The marvelous misadventures of Mike and John

Mike and John. They might've seem like any othe 2 metrocops. But, no. They were kinda idiots. Let's look into their daily shift shall we?

8.30 A.M : "Hey Mike." Droned John, his voice garbled by his mask as he settled into the usual spot of patroling with his buddy, Mike. "Hey, John." Replied Mike in the same monotone, deadpan voice. "Hey Mike?"John asked ."Yeah?" Mike answered. "You ever feel like you're trapped in the same loop everyday? I mean. I can predict the future now! I'll wake up tommorow morning. Take a shower, then we'll patrol until our shift ends!" John exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "Dammit, John. I thought we already had this conversation!" Mike shouted, stabbing his finger at John's chest. "But it's true! Ever since THEY took over. Our lives sucked!" John said, motioning his arms to all around him. "No, shit? I thought aliens that took over the entire planet, drained the oceans, make us ALL, the whole world their slaves was A-OKAY?" Mike replied. "Ugh. Man. You suck you know that?" John said meekly. "You're an idiot." Mike declared, shaking his head.

10.00 A.M : "Singer in a smokey room!" Mike sang "Smell of wine and cheap purfume!" John continued "For a smile they can share the night!" Mike sang back. "It goes on and on and on and on!" They both sang in unison. "Strangers, waiting! Up and down the boulevard!" John boomed. "Their shadows, searchin' in the night!"Mike sang, motioning with his head to his shadow. "Streetlight people, livin' just to find emotion!"John chorused, motioning with his hand to a nearby streetlight."Hiding, somewhere in the night!" they both chorused in unison

12.30 P.M : "Rock, paper, scissors. SHOOT!" They both exclaimed. One hand in a fist, on the other hand, an open palm. John drew scissors while Mike drew Paper. "HAHA!" Boomed John. "Dammit!" Cursed Mike.

2.00 P.M: "You know what you NEVER see? Crowbars." John mused. "Or toilet paper" Mike shot back. "Why would you want toilet paper? We have sprays." John asked. "Why would you want a crowbar? We have guns."Mike asked. "Touche"

3.00 P.M: "Mike, Mike" John said shaking his partners arm. "What is it now, John?" Mike answered lazily. "You, uh. You, uh….. Ever thought of joining the resistance?" John asked innocently. With a sigh, Mike explained. "Alright, John. Hereis how it works. We here? Yeah, we're on the WINNING team." Mike explained slowly, as though he was talking to a child who didn't quite understand the world. "We have the technology and everything. The resistance. Those bunch of moots are choosing the wrong side. What do they have? Hope? Bah, don't make me laugh."Mike said. "Yeah, but-" John started, but Mike interrupted. "John, who has the bigger army?" Mike asked. "Us" John whimpered. "Who has the far more superiour technology?" Mike questioned again. "Us" John said again. "End of discussion." Mike said calmly. "I was just saying beca-" John started again, with Mike interrupting again. "End of discussion." Mike said, making a short vertical line in the air with his hand. "Fine" John said.

6.00 P.M: "Oh hey, Mike It's six" John boomed. "Great." Mike said, stretching. "Well, see ya Mike." John said and waved nonchalantly. "Yeah, you too." Mike said, walking to the general direction of his apartment.

AN: I just sorta wrote this on a whim. After watching 'Civil Protection' (It's a machinima on youtube) By Ross Scott a'course. My first fic. So, uh. Be gentle.