now!" Pete chuckled, again with pride, before he looked around the area carefully.

"Guh, I think we made a wrong turn. This place is practically emanating light."

"Yes…but I sense a strong source of darkness nearby." The witch turned and walked further up the hill while Pete picked up the telescope and followed.

Once at the top, it seemed like a totally different world. Instead of lush green plains, the area they were staring at was a wasteland, rivers of lava ran through the red, jagged landscape. Pete was practically cowering with fear while Maleficent grew a twisted grin and her eyes widened in splendor.

A few moments later, the two were traveling through the living hell, Pete jumpy and fearful while Maleficent practically felt at home. "S-so why do you think this world is so divided between light and dark?"

"There is no indication of the world itself doing this to itself," Maleficent pointed out before going on, "and it doesn't seem like anyone is using the darkness to morph the world in such a way. So it could be that this world is lying between the border of light and dark."

"Th-that's kinda scary…wh-what if there's no one here on the evil side to help us?"

"There must be," Maleficent proclaimed. "This much darkness, this much evil, there must be someone here!"

"You'd be correct," a new voice echoed from above. Maleficent and Pete looked up, seeing five figures standing upon small rocky mountain. One figure in particular, with a purple hood and a long purple cape blowing fiercely in the breeze caught Maleficent's attention. "We inhabit this area: the Dark Hemisphere," the figure draped in purple stated.

"Hey Evil-Lyn, is that yer sister," a figure with a red mechanical jaw, blue skin, and a green face teased.

"Naw, it's her mother," the giant orange furry beast looking one responded.

"Silence you fools," the hooded one demanded. Everyone immediately the others shut their mouths. "I demand to know who you two are and what you're doing in my domain!"

"My name is Maleficent," the green witch answered, bowing respectfully to the mysterious man. The witch could feel the raw power practically radiating from this dark figure. If she could pull it off, he would be a most valuable ally to her cause. "I am on a venture to find powerful allies to aid me."

"Well you're in luck: there's none more powerful than lord Skeletor," the orange beast stated with a grin. "Well except He-Man…"

Without warning, a loud, powerful blast of dark magic lashed out and sent the orange monster smashing into the stone ground below. Maleficent then got a good look at Skeletor's face and realized where he got the name. The man had nothing but a skull for a face, no eyes, no skin, nothing beside bone and empty eye sockets which somehow still had glowing red pupils, indicating his anger at his underling's statement.

"Interesting," Maleficent mused, inspecting the level of pain inflicted on the orange beast like creature. "I knew I could feel immense power coming from you Skeletor."

"Sounds like you've got an admirer Skeletor," the other witch: Evil-Lyn mocked. Skeletor turned his anger to his other underling, silently ordering her to shut her trap. Evil-Lyn smirked but turned her head to Maleficent.

Skeletor did the same before asking, "Tell me Maleficent; what would I have to gain by join with you?"

"Well, I have a way for you to absolutely take over this world…or destroy it if you see fit." Maleficent spoke of the Heartless of course, the creatures which evidently did not find their way to this world judging from Skeletor's small band of idiots.

"Impossible," Skeletor stated angrily. "I've caste every spell, used every magical item, I've used anything and everything possible, and I can't rule Eternia!" Maleficent smiled deviously to herself; the pieces were in motion. "It's all because of He-man and those accursed Masters!"

"Tell me Skeletor, would an army be suitable for you to rule this world?" Even though his face remained unchanged, Maleficent knew she'd captured his interest.

"…I'm listening…"

"I come from another world lord Skeletor," Maleficent began to explain. "Like you: I have trouble taking over the world I inhabit as well due to constant interference. There are many different worlds out there Skeletor, all new and ever changing. But there is one constant within all the worlds: light and dark. I am a user of the darkness, and whether or not you realize it; you are as well. Another constant throughout all the worlds is people's hearts. Some hold light within their hearts while others hold darkness. If the darkness in a person's heart becomes too strong, that darkness takes the form of a creature known as a Heartless. The Heartless go to other worlds and take people's hearts to create more Heartless and the hearts of different worlds. If the heart of a world is consumed by darkness, that world shall cease to exist, and will only fuel our power of the darkness! My plan is to use the Heartless to gain ultimate power and rule all the worlds! So I ask you; will you join me Skeletor?"

"You must be joking," Evil-Lyn questioned. "There's no such thing as 'Heartless'."

Skeletor remained silent, rubbing his bare chin with curiosity, "Can you show me proof of these Heartless, Maleficent?"

"Of course," the witch answered with a smile. With a majestic wave of her hand, five shadow Heartless appeared. "Well?"

"THOSE!" the dark warlord shouted in disbelief. "How in the world can an army of those puny things withstand He-Man? I could have ten armies of those and they still couldn't-,"

"The Heartless come in many different shapes and sizes Skeletor," Maleficent stated, cutting the evil wizard off. "Allow me to show you." With another wave of her hand, Maleficent summoned two soldier Heartless, two large body Heartless, three armored knights, and one behemoth Heartless.

Skeletor's minions stared in awe while the master himself just stood in silence. Maleficent grinned, knowing that she was so close, Skeletor's allegiance was practically within her grasp. Skeletor raised his hand to his bone chin, inspecting the Heartless for a moment.

"An army of these you say," the warlord asked. Maleficent nodded once, her grin growing wider.

"All you must do to gain control is to join me and I'll grant you the power to control the Heartless!"

"What do I have to lose," Skeletor asked the witch, his tone dead serious.

"You have nothing to lose if you're not careless. If your heart ever wavers to the darkness fully, the Heartless will not think twice before tearing your heart from you, turning you into a Heartless." Skeletor remained silent, pondering to himself if he should accept the bargain. He didn't like the idea of using something that could eventually betray him, hence why he always punished his subordinates for failures or just plain idiotic remarks. But Skeletor was desperate to try anything to secure his victory against He-Man. "It is a limited time offer so choose quickly…"

"Very well," Skeletor announced. "If I can use an army of these Heartless to do my bidding then you've got yourself a deal witch! Follow us so that we may discuss this matter further." The warlord turned his back and walked down the hill but stopped momentarily. "Keep an eye on her, we're not sure if we can trust her entirely yet," Skeletor cautioned. The minions nodded silently to their master who led the way back to their hideout.

Later, in Skeletor's domain known as Snake Mountain, the evil rulers gathered. Maleficent was also extremely displeased with Skeletor's castle as much as she was with her own. It was much too hot for one thing, and having solid molten rock for walls and a floor didn't appeal to the dark fairy at all.

"So how do we get control of the Heartless," the blue skinned warrior, Trap-jaw, asked Maleficent finally.

"Heartless are attracted to beings of strong will and darkness in their hearts," Maleficent began. "All you must do is have contact with them, and forge a link with yourself and the darkness…"

"And how do I accomplish that," Skeletor demanded. Maleficent smirked then sent a blast of dark magic, surrounding the dark warlord. The magic sunk into Skeletor's body, leaving a dark glowing affect around him for a moment.

"Now the Heartless will come at your beckoning lord Skeletor. Although I wouldn't summon your army all at once, otherwise your heart may become swallowed by the darkness, and while you'd make a powerful Heartless, you'd be more useful as yourself."

"I'll keep that in mind," Skeletor replied quietly. "You sound as if you're leaving so soon Maleficent."

"Very perceptive," Maleficent practically cooed. "I must leave to find more followers to aid us. I assure you though lord Skeletor: we shall rule this realm!" Without another word, Maleficent and a cowering Pete left Snake Mountain, launching themselves to another world.

"Do you actually believe her story Skeletor," Tri-Clops asked his master. Stroking his chin, Skeletor pondered quietly to himself. "Um…Skeletor? Is anyone home?"

"Quiet you fool! I'm thinking!" The warlord's minions watched their master intently, waiting for his reaction. Without warning, Skeletor snapped his fingers. A neoshadow Heartless with two soldier Heartless arose from the darkness, behind Skeletor's minions.

"What the," Tri-Clops exclaimed suddenly. The neoshadow lunged forward, impaling Beast-Man with its claw and tearing his heart out, letting darkness swallow him up.

"What was that for," Trap-Jaw asked, turning to his master angrily. Skeletor chuckled softly, alarming his remaining minions.

"He's betrayed us," Evil-Lyn screamed. "Destroy him!" Skeletor gracefully waved his hand out, summoning an alarming number of neo-Heartless.

Trap-Jaw, Tri-Clops, and Evil-Lyn charged forward at their former master. The Heartless now under Skeletor's command charged back at the three minions. A vicious brawl of magic, lasers, and claws unfolded as Skeletor watched, now laughing in outright madness at the show he was beholding. Behind the action, a large, furred Heartless on all fours arose, quietly stalking Tri-Clops. Skeletor leaned forward, watching on the edge of his seat. The Heartless formed from Beast-Man's heart dove forward, tackling Tri-Clops to the ground, holding his arms down. The technician of Snake Mountain stared in horror at the clearly recognizable Heartless as it roared in his face with razor sharp teeth. Tri-Clops blasted Beast-Man with his eye, sending the Heartless flying back and landing with a smash on its back. As the one eyed technician got up, he was impaled from behind by a neo-Heartless that allowed the darkness to flow into his heart. Tri-Clops was now a Heartless just like Beast-Man. Trap-Jaw frantically shot the Heartless with his blaster, backing against a wall as the Heartless cornered him.

"Evil-Lyn, help me, I need help! I need-GUAAAAAAAH!" The Heartless piled on Trap-Jaw, engulfing his entire being into the darkness.

The now lone Evil-Lyn veered around to Skeletor, pointing her glowing staff at the warlord. "Now, now my dear Evil-Lyn, do you really think you can hurt me?"

"Why did you betray us," the witch asked. "What do you have to gain by turning your minions into Heartless?"

"You should know better than anyone of my minions Evil-Lyn." Skeletor walked down the steps from his thrown, standing in front of his former minion. "I CAN'T TRUST YOU ALL NOT TO BETRAY ME!" Skeletor grabbed Evil-Lyn's staff, funneling its magic back into the witch. A small explosion was unleashed, sending Evil-Lyn smashing into the back wall. The Heartless of Beast-Man and Tri-Clops grabbed Evil-Lyn and stood her up to face their master. Skeletor approached Evil-Lyn, tossing her staff aside like a toy. "These Heartless provide new opportunities for us. I can't have that now can I? I never know when you could be planning to overthrow me with my own tools. My test proved accurate: the Heartless obey my every command without question unlike you incompetent fools!"

"You're the fool Skeletor," Evil-Lyn shouted back. "These Heartless will betray you whenever your heart gives into the darkness, and I just hope I'm the one to tear your heart from your body!"

Skeletor leaned forward, his eyes burning with silent rage while Evil-Lyn simply smirked at him smugly. She knew it was the end, and nothing would infuriate Skeletor more than not showing fear or remorse during her final moments. Skeletor turned away as both Beast-man and Tri-clops' Heartless tore Evil-Lyn's heart from her body. The witch groaned painfully before darkness engulfed her body. Skeletor sat back down on his thrown, staring at four new powerful, and very different, Heartless that were at his bidding.

"These Heartless provide limitless opportunities," Skeletor told himself again. The warlord slowly placed his hands together, his fingers overlapping the tops of his hands as he sat in silence. Evil-Lyn's final words still echoed throughout his head like a grave warning. "Whenever my heart gives into the darkness…the Heartless will betray me." Skeletor leaned back in his throne, resting his arms at his sides. "I guess I'll just have to make sure to destroy my enemies before that happens." Skeletor slowly started to chuckled, before he broke out in complete, unrestrained laughter as he threw his head back, allowing his amusement to echo all throughout the Dark Hemisphere.