It's a new year and I'm still alive. My story writing isn't though, i've been trying to write as much as i can, however i seem to be only able to concentrate on a certain story at the moment. The Dragon's Eclipse. My...lazy ass Beta says I should put that one, but i'm not sure.
With my waiting stories...I don't know what i am going to do, i might re-write Horrible least re-think the direction I was originally going; and The Gourd...well...I originally was just going to do a few chapters...and I kinda don't like how my draft planned's old and i've grown as a writer...(pft) That sounds so weird. So i'm going to have to re-write what happens after Gaara and Hinata see one another again. So it might take a while, and so i've put them on temporary Hiatus, i'm sorry.

Anyway this is another OC story I had hiding on my old hard-drive for years...and my mind's been thinking about it lately. It was one of my very first complete fics, i wrote the entire thing in a book before i even typed it...though i gave it to a friend to read while in high school and we both forgot about it. Please excuse the lame writing...but Enjoy or Loathe? You can only read to find out.

One last thing, right now i don't even care if i get flames, i'm that desperate...great now i'm begging. I'm just curious to how this stands up to my other ones. and a WARNING to readers...this OC may go Mary-Sue...i'm not sure how much, because well...i'm the writer, but i not like my later works. Well...i'll leave you to it.

Chapter 1: I'm Where?

Anaya, a girl of 17 sat in front of her computer watching one of her favourite anime one weekend. When she finished one episode, she sat back in the chair and sighed.

'What a crappy life. No boyfriend, no job and mother forcing me...' she shook her head. 'I'm such an ordinary girl. I wish I wasn't here.' Anaya thought to herself, touching a medallion that hung around her neck. A tear fell down her cheek and landed on the medallion, it started to glow and became warm under her fingers; as it got hotter Anaya started to feel dizzy so she closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she found herself sitting in the dirt in the middle of a street in the middle of the afternoon.

'Where the hell am I?' she thought looking around, she got up quickly. "Excuse me, but where am I?" she politely asked a passing man, however he and many others she asked just ignored her and quickly moved away, muttering such things like 'monster' or 'demon' under their breaths. Sighing she keeps on walking down the street, hoping she might see a landmark that will give a clue to where she was. As she walked past a store with mirrors spilling into the street, she noticed something out of the corner of eye. She went back to look at the mirror, she then looked in another, then another until she had gone through every mirror in the store reachable. She returned to the first mirror (a floor length mirror) and studied her reflection carefully. She saw blurs of people in the background but that wasn't what she was staring at; poking through her now thick brown wavy hair, were two brown furry fox ears and behind her, slightly waving, was a fluffy brown fox tail.

"AAHHH!" she screamed falling to her knees, she closed her eyes and began muttering, chanting over and over again. "This is not real, this is just a dream." (1)

The shopkeeper, having watched her enter his store and discover her additions, slowly walked up to the strange girl.

"Um... Is there anything wrong young...lady?" The shopkeeper was unsure of who or what this thing was.

"Of course there is something wrong! I have a tail coming out of my butt and two fox ears coming out of my head! That's what wrong. No wonder no one will talk to me, I look so weird. I must look so ugly, maybe even worse than before." She yelled, making passing people give a wide birth of the shop.

"Umm...well...I have no idea what you looked like before, but you're not ugly. Weird: yes, ugly: no." He quietly said. 'What does she mean by before?'

"Really?" Anaya looked up; her eyes were already red from her short crying spell.

"Yes." The shopkeeper helped the girl up and led her to a table near the back of the store; after she was comfortable, the man went through a door and returned with a glass of water in hand to find Anaya trying to flatten her abnormal ears and arrange her hair to try and hide them.

"I wouldn't bother with that, the tail would be hard to hide and word would have spread like wild fire. Everyone would know you have them even if they were hidden." The man handed her the glass of water.

"Thank-you," after taking a sip she continued. "Since you're willing to talk to me, where am I?"

'I wonder where she came from.' The man thought before answering. "Konoha of course." Anaya nearly fell off her seat.

"Uh...w-what? I-I'm w-where?" Her eyes were wide.

"Konoha." He repeated. 'Maybe she's a tourist.'

The man got the shock of his life when the girl started to jump around excitably, punching the air. She yelled another thank-you as she quickly left the store. He watched as the girl sped towards the big central tower that was the Hokage tower, in the middle of the village; he pulled over a passing ninja, hopefully he would make sense of all this. The ninja quickly followed the girl. 'The Hokage would want to know about this girl.' He thought.


The girl made it to the Hokage's tower in no time. 'Maybe he or she will let me stay here. But how will I explain me getting here.' She thought raising a fist to the door, only pausing just as she came to the surface.

