No Tendo: A Fusion Tale
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Chapter 2: A road less taken

Hotaru twisted in the grip of these men as they set her down. As they took some slimy creature and brought it up.

As they prepared to shut down her immune system before the worm could enter her body.

Hotaru reached inside herself, trying to find whatever strength she could to break free. She'd been told that Ranma had had to leave so he could learn to protect her, at least that was the interpretation that Ranma's father had used when they were getting ready to leave. Unfortunately no Ranma, so she had to try and find some resource of her own to use.

Something answered.

Ranma went stiff all of a sudden, twisting to look down and to the right. "(Hotaru?)"

Nobody in the room needed to ask, they all knew exactly where the boy was looking.

Had the original timeline remained undisturbed, it would have occurred later when Mistress Nine had bound Uranus and Neptune to a statue and was confronting Hotaru's father and Sailor Moon. Despite never having seen it before, both Uranus and Neptune would have recognized it immediately.

The pacifier was brandished as the girl seemed to panic, and it was expected that she would slump and be prepared for the Goa'uld as so many had over so many centuries. There was some curious effect - a stylized "h" appearing on the girl's forehead, but there was absolutely nothing that this cattle could do to prevent the Goa'uld from taking her as thei-

#Omega Soldier Recovery. Active.#

The kine looked up at the pyramid. Of course the gods were all powerful and their guards would punish them if they were less than properly subservient.

As the pyramid began coming apart in the air, the kine stopped worrying about being properly respectful and began worrying about big pieces of pyramid coming down.

Professor Tomoe felt the vibration, heard the explosions, and knew from the uncertainty of the guards that something was not going well for the Goa'uld.

He waited, biding his time, until the soldiers ran off to go investigate whatever was happening. Then he simply walked over to the pen's entry and let himself out.

Now all he had to do was find Hotaru and get back to the Stargate.

Upon exiting the pens, he happened to glance up and see a formerly pyramidal shape occasionally lit by purple lightning stabbing up from within?

The Goa'uld had been scavengers and predators for a very long time. They had been opposed by Odin and a few others during that time.

If anyone had survived seeing Sailor Saturn, one would have been able to adjust their tactics and possibly defeat her.

Instead they were facing an inexperienced and still panicked Sailor Saturn. She used her Silence Wall to block incoming attacks, then her Silence Glaive Surprise put large gaping holes in the ranks of those minions. There were also large gaping holes in ceiling, floor, walls, machinery, and sundry other parts of her immediate environment.

Wreathed in purple flames, the Senshi Of Destruction was in her element. Her Glaive's supernaturally keen blade sliced through supports, her blasts made really impressive holes in lots of available surfaces, and she was otherwise acting every bit the part of the Damsel In Distress. If said Damsel could throw energy bolts capable of ripping a castle in half, of course.

"Okay," O'Neill commented, "We know something's up with the kid."

"That's true, but we can't tell just what sort of situation that we might get from this. Mister Saotome, just what sort of things did you teach your son?" Hammond asked as he looked at the man sitting near the end of the table.

Genma tried not to sweat, but knew that things were a bit of a mess. "How to fight, how to use ki. He learn to fight harder, faster, stronger. Use brains, body and spirit in fight."

"And just how did he manage to pop up from thin air?"

"It special trick. Advanced. I create. It use ki to make indiv... inivid... not seen."

The colonel sighed. "What does that mean?"

"If I'm understanding him correctly, he's talking about 'life force' or an 'inner strength'. You see, in Chinese philosophy, there has been a belief in an inner core energy within all things..." Daniel began.

"Forget the history lesson, and just get to the point."

"Well, it's long been said that martial artists who are strong enough can use their ki to do things that other people consider impossible."

"Like what?"

"'Like'... punching through concrete, walking without leaving a footprint, leaping onto the roof of a house in one shot... killing with a touch. That sort of thing."

"What? Like in those kung fu flicks?"

"Movies? Bah! That use strings and camera tricks," Genma snorted, "We do real fights."

Hammond raied a brow at the portly man. "And your son is capable of that sort of thing?"

