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A deep silence followed the end of the story. After the continuous music of the Unicorn's noble voice, the hush that replaced it seemed odd and lonesome to the children. Above them, pieces of dark blue evening sky showed between the leaves, and the children found themselves thinking once again about the Stable and the doom that they would be facing that night, thoughts that Jewel's story had for a time banished. Jill reached out and stroked the white coat beside her, and the silken touch chased away the black thoughts in her mind.

"What a lovely story," she said, "and it turned out happily for all of them after all."

"So that's how the Lone Islands became Narnian," Eustace said thoughtfully. "I had always wondered that. I remember Lucy and Ed didn't know when we were there on the Dawn Treader." He shook his head. "I wish I'd known the story when I was there. But wouldn't it be jolly if I could tell it to them when we get back to England?"

"If we get back," Jill said sadly.

Jewel looked at them, his eyes grave. "My heart tells me that indeed we will all once again see old friends, perhaps soon for some and perhaps later. But Aslan's Country shall not fade nor diminish in the brief time we have to walk upon the earth. Trust in the Lion, and do not give up your hope."

Jill's hand tightened around the shining strands of Jewel's mane, and on his other side, Eustace laid his hand on the Unicorn's shoulder. "You are ever so wise, Jewel," Jill said. "Of course, we won't give up. That awful Shift and the Calormene Tarkaan will have more than they reckoned on when we get to the Stable with Puzzle!"

"I'll say they will!" Eustace interjected fiercely from the other side. "If King Gale could beat one old dragon, surely we can beat a stuck-up ape and a band of Calormenes."

"We'll do it together," Jill said, just as fervently, "like Gale, Darkspot, Shayna, and the rest. We've got what our enemies will never have: friends! Isn't that right, Your Majesty?"

Tirian smiled, fingering the hilt of his sword. "For Narnia!" he said.

"And for Aslan!" the others cheered back.

And so it came to pass, as has been told elsewhere, that the old Narnia and the old England passed away, and in that time beyond time when all was everlasting day in that Great Story, it happened that Jill and Eustace walked in the Garden on the top of the hill and looked down and saw all of the new Narnia and the new England spread out beneath them. They did not speak, for words were not as necessary there as they once had been, but both found themselves thinking back to that last night in the Shadow-lands and of the Battle of the Stable.

And as they stood there, thinking back, they saw three figures making their way leisurely across the Garden toward them. As they came closer, Jill saw that two were human, a man casually dressed with a bare head of golden hair and a beautiful, dark-haired woman, and beside them a Leopard gracefully loped.

"Eustace," Jill murmured, "do you think…?" But then the newcomers looked up and saw the two children standing nearby.

The man paused, then smiled, and made a polite bow in their direction, while the woman inclined her head. Rather less gracefully, Jill and Eustace returned the gestures.

"Well met," the man said. "You are some of the children, aren't you, the Friends of Narnia? I've been wanting to meet you for a while now, but this is such a big world."

"I'm Jill, Jill Pole, and this is Eustace Scrubb," Jill answered, since on such occasions, Eustace was less likely to remember formalities.

The woman stretched out her hand to Jill in a friendly manner, and when she smiled, there was a slightly mischievous light in her eyes. "Well met indeed, Jill and Eustace. You were there at the last battle and fought for all Narnia, didn't you?"

"I don't know if you've heard of us," the man said, "it's been a long time…"

But Eustace grinned. "Yes, I believe we actually do know you, Your Majesties, and it's a pleasure to meet you, and you too, Darkspot," he ended, nodding to the Leopard.

Darkspot purred. "Where are your manners, Gale? Are you going to invite them to join us or not? I know that I for one would like to hear the stories they have to tell."

King Gale scratched between Darkspot's ears, then looked up at the children. "We were all going to go for a run, back down to Narnia and the sea. I miss feeling the sea breeze in my hair if I'm up here too long. Perhaps you both would like to join us?"

"We'd love to," Jill answered for both of them.

The Light that shone over all the land beamed across them, as the two Friends of Narnia joined Gale, Shayna, and Darkspot, running easily across the green landscape toward the distant sea that lapped forever beneath the shining spire of Cair Paravel on the eastern shore of Narnia.

The End