"Oh you might want to finish that, the Hokage would be very interested to hear who you are and why your here." A man behind her calmly said. She turned around to find herself face to face with a man with a green vest, spiky hair and a metal plate tied across his forehead. Anaya looked over his face, spotting a tell tale scar across his nose.

"Iruka!" she gasped.

'What the hell?' "How do you know my name?" Iruka raised an eyebrow at the girl. 'I've never seen her around here before.'

Anaya stayed silent as she thought it out in her head. 'How could I explain this? 'Hi I'm from another world that has a TV show with you in it.' Na... He wouldn't believe me' She thought it best to stay quiet.


"Iruka! What do you want? Can't you see I'm very busy?" A woman with blonde hair shouted from behind a desk as Iruka walked through the door.

"Yeah and Naruto hates ramen." Iruka mumbled.


"Nothing! Um... Lady Tsunade, have you have ever seen this child before?" Iruka pushed Anaya out from behind him. Tsunade looked up from her mountains of paperwork to see a young girl with pale skin; lovely thick brown wavy hair, and eyes of the most enchanting green, standing before her. She then noticed the fox ears and tail.

"No." This girl intrigued her. 'This girl is very interesting, the fox ears and tail make her look exotic. Hmm...This could turn out interestingly.' Anaya broke out of Iruka's grasp and rushed at the Hokage; she looked right into eyes of the Hokage, who just stared right back.

"So...can you really summon slugs? Why did you choose slugs? Did you really kick Orochimaru's butt? Do you really suck at gambling?" Anaya bombarded Tsunade question after question, not giving the woman time to answer even a single one, while she just sat there with a look of amazement on her face.

"How can a medical ninja be scared of seeing blood? I guess it could do with the fact that your love's blood was over you while you were trying to save hi-" her voice was muffled as Iruka placed his hand over her mouth.

"I am so sorry for bothering you Tsunade-sama. I will take her away." Iruka started to take her away.

"No" Iruka stopped.

" do you know so much about me when you have never been here?" Anaya took a deep breath and then told her story; Tsunade listened carefully, taking notes here and there; Iruka sat on the couch near the wall. (2)

"...I then found myself here, with these things." She ended bitterly, pointing to the ears.

"Hmm... I found some information years back that would explain what you have just said, I just passed it off as someone's idea of a joke though. Our world and yours co-exist beside one another, this has always been. That medallion..." Tsunade pointed at Anaya's neck. "...somehow connects the two, and enables the holder to travel between the two. How did you come by this medallion?" Anaya sat beside Iruka.

"I bought it at a garage sale, the lady said it is an ancient magical talisman and it could possibly see to the end of the world as we know it. I of course didn't believe her; I just liked how it looked." She shrugged thinking back on it. The house stank like cats and old people. Anaya shivered at the memory.

"Well we need to find a way to get you back to your own world." Tsunade looked down at her notes.

"WHY?" Anaya's head snapped up, glaring at Tsunade. Tsunade sighed as she looked up from her notes.

"Because..."she let her answer roll out, "you don't belong here. And I won't be held responsible for a run away." Tsunade said calmly. Anaya stood up, her tail waved angrily behind her.

"Says who? My life sucks at home; sure I would miss my family and friends, but it sucks like you'd never believe." A dangerous aura filled the air. Iruka flinched; his scar tingling with recognition. Anaya quickly thought to herself.
"Let me stay just a while then, please." Tsunade sighed again.

"How does one day sound, hmm?" Anaya sighed and nodded, knowing that was the best she was going to get and that Tsunade had a temper, she was pushing it as it was.

"Fine, you'll leave tomorrow afternoon." Tsunade looked at Iruka, who stood up. "Go get a Hyuuga, Inuzuka, Nara, Aburame, Yamanaka and an Akamichi." Iruka nodded and left to fetch said people.


It didn't take long before the head of each of said families arrived, along with their child. Tsunade led them to a meeting room down the hall, when everyone was seated Tsunade spoke.

"Thank-you for coming so quickly on such short notice. a young girl of 17 arrived in Konoha, she..." Tsunade thought for a few seconds. 'How should I explain this delicately? Oh the hell with it.' "...She is from another world, which is parallel to ours; she got here by a magical artefact, which if Orochimaru or the Akatsuki got a hold of...well let's just say it wouldn't be pretty."

"What has that got to do with us?" Hiashi Hyuuga asked politely, his daughter, Hinata sat beside him quietly.

"Well, I would like one of the families present to look after the girl until she leaves tomorrow afternoon."

"Can we get a look at her?" Hiashi asked. Tsunade's eyebrow twitched but she just sighed and walked out of the room, to return with a young girl of 17. She wore a travelling cloak covering a green tank top, and a pair of faded jeans. Her delicate, naked feet moving around trying to calