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A/N: This idea came to me when I read Reading New Moon*. When Reading-Edward asked Reading-Alice why book-Alice took Bella to Italy R-Alice mentions something about "If Bella knew Edward was gone, I don't think she would be alive anymore". That got me thinking and soon this story was born.

Summary: What if something (or someone, the who comes from the movie) had stopped Bella from going to save her Edward? And it killed her? And though originally a one-shot (shudders) it spiraled into this.

The Point Of View will be shifting from chapter to chapter.

Chapter 1: Jake's Plan

Jacob POV

Bella lay sleeping on her couch. I was thankful I happened to get to her in time- I shuddered to think what might have happened had I arrived even a second later to that cliff. What in the world had she been thinking jumping on a day like this? And from that top cliff no less! It certainly was a chore keeping this girl safe from harm. It had been about a day since the incident, and she was still really worn out. I had come over here to make sure she was alright- both from the near drowning and the crazy red-headed bloodsucker that was after her. Charlie was at Harry Clearwater's funeral.

I got up to fetch a glass of water so I could have it ready for Bella when she woke up. The phone rang just as I entered the kitchen. I grabbed it before it could wake Bella.

"Swan residence," I said in a polite tone.

"This is Dr. Carlisle Cullen, may I please speak to Charlie?" came the response from the caller. I was furious. How dare any of them contact her after what they had done? After hurting her so badly?

"He's not here," I said in an icy tone that clearly told him his call was unwelcome.

"Where is he then?" Cullen asked. He sounded very impatient for some unfathomable reason. Stupid leeches. I had no idea why he wanted to talk to Charlie so bad, but it made me angry. They had no right to be here, to even call here anymore. They had left Bella broken and vulnerable. If the pack had not been here to protect her she'd already be dead- or worse. And it was possible that a few months ago she would not have minded the former. I shuddered again and tried to shove the thought of what Bella was like last fall away.

I paused- debating whether or not to answer him and whether or not to answer honestly. Finally I said, "He's at the funeral." The only response I received was a click signaling that the bloodsucker had hung up. That's rude; can't these filthy leeches even pretend to have manners?

Not even three minutes later the phone rang again. I was still stewing about the stupid leech in the kitchen, knowing that I had to calm down before I went back to Bella. I didn't need to go and lose control and phase while I was right next to her. "Hello," I practically barked into the phone I spoke so sharply.

"I need to speak to Bella, now!" came a high pitched voice form the other end. She sounded frantic and I could hear the sound of air passing the speaker; the caller was running very fast- too fast to be human I thought.

"She's sleeping and I'm not waking her right now. Who's calling?" I asked my voice still sharp. I had a feeling I wouldn't like this caller. Her voice was too melodious, too perfect, too inhuman.

"I'm Alice Cullen and this is an emergency! Wake Bella now, please! We don't have much time to stop him! She is the only one who can get to him and the only one that he'll believe. Please!" She sounded even more upset now. Cullen! Another one. Wish they would stay away. Damn Vampires.

"I'm not waking her; she's recovering from an accident. So do you want to leave a message?" I said through gritted teeth. I wasn't sure I'd give Bella the message, but to appease the stupid bloodsucker and stop her from calling back later and upsetting Bella, I'd take the message.

"Her life is at stake! If he succeeds in getting himself killed she. Will. Die! I can't lose either of them – never mind both!" was she hysterical now? No, these leeches had no feelings for anyone but themselves and their mates. No matter what Bella might have once thought, if they could leave her like that it proved how monstrous they were. But still, there was something in her voice that sounded real.

I wasn't certain about the cause of the leech's hysteria or the chain of events she had described. I did understand one thing though, and it was that she said Bella's life was at stake. Bella had told me that one Alice Cullen could see the future, and as much as I couldn't trust the Cullens I'd better at least listen. "Explain, quickly!"

"Edward thinks that Bella is dead. He can't live without her and is going to get himself killed. The only way he can do that is to go to Italy and provoke a powerful coven that will kill him. Therefore we have time to stop him. If he dies, Bella will die. They're bonded. He doesn't realize that or he would know she is alive! He won't believe me if I go to him; he won't believe anyone else in our family either because he knows we'll try to stop him either way! He'll only believe it if he sees Bella!"

Stupid vampire. She thought that if her stupid "brother" died it would kill Bella? What complete and utter nonsense. No. It would set her free. Free from all the pain she's been suffering from ever since that filthy bloodsucker left her alone in the woods six months ago. Free to heal once and for all. She would be free to love me. No more hurting. No more pain. No more competition. No more resistance. I could finally have my chance!

But the other leech was on her way here- I was sure. I had to hurry and get Bella on my side of the treaty line so she couldn't get to Bella. I also had to delay the leech as much as I could. "I'll tell her," I said, and immediately hung up.

I carefully picked up Bella and carried her to my car, placing her in the passenger seat. I climbed in and sped off, hoping the leech was far enough behind that I could make it. I was in luck. I passed into La Push territory before I saw a flash behind me. Looking in the rearview mirror I saw a small vampire with a look of absolute horror on her face. A moment later she ran off in the other direction. Good. Bella continued to sleep. She never needed to be told what happened here, or what I had done today.

I was wrong.

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*Reading New Moon is part of a series in which the 7 Cullens (No Bella) sit down and read the 4 books of the Twilight series, which they have been sent, a month prior to Bella moving to Forks. You get to see them react to the situations while they are outside of it. My friend & I are fans of the Reading-Emmett's line in "Reading Twilight" in response to Bella's comment "Nothing better than an irratible grizzly" in the cafeteria, Reading-Emmett exclaims "This girl understands me!"

Author has also done "Reading Midnight Sun" where Jake and Bella read the offical version only after she arrives in Forks (A few days early). And finally there is the latest "Eternal Sunrise": what will happen now that they meet in person? All stories are complete.

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