Point of view: Mai

I tied the finished knot around my bag, and slowly crept out the front door.

Once I was out, I made a run for it.

The sun was just beginning to rise, and so I had to get out of here by the time it does.

He was the only thing on my mind.

Zuko, Zuko, Zuko.

He was mine. I had to save him. I was wrong to stay on this side.

I was wrong to have been mad at him.

I was wrong to have been mad at myself.

I was wrong to have cut myself so badly.

But it was all for you, baby. I love you. I love you.

I will find you.

I decided not to take my stupid, noise-making animal and just travel by foot.

Finally, I was out of the gates and making my way into the forests.

I had no maps, so I just had to chance my luck…And my life.

I stopped walking and just paced my steps slowly.

I will find you, I shouted mentally.

After a few hours of walking through trees and plants and thorns, i thought about how stupid I was for not packing water.

I headed to a small stream that was luckily right in my path.

I bent over the stream, cupped my hands, and drank.

As I peered into the water, I noticed that my cheeks were tear-stained.

Had I been crying?

Apperently, so.

He makes me do the wildest things.

I do them out of love, despair, and angst.

After sipping for a while, I decided it was time to move on towards my love.

I walked for another few hours, and my legs got limp and tired, so I decided to sit down.

As I was sitting on a not so stable log, I put my face into my hands, and cried as hard as I possibly could.

I missed him so much. I could not bare this hurt. I needed him. I had to find him!

As my tears traveled down my cheeks, I looked on the ground.

There was writing. "This is all for you" was written all over the dirt.

There was a blood covered, pointed rock next to the rock.

And there were twin daggers.

Twin daggers.


The Blue Spirit.

He hurt himself!

How could he do this?!

How could he do this to himself…To me.

Now I had to find him. I just had to.

"I'M COMING FOR YOU, HONEY!" I screamed, not meaning to, out loud.

Nothing would stand in my way, now.