This is my very first Fanfic. Ever. I got inspired by a few people on here and finally decided to write my own. I know that this isn't a great story, but I welcome any and all reviews.

Sadly, I own nothing. BioWare owns everything. :[

The attraction had been immediate. Those rosy, plump lips, creamy skin, electric blue eyes and fiery, red hair were irresistible to her. Whenever Elissa thought of Leliana she got all hot and bothered. How could she not? After all, the bard was absolutely ravishing. But it was more than that. Elissa had had lovers in the past, but none of them compared to the bard. Whenever she was around Elissa stumbled over her words and blushed like a fool.

Over the last few weeks she was starting to.. fall for the bard. At first she tried to push the feelings aside, telling herself that she had other important things to deal with and that it was nothing more than a physical attraction. She knew she was lying to herself though. She knew that she was hopelessly in love with Leliana. Did Leliana even feel the same way about her?

"Are you okay?" That accent. Oh how she loved that accent! "Elissa? Are you okay?" Leliana placed her hand on Elissa's shoulder, squeezing gently to get her attention. Elissa turned around, realizing that it was her beloved who was talking to her.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about y.. candy."

"Candy?" Leliana cocked her head to the side, giving Elissa a questioning look. "Yes, candy. Um.. I love candy. I really, really do. It's sweet and delicious and there's lots of different flavors and.. I'm sorry, I'm rambling again."

Leliana giggled, sitting down next to Elissa and resting her head on her shoulder. Did she even realize what kind of effect she had on this poor girl?

They were quiet for a few moments, Elissa smiling from ear to ear, enjoying the bards company. Leliana lifted her head and saw her smiling, the same questioning look on her face. "What are you so happy about?"

"Me? Oh.. uh.. I-I'm happy because you're here."

"Really?" The bard said, a smile slowly creeping its way onto her face. "You enjoy my company?"

"Of course I do." Elissa said a little too quick for her liking.

"And do you always smile like that when I'm around?"

It's now or never Elissa. Just tell her how you feel. "It's hard not to smile when you're around...You make my world brighter and more beautiful. Whenever I'm away from you I can't stop thinking about you."

Leliana was a bit surprised by Elissa's confession. She had known that she was in love with Elissa after they had traveled together for three weeks. She was overjoyed by Elissa's admission and decided to make her move. She slowly moved closer to Elissa. "Are you trying to make me fall for you Warden?" She said in a sultry voice.

Elissa's skin felt like it was on fire. She was blushing so much that she could have sworn she was as red as a strawberry. "I-I'm not.. I mean, not unless... I wouldn't want to.." Oh Maker, why must I always act like a bumbling idiot when I'm around her?

She felt the bard move even closer to her, their faces inches apart. "Elissa, you're so cute when you're embarrassed. It's one of the many qualities that I love about you." Before she could respond Elissa felt Leliana's lips descend upon her own. She groaned in pleasure as the kissed deepened, Leliana's tongue entering her mouth.

They separated after a few minutes, each of them desperate for air. "I love you Leliana." The bard smiled, cupping Elissa's cheek in her hand. "I love you too." They kissed once again, drawing each other close.

This is way better than candy.