My kind and lovable readers, I'm gonna be blunt here. You guys should probably find something else to do beside wait for me to make a sequel to this.

I am currently working on More Death After Death, and it's very likely I won't return to this here story for quite some time. Mostly because I kinda feel bad for the turn I went with this here fic. It had potential and I made it into some other fic that can be seen with any other NarutoxHarem plot in it. Naruto is overpowered, yet still weak, or too slow, or I have too many plot holes... all in all, I didn't really plan this fic out and made it into a mess instead.

So yeah. I thank you for making it this far, but I won't update this for a good while. I suggest you not ask for the sequel, as I myself am unsure when (if ever) I'll start on it.

Thank you for your time, and have a nice day.