"Sure. Is beginning stuff. He my son. He learn lots."

"Captain? Could there be a scientific explaination for this?"

Carter shrugged. "I'd probably say no, but you do have to admit, it's not every day that a boy just appears out of nowhere."

"That's true. But we do have to figure out what we're going to do about this situation. The answer's not about to appear before us."

An 'answer' didn't, but an intangible girl in what looked like an abbrieviated cheerleader uniform did, and she was carrying a rather wicked looking polearm. "Ranma..."

"(Hotaru?!)" the pigtailed boy called out as his head snapped up to look at their visitor.

"I need help..."

"I come!"

She nodded, and he was bathed in a purple glow. For a moment, he stood there with a determined look on his face. But then there was a flash, and he was gone.

All eyes turned to Genma, who waved his hands in denial. "I no teach him how do that!"

"What's going on?" O'Neill asked. "Carter? Daniel? Teal'c?"

"I don't know, sir," Carter replied with a shake of her head.

The archeologist looked as confused as Jack did. "You got me."

"No Goa'uld techology I know of could manage such a feat," Teal'c commented.

"Oh, just great. We've got ourselves a teenaged Houdini," Jack muttered.

"And the girl?" Hammond asked.

"He did call her 'Hotaru'," Daniel pointed out.

Hammond and SG-1 looked at each other as they pondered what this could mean.

Saturn blinked for a moment as she tried to figure out what had happened. She'd been so afraid of what was going on around her that she'd wished with all her heart that she'd had Ranma with her. Her friend had always been strong and protective, and she needed that sort of thing. But she knew that he was travelling with his father, and when she thought that she'd talked to him, it had merely been her need to reassure herself.

However, that explaination didn't cover how he could be standing in front of her at this moment. "Ranma?"

"Hotaru?" the pigtailed boy replied.


His arms suddenly full of a sobbing girl, Ranma found himself startled for a moment, but he eventually got over it and hugged her back. "Don't ya worry. I'm here now, and I'll keep ya safe."

"Uh-huh..," she sniffled, cuddling into his chest, and knowing that things would be okay. She didn't know how he'd gotten there, or how she'd brought him, but she was happy to see him either way. For the first time since she'd been taken, she felt safe, and was sure that everything would be alright now.

There were the Goa'uld, almost smarmy in their superiority. They could run roughshod over the Galaxy and only a few were able to stand against them even slightly. They viewed themselves as a superior race that used lesser races however they wanted.

The thought that one of their victims fighting back was laughable. Successfully was unthinkable.

Which was one reason that they were having the level of problems they currently were.

SOMETHING faded into the background, then came out with punches that shattered helmets and crushed armor.

"How the heck do you use these things?" asked that something as one of the staff-weapons was hefted.

"I don't know," said Hotaru as she followed the trail of destruction.

BOOM! went something somewhere else in the facility.

"Got an idea," said Ranma as he faded completely back into view. "How about you wear one of these outfits? They might think you're one of these Ghouled people."

"I don't know," said Hotaru, viewing the bronze and leather outfit and weighing the possibility.

A Jaffa came running up, aimed his staff, and then started looking for the target that had been standing there just a second ago.

"Ya blinked," said Ranma, jamming the staff into the person's back.


"Oh, that's how ya do it. Nice of the guy ta show me how. Here," said Ranma, handing the weapon off. "Ya can use this instead of that weapon you had when you were in that cheerleader outfit."

Hotaru looked it over, wanting an owner's manual and not seeing one.

"Ah, a sack," said Ranma, finding a container. "Here we go."

"You're looting the place?" asked Hotaru.

"Something Pops taught me," admitted Ranma. "'If you can steal from an enemy, do so. You enrich yourself and deprive your enemy of those resources at the same time.' I think he lifted it from Sun Tzu but I'm not sure. Them people your Dad worked for seemed fairly P. and maybe I can bribe 'em off with some of this junk."

Hotaru hmmmed in a noncomittal way.

Genma winced at the bright lights. The General, among others, wanted to see him use chi. This was hardly what he'd expected to happen when they'd been sent for.

Still, he could do this much. He raised his presence with his chi, seeming to grow larger until he filled the room.

"Whoa," said McNeill.

"He hasn't changed, all readings are the same," complained Carter. "It's just that he looks bigger."

Genma shrugged and released it. "Is advanced technique."

"What about breaking bricks?" asked Carter.

"Is kid stuff," answered Genma, scowling. "Watch, yes?"

Genma disassembled the three bricks which had been laid out so that the two were endwise and supporting the third. Instead he just simply stacked one atop the other and then struck. The top brick remained undamaged. The middle brick shattered. "Is no challenge break brick. Brick no fight back."

General Hammond was looking very thoughtful as he watched the portly man. "So you and your son know 'techniques' like this?"

"Is simple. Advanced technique is school secret. Only pass on to heir, tradition is," tried Genma. "Show you, simple stuff am."

"Okay..," Colonel O'Neill said as he glanced around himself, "I've always thought that I knew fighting styles, but how the heck is he doing this stuff?"

Teal'c raised a brow. "I do not know. In all my years of training, and in combat, I have yet to see anything that can seem to match this level of prowess."

"So... No space aliens that can move faster than we can see or pull stuff out of nowhere, or hit things without touching them?"

"None that I have seen either personally, or in any tale available to the Goa'uld."


"Sorry sir," the blonde woman replied, "I don't have an explaination for you. I have theories, but I'd have to have Mister Saotome in a lab and run tons of experiments to even start understanding what makes him able to do... this."

"Great. Daniel?" Jack asked.

"Umm... Sorry. There are plenty of references to special abilities, but they're all vague stories. They tell of powerful techniques known only by a small groups, but they only speak of 'gifts from the gods' or the 'powers that emanate from within us all'," Doctor Jackson answered.

"Could this be some sort of leftover Goa'uld experiment or something like that?" Hammond put in.

"It's entirely possible, but it's also possible that it might be some sort of special powers that only show up in a small section of the population."

"I see..."

Genma sat crosslegged and wondered what all the fuss was about. He hadn't even shown them the big stuff, and they were acting as if there was some sort of major problem.

Of course, he was also standing on his head at the moment, but it was just another balancing exercise, and was nothing special.

"Now, what happened to your dad?" Ranma asked Hotaru as he led her through the Goa'uld base, or what remained of it.

She nibbled a little on her lower lip. "I don't know... They took us together, but seperated us when some glowing eyed guy picked me out..."

"'Kay... That ain't good, but it ain't bad. We'll just have to see 'bout finding him so we can see how he is."

"I hope so..."

"Don't worry. All ya gotta do is believe that we'll do it, and we will."

"You think so?"

"I know so. If ya think that ya are gonna lose, ya will lose. It's as simple as that. So perk up, 'kay?"

"Sure," she told him, and gave him a smile that had him blushing and giving a bit of a nervous giggle.

But it didn't stop him from tossing his bag at the center of a trio of Jaffa. As that man found himself burdened by an armfull of loot, Ranma was using the distraction to strike the other two at the same time. He bounced between the pair, quickly taking them out before kicking his bag out of the last one's hold. That was followed by a kick to the chest that made him stumble, and one to the head that had the Jaffa twirling in the air a bit before he flew into the ground with a painful 'thud'.

"See?" the pigtailed boy said with a glance at the fallen warriors.

"Ranma..," Hotaru began.



"You're still not..."

The staff in her hands let out a blast which made her stumble, and the warrior who'd been getting up fall back down again."


"Did I do that?"

"Yeah, ya did."

"Oh my..,"

"C'mon. Let's go find your dad," he said, pulling her by the arm as they went.


The people, slaves of Aphosis, were amazed.

This was because something was going on that their 'gods' were clearly not up to fighting. To be fair, if the various individuals had been prepared and the fight had occurred outside one of their motherships, it would have been a lot more even.

When seeing one boy fade out of nowhere to smash locks and casually crush Jaffa in protection of this one girl, they began to figure this out within the framework of references that they had available.

When a set of Jaffa appeared with large weapons, they quailed momentarily in fright. Then the girl seemed to change, her clothing shifting to some odd costume. At which point she pointed a weapon at the Jaffa and blew them up.

It was obvious. This was a new goddess, more powerful even than Apophis, and her Consort/Jaffa.

Professor Soichiro Tomoe heard the mutters and checked his notes, translating the Chulak language. They had apparently mistaken Hotaru for a Goa'uld?

He briefly considered the pluses and minuses of this misidentification. If he corrected them, there was a chance that one of these others would then seek to harm Hotaru in order to get mercy from the "all powerful" gods like Apophis. Therefore it was safer for Hotaru if he did NOT correct this misunderstanding.

Besides, he had absolutely no idea how Ranma and Hotaru were doing what they were doing. If Hotaru or Ranma had been taken over by a Goa'uld, they sure weren't acting like such. So he'd have to keep analyzing the situation.

They'd found her father, a lot of prisoners, and were in the process of doing what Ranma considered his natural duty as detailed by his father.

Which was, quite simply, kicking butt.

He handed off his bag of swag and started on collecting more stuff. (He figured those guys in the uniforms were ticked that he got to that room with the big ring-thingie, so getting past them would make them really really ticked. Might need a lot of loot to distract them.) Ranma then showed a few people how to use the 'staff thingies' and pointed them to areas from which they had a good field of fire.

He didn't need help, of course, but since Hotaru wanted the prisoners rescued - they'd be rescued.

He'd handed some of the stuff to Hotaru. It glittered nicely and if it made these nutsoids hesitate to shoot her, thinking she was one of them, that would work out real good.

(That Hotaru had blushed, stammered a lot, and was thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts about her guard was not as obvious to Ranma.)

Genma ate. Several of the observers were at least slightly disgusted by the display.

"Well?" asked General Hammond.

"I thought that Japanese had better table manners," commented O'Neill.

"Not that," said a slightly peeved Hammond.

"In Eastern myths, legends, and wuxia," began Daniel Jackson.

"'Whatsia'?" interrupted O'Neill.

"'Wuxia' - Chinese sword and sorcery or 'wire-fu' movies," qualified Daniel. "Chi is part of the environment, a force all around us that is mainly strong in living creatures. Martial artists of this sort were supposedly able to do all sorts of superhuman abilities through control of their own chi and able to tap into or manipulate this odd life energy."

"You mean he uses 'the Force' like some Jedi Knight kind of thing?" asked O'Neill, a bit skeptical but also pretty envious of what he'd seen the portly man do.

"That was mainly where Lucas got the inspiration for that sort of thing," agreed Jackson. "The source material was based on this sort of Chinese mysticism."

"Which may be some form of Goa'uld genetic engineering," pointed out General Hammond. "Any findings yet on this? Is it something we can use ourselves?"

Teal'c raised an eyebrow, betraying his own interest in the subject.

"Even if this is the same phenomena as in those stories, only a few individuals were able to tap into it - and even then only after years of training," pointed out Daniel.

An alarm began playing. "Off world activation. Repeat. Off world activation."

"What have we got?" Hammond asked as he entered the control room overlooking the gate.

"An off world activation, sir," Harriman, the tech in charge of the dialing computer, replied. "And a signal..."

"From who?"

"It's... Professor Tomoe, sir."

"Open it up."

"Yes sir."

O'Neill raised a brow as he entered the Gate Room along with the rest of SG-1. "Looks like we don't have to go after them."

"This may be some sort of trick," Teal'c commented.

"By a Goa'uld? Why ever would they do something like that?"

"That is why we have soldiers here..."

"Too true. But I'm sure that nothing will come out of that thing that will surprise us too much..."

At that moment, a Jaffa came flying backwards through the Gate, and landed with a crash on the ramp.

"Okay, that's new."

Then more Jaffa came through the Gate, marching forewards in a standard formation. The soldiers defending the base tensed for a moment, until the reality of the situation set in. None of the Jaffa had weapons on them, and each had their hands tied behind them and weary looks on their faces. As the those in the Gate Room boggled at the sight, the reason for it became apparent as civilians armed with staff weapons came out, pointing them at the warriors.

