Changed my ways

(Red Eye / Criminal Minds crossover)

"But why do we have to go on a public plane Hotch?" Reid whined for the 7th time. Hotch stared at him and was starting to grow VERY inpatient by the question, but answered it anyway. "As I said 5 seconds ago Reid, our plane is being worked on!" Hotch yelled, Reid sat stunned, but then crinkled his face "It was just a question." Jackson giggled silently as the two went at it.

Jackson was new to the team, and was a very odd member! His background made the rest of the team quite nervous; you see Jackson was previously on the other side of the law. He had been a part of a group that was practically every day assassins! But now he had served his time and changed his ways, and using his knowledge of criminal behavior (since he was one) made him very good at the job as a profiler.

Later that evening, the group headed for the airport. They were quite early for their flight so they decided to waste sometime in the terminal. "Reid, how about you and me go to the Barns and Noble and pick out some stuff to keep us busy on the plane?" Garcia smiled. "You don't have to ask me twice!" Reid threw his coat into the air and it landed on Hotch's head and the two skipped off… literally. Prentice and JJ pulled their luggage to the Starbucks to get a coffee. Gideon stared at the two groups leaving "Well if they're going to go lollygag, I'm going to catch some Z's." Gideon walked away and hollered back at them "Come and wake me before the plane leaves or I'll kill you!" Morgan looked at Hotch "I'm going to go get something from the book store to keep my attention for more than two minutes." And then ran off. Hotch sighed and shook his head then looked back up at Jackson "I'm sorry to leave you too, but I need to go call my son before we leave. So, try to go find something to do and meet us here when it's time to go." And then Hotch pulled out his cell phone and walked away. Jackson smiled and thought: How can I possibly waste an hour and a half in a terminal? Then he looked over at the bar. Should I? Well maybe just one drink, and then I'll head over to the book store. Jackson walked over and plopped down on the bar stool "1 pina colada, please." He said to the waiter. 4 stools away from him sat a girl reading a Dr. Phil book. When she finally sat it down to take a sip of her Sea Breeze Jackson recognized her. "I told you that you drink Sea Breeze." He said in cool, smooth tone. The girl's head swung over to him, in almost a panic. "Jackson?" she said looking at his ice cold eyes. The eyes she saw for a year every time she closed hers.