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Point of view: Zuko

Everyone was asleep.

My heart was aching from being away from her for this long. I could bare it no longer.

My only love; hates me.

My own father and sister, despise myself and my choices.

My mother is gone, and who knows when she'll be back.

My life is just destroyed and there is no bandage as huge to fill the void and cover the hurt.

I walked away from the group, waltzing into the deep, dark, green forests.

If Mai could hurt herself by keeping herself away from others and myself, I can too.

I regret leaving my love, but this is what has to be done. My father has to be no more.

When I thought I was deep enough into the tree filled woods, I sat down on a damp, mossy log.

Reaching into my robe's pocket, I pulled out my carved, sharpened rock. In my other hand, I place a regular rock from the ground.

All you hear is clicking and scratching as I sharpened the rock once more.

I was ready.

I ran the tip of the rock gently up and down my arm, making the hairs rise.

Then, I clenched my eyes shut and stabbed the rock into my arm.

When it was under my skin, I dug it up and down, groaning at the great, amazing feeling that was so painful.

When I reached the top of my shoulder with the rock, I yanked it out and screamed out my love's name.

"MAI!" I shouted to the trees and the birds flew out.

Blood slowly dripped onto the dirt and all over my rock.

"This is all for you. This is all for you. This is all for you. " I wrote that down in the dirt, left my rock next to it, and my daggers.

After that, I ran back to the group with my robe's sleeve fully covering my wounds.