We were on the way to somewhere unknown to me. I didn't like being blind folded, but I did like getting to sit on Adrian's lap. I was excited but at the same time scared, I know Adrian wouldn't take me somewhere I wouldn't want to go. Or anything likes that, but I still think he is trying to make me feel better. I did kill my ex Dimitri, it was only 9 months ago. I was over it, but wherever were going I wouldn't be the only girl on this trip Lissa was coming along. I got the feeling that she knew where we were going.

When Adrian got up to go to the bathroom

"Hey Lissa do you know where we are going?" and as soon as I ask I go into her head so I can hear her thoughts. She kept chanting "I'm not gonna tell her! I'm not gonna tell her! I'm not gonna tell her we are going to sunny Hawaii for her birthday" and as soon as she thought it I was out of her head.

"OMG no we are not… are you serious!" I practical yelled on the private jet we were in. Lissa looked so guilty. I started to feel bad it was supposed to be a surprise and I ruined it. Christian who was sitting next to Lissa said "Woooow that took you long enough to figure out we all knew Adrian was gonna propose!''

I must have had the most dumbstruck look on my face because he did a double-take and said "oops, my bad that wasn't what you were just talking about? Was it?" Christians face was as red as I have ever seen in a long time.

That was my que to the fact that someone was standing right behind me, Adrian. When I turned to look Adrian had a mix of emotions on his face, anger, betrayal, disgust, and worst of all they were aimed strait at Christian. Apparently he had heard what Christian said and had wanted to tell me himself.

I couldn't let Adrian be mad at Christian he didn't mean to tell me but apparently what he said was true. Adrian wanted to ask me to merry him. And before I could stop myself I looked back at Adrian and said "is it true you wanted to propose to me?"

Adrian looked dumbstruck like he didn't know what to say at the exact moment he got busted. So he nodded his head. Before I knew it I was out of my seat and was hugging him and laughing at the look on his face because it was hilarious if you were there you would have laughed to.

"So does that laughing mean yes, no, or a big fat maybe?" I just laughed harder and this time Lissa laughed to because she knew I always wanted someone to say that but they would be down on there knees.

I looked into Adrian's eyes with a serious look on my face and said


By the look on his face his heart just shattered.

I felt bad so I smiled grabbed his neck and mead him go down on one knee and said " ask me yourself… and find out… I don't wanna marry Christian"

A huge smile grew across his face. He let out a huge sigh and said "Will you marry me?" I nodded my head as Adrian swept me off my feet and gave me one of my favorite passionate kisses that make a girl go week in the knees and if he weren't holding me I would fall to the floor of the airplane


I'm walking from the bathroom back to Rose when I hear Christian say " Woooow it took you that long to figure out, we all knew Adrian was going to propose" then he did a double-take and looked at Rose then at me.

Even that fire user should know not to mess with me. It was sooo unfair I'm the one who is supposed to ask her to marry me not Christian tell her I wanted to marry her AHHH I totally hate him right now!

Then I look at Rose and out of nowhere she says "is it true you wanted to propose to me?"

I was speachless so I just nodded and hoped she wouldn't make me ask myself I was never like this afraid to ask her or anyone else anything. Then she was hugging me

This is so weird…then the pilot announced that we would be arriving Hawaii's airstrip in 20minutes