"What's going on?" Carter asked, confusion written all over her face.

"I think all of us would like to know that," Daniel put in lamely.

"Father!" called out a young voice as a group of unarmed civilians came through the Gate, and a boy came running over to Teal'c.

"Rya'c!" the former First Prime replied, "How is it that you are here?"

"We came along with everyone else," Rya'c replied calmly.


"Yes, we," another voice put in, and a woman came to him.


"It is me. We came with the others."

"What is this?"

"The Jaffa are prisoners, and the rest are those who have left their old lives in hope to find a new path."

"Refugees," Carter said in wonder, "They're refugees."

"Swell... But how did they become refugees?" O'Neill asked.

Drey'auc turned to the Colonel to speak with him. "When the purple lightning came down, and the armies of Apophis fell in battle, there were those who decided that it would not be best to continue serving him."

"'Purple lightning'?"

"I do not know what it is beyond that, but it tore apart a pyramid with an ease that spoke of great power."

"Okay. I can understand that. But how did you get here?"

"They brought us," Drey'auc replied and pointed towards the Gate, just as three shapes showed up.

"That'd do it. Bringing home strays, professor?"

Professor Tomoe blinked as he adjusted to the difference in scenery, and found himself being approached by O'Neill. "What do you mean?"

"You leave here with problems, and when you come back, it's with new friends."

"Oh, that. Well, they apparently think that my daughter's some sort of... god, just more powerful than..."

"Okay... But she's not... You know?"

"It doesn't seem to be so..."

"Good," the colonel replied before turning to the girl in question, "Welcome back."

Hotaru stared at him for a moment before darting foward to hug him.

"Nice to see you again too kid," Jack said as he ruffled her hair. "And nice of you to come back, Saotome."

"(Didn't know how I went, but I came back,)" Ranma replied.

"I can see that. And what's with the bags?"

"(Umm... Stuff?)"

"You mind saying something helpful?"

Noticing that he had several annoyed people looking at him, the pigtailed boy opened up his bag and pulled out a Zat. "(Here.)"

"A gift? For me? You shouldn't have."

"(I've got plenty more. Those guys had all sorts of junk, and I figured that I'd just take everything that I could.)"

"Did you now..?"

"(Yup. Got lots of those things, and plenty of other stuff.)"

Carter stepped up to the group. "Are you telling us that you brought Goa'uld technology back with you?"

"(Dunno 'bout technology, but I know I got a lot of stuff,)" he said, and pulled out a hand device. He was reasonably sure that it would be a good gift, since girls liked jewelry. "(Ya can have this.)"

"Gee... Thanks..," the blonde woman replied, uncertain of how to take this development.

"(And the man in the glasses, here...)"

"'Daniel Jackson', or just 'Daniel'," the archeologist replied as he took a set of papers from the boy. "Hmmm... Reading material?"

"(I don't know what ya'd like, and ya seem ta be the type ta like that sorta stuff.)"

"I do... Sort of..."

"(Good. Then enjoy it.)"

"I will... though I do think that Sam will need to look over them too."

"Oh?" O'Neill murmured, "Why is that?"

"Because if my initial translations are right, these are the schematics for at least parts of a Death Glider."


"Will someone explain what's going on?" Hammond called out as he walked into the Gate Room.

"Well sir, it looks like Ranma brought the Tomoes back, and brought prisoners, refugees, and presents. Nice kid, huh?"

"Are you saying what I think you're saying, Colonel?"

"Pretty much sir," Jack replied.

"And what are we supposed to do with all these people?"

"We can lock up the prisoners."

"And the refugees?"

"Hmm... I think the rates at the Ramada are cheap enough to get enough rooms," O'Neill joked, and shrugged.

If Pluto had been aware of it, she would have been most upset.

If things had gone as originally, Professor Tomoe would have gone on to work out a tanstaffel universe principle and contact a being known as Pharoah 90.

Instead, Professor Tomoe had been contacted by the US Government as a world expert on para-dimensional theory and space-folds. He had been working towards a new theory of hyperspace but running into major funding problems. He had joined a few months before a guy named Daniel Jackson was brought in, and a little adventure had ended up in a place called Abydos.

Professor Tomoe had been happily working out theories of gravitational toroids and how it might be possible to construct "oomphing big" toroidal black hole generators in space and connect to other places in the galaxy. He was Japanese, as was his daughter, but he saw the project as having value to the species as a whole. Then the attack by Apophis. He'd been reunited with Daniel Jackson briefly, gone with SG-2 into this "Chulak" world and been captured.

SG-1 went through nearly identical paths that they would have despite the presence of the Tomoe family. They'd gotten back with Teal'c and met two people that Professor Tomoe had written into his original contract as Emergency Contact people.

Had things gone as they originally would have, Stargate Command would have faced major financial difficulties and eventually faced shut down for no return on the investment.

Things were taking a major divergence right now...

"We'll find a way to get it out of her," said Doctor Janet Fraiser to Professor Daniel Jackson.

"It's just so hard seeing her like this," said Daniel, looking into the isolation cell where the former Sha're was pacing back and forth like some recently caged wild beast.

"It's a chance, it's better than we would have without her," pointed out the doctor.

"...really, we just don't see any possibility of further funding, General," said the Colonel as the elevator went down. "Not unless you run across something we can use."

General Hammond had been around for quite some time. He could avoid smirking. "Is that so?"

"Yes, there is Senator Kinsey and he's becoming quite a..." The elevator doors opened. "what the hell?"

"We got lucky. Can't count on it happening again so we want to make full use of the opportunity. Oh that's a 'Death Glider' we're assembling from pieces, that's a weapons cache - hardly ever been used, that's a few other bits and pieces we've scavenged from Chulak," answered General Hammond. "I believe you can see why we want to 'farm out' to other research installations some of this. We're frankly overwhelmed as it is. Oh, and you might want to close your mouth, Colonel."

"You will get nothing from me! I am loyal only to mighty Apophis!"

The interrogators looked at each other, shrugged, looked back at this three-man group of captives and seemed to consider that briefly. "Okay."

"If you surrender now, Apophis will make your suffering brief," counseled a second of the Jaffa.

"Oh no, we're going to let him take care of you," said one of the interrogators, smiling in a way that suggested that if he'd been playing poker - he was about to lay down a Royal Straight Flush.

"Whatever you..." the Jaffa's voice trailed off as he saw through the glass into the next room. "The Destroyer?"

Despite it being a fairly comfortable cool temperature, the interrogators saw a bright sheen of sweat develop on the three Jaffa. One of the interrogators smiled - it had been taking too long to try and do this one-on-one, but Teal'c had listened to some of the stories and come up with this idea. While gathering groups of Jaffa seemed to make them a bit more arrogant and confident, all it took was seeing the boy and/or the girl and a little story seemed to help.

"Apophis was killed by the First Prime Ranma of the goddess Hotaru," explained the lead interrogator. "Now if you're not willing to talk to us, maybe you can talk to the 'Destroyer's Wrath' there."

The three Jaffa began exhibiting the usual signs of nervousness. One swallowed a couple of times and wet his lips. "Maybe we could answer a few questions. That might be acceptable."

"(Aw man,)" complained Ranma with a scowl.

"Don't think of it as being under house arrest and with people ready to shoot you if you even look like you're about to do something else," said O'Neill. "Think of it as... being kind of..."

"(Yes?)" prompted Ranma after a silent moment.

"I'm still working on that," replied Jack.

"If you spent most of your life outdoors, are you having trouble adjusting to being underground?" asked Samantha Carter as she went through the folder they'd begun accumulating on the two Saotome.

"(Some)," admitted Ranma, not liking the closed-in feeling. He didn't like admitting it though, so his scowl increased deeply.

"Aghhh," said one of the Jaffa, seeing the Wrath getting angrier than he'd apparently been when he had ripped a Serpent Guard's helmet off, the helmet and buckles had remained intact but the flesh they'd connected to had not. All of the Jaffa who had seen that would have nightmares about it thereafter.

"He's getting up," said another Jaffa, turning pale despite his normally dark complexion.

"Can we make a deal?" asked the lead Jaffa hopefully of the interrogators.

"Sit back down, kid, stay on good behavior and you'll get together with your girlfriend again," said Jack, noting one of the interrogators in the next room was grinning. If they hadn't put in tape recorders they might have trouble jotting things down that quickly from the look of things.

"(It's hard,)" said Ranma, sitting back down and trying to look calmer. What was this 'girlfriend' bit anyway?

"Well?" asked General Hammond in the briefing room as the day came to a close.

"Hotaru, Ranma, and the Professor all check out as having no Goa'uld," said Doctor Frasier. "We have as yet no idea on how to remove the Goa'uld from Sha're or Skaara."

"There appears to be a sort of pecking order, or perhaps pack hierarchy within the Goa'uld," said Daniel thoughtfully. "With some exceptions, there seems to be a natural 'follow the leader' pack mentality among the lesser Goa'uld. Right now they kinda... respect Hotaru. Unfortunately Sha're and Skaara both were allowed close enough to Hotaru to determine she had no Goa'uld and therefore lost that respect before we realized that aspect. The Jaffa on the other hand, those who chose to follow Hotaru, don't seem to care so much about that."

"Their society worships strength and the strongest gets the most worship," translated Jack.

"When Ranma went on his 'steal everything he could' strategy to apparently buy his way back into our good graces," said Daniel with some hesitation, "apparently that was communicated to those who chose to follow him. Therefore we're still seeing people coming to the Stargate with 'offerings' scavenged from the site the Mothership went down in."

"According to Genma," said Professor Tomoe, "Hotaru has always had a monstrously powerful 'chi' - beyond anything he's ever seen in his life. I don't know where the costume or weapon came from, but it might explain the 'purple lightning' that was reported."

"Has she manifested either since then?" asked the General.

"No, nor does she apparently have an idea how she did it, only that when she needed to - she did," said the Professor. That he felt she was holding something back he decided the General didn't need to know right now. Things were dicey enough.

"One of the Chulak... Chulakians? Chulaki?" began Daniel.

"People of Chulak," prompted Jack.

"Right, one of them," continued Daniel, "she found some art supplies and did a painting that everyone agrees pretty much caught the image."

"Let's see it," said the General, curious.

An orderly brought it in, it was a fairly elaborate painting done on a easel. It was clearly not finished, some of the edges still not covered. It was detailed though and captured by someone with talent.

"A skating costume?" asked General Hammond. "What's the 'h' there?"

"One of them swears he saw it on her forehead just before transforming," said Daniel, wondering at the significance himself.

It was recognizably Hotaru, if you knew her well, but her presence was somehow magnified in the picture. Purple lightning danced around her, and a very sharp-looking polearm rested loosely in one hand. Despite the purple lightning and sharp weapon though, the other hand reached out as if towards the viewer, and the expression on the face was gentle.

"Don't fear the reaper," said Daniel.

"Excuse me?" said Jack, wondering if he'd heard that correctly.

"Something one of our people came up with, apparently it reminded him somehow of an old song by 'Blue Oyster Cult'. Maybe because of the weapon there and the predominantly black background. Everyone's just started calling the painting that - 'Don't Fear The Reaper'." Daniel shrugged.

"I don't think Hotaru has seen that yet, and what's with that short skirt?" complained Professor Tomoe. Though he thought it was accurate and if Hotaru ever was able to control this transformation - he'd request a longer skirt. And a less tight blouse.

Jack thought of something and smirk appeared on his face. "I want to see what Ranma does when he sees that."

"Let me see if I understand this correctly," Senator Kinsey muttered as he looked over the man standing in front of him. "Stargate Command has just simply found a cache of alien technology."

Colonel Samuels shook his head. "No sir. Apparently, there was some sort of 'rescue' going on, and those involved managed to steal whatever they could on their way out."

"Theft. Exactly what they said they didn't want to do. Either someone there has grown a brain, or they were lying about their intentions from the start."


"It's nothing concerning you. Still, how much technology are we talking about?"

"Enough to keep the scientists happy for a long time, and there is still more coming in," Samuels replied.

Kinsey gave the officer a sour look. "And what does that mean?"

"It seems that the people there have decided to... pay tribute to one of the rescued people, and they're taking the salvage to the gate."

"Are they now..?"

"They are, sir."

"I didn't want confirmation," the senator snapped, as he leaned back in his chair and scowled. "This does change things though."

All through the halls, refugees moved around in a buzz of activity. It was obvious that the newness of the place that they were in was affecting them, but it was not something like that which had them working studiously. Each of them was clearly packing not only the meager belongings that they had, but supplies that could have only come from the American military.

And watching them were Daniel Jackson and Teal'c, as the two of them kept track of the people who were being moved to their new home through the Stargate.

"This is a most odd situation, is it not?" the former First Prime commented.

Daniel nodded ruefully. "I think everything about this is strange."

"I would wish that all of them could stay here..."

"Me too, but this isn't the place for them."

Turning to the other man, Teal'c raised a brow.

"Don't look at me like that. I'd like to have them hanging around, but this is better for them. Instead of having guys with guns hovering over them, they'll get to live outside, in the fresh air, enjoying their freedom, and living how they like. And they can take care of themselves, without hearing people complain about how much this will cost... I'm babbling, aren't I?"

"A bit."

"Well... It is true. And this way they can create their own colony, based on their own rules. Here, we have to keep them from telling everyone that there are humans on other planets."

"It would have been interesting to see how they could live on this world. How would they been seen, Daniel Jackson?"

"Probably as some sort of new age religious or philosophical group initially," the archeologist replied.

"Would that be bad?"

"It was for me."

General Hammond looked over the man seated across from him and resisted the urge to sigh. It wasn't that he didn't like the fact that his command had gotten a rather major winfall, but he knew that such things would be fleeting. If he were to rely on things like surprise bonuses, he'd never be able to deal with anything, never mind if a problem came up.

But it was clear that he couldn't let just anyone know that there were people capable of thwarting entire Jaffa legions. That was why he had someone involved in that situation come to speak with him.

"I understand that you have been... telling others just how proud you are about your son," he said evenly.

"Is so. There much reason to do so," Genma boasted. "You even say he do much good things."

"We need you to stop it."

"What? Why? Father need be proud that work prove be good."

"As a father, I understand it. As a soldier and a commanding officer, there are other concerns."

The portly man frowned. "What that mean?"

"Well, we don't want everyone to know what we have available, especially if we have enemies wanting to attack us."

"Ah... Is smart plan. 'Keep ace in hole'."

Knowing that in combat terms, the man would understand, the general nodded. "Something like that. But there is another concern, one which may make you want to keep quiet."

"What that be?"

"We are treating you as best we can, under the circumstances. But others wouldn't be so kind. They'd see your son and Miss Tomoe as special."

"That be good."

"That would be making them into something that someone would at least want to control, make into soldiers, and that's at best. Mister Saotome, they may also wish to see what they could find out about the abilities that you three have, and to do so, they'd take you to a laboratory to experiment on you. Or if nothing else, they may try to kill you, thinking that you may one day turn into a threat," Hammond informed his guest.

"That... not so good..."

"No, it's not. So will you agree to keep silent on what you know?"

"As much as can," Genma agreed, "I no give away secrets."


"But what of training? Soldiers and people in armor want to learn fighting techniques."

"We'll determine that sort of thing later."

"Is fine by me."

Hammond let himself smile as he realised that the man wasn't going to put up too much of a fuss. He'd much rather have things as calm as possible, but he wasn't likely to get that. However, he could enjoy this brief advance, and was happy to get it.

Though he did have to wonder just why Saotome insisted on trying to speak English when it was already proven that the gate apparently had a 'translation function'.

It did keep the martial artist from speaking too clearly, and he was pleased about that.