Not long after time stopped treasure town became a warzone. Mad pokemon, their souls twisted by the unending darkness had launched wave after wave at the tiny town. It was only due to the efforts of the Wigglytuff guild that anyone remained alive at all. The former cute and cheery buildings were abandoned, all the former inhabitants now lived within the guild, hidden from the outside world. Every once in a while small teams were sent out for food, too often they came back wounded and half mad, sometimes no one came back at all.

The dark world had a strange effect on pokemon, it twisted them. Pokemon twisted by the darkness weren't just insane, they were cruel, they didn't outright kill their prey, they tortured them, took a sick delight out of their pain. The pokemon who lived in the guild had managed to avoid succumbing to the madness, they couldn't avoid the effects completely though. When other pokemon tried to attack the guild, they used to fend them off and let them run away, now they killed intruders outright.

Once upon a time these were cheery pokemon who would do anything to help others in danger, now they were half starved, half mad survivors. They were also immortal, unless given a fatal wound they wouldn't die of old age, they also couldn't evolve. Only the pokemon that were alive when the world froze gained immortality. Those born after lived and died normally, those still sane enough to think about this, chalked it up to life always finding a way, even with time no longer there to guide it.

Guildmaster Wigglytuff retained the most of his original self, he hated that murder was necessary, and he really hated that he hadn't made a friend in ages. His temper was worse and set off without warning, but he was mostly the same, probably because he hadn't really been sane in the first place.

Wigglytuff it must be said, was still very obsessed with perfect apples. Somehow berries still grew, no one knew how but if they hadn't, everything would have died off long ago. Unfortunately for Wigglytuff, none of the fruits that still grew were perfect apples, there were apples yes, but they were shriveled and tasteless, like all the berries that somehow clung to life. So Wigglytuff had to make due with the apples he had left, perfect apples didn't get old and rotten, they remained perfect for eternity.

When time froze he went to apple woods and nabbed every single perfect apple he could find, he stashed one-hundred and fifty perfect apples in his room and limited himself to only eating them when he couldn't take not having one anymore. He managed surprisingly well, after what should have been twenty-two years he had ten left. He had no idea that those ten apples would be the cause of a fierce and dirty war, a war that would cause all the guild members to scratch their head and think to themselves "What the fuck?" It was a war without death, it was a war that would bring the tired exhausted pokemon of the guild back to life. The rest of the frozen world didn't notice it so they didn't call it anything. But too the guildmembers and the two unwitting thieves who started the whole thing, they knew only as: The Apple Wars.

First off, this story is basically crack, it's meant to be funny, but a dark kind of funny. Heh, I am going strange places with this little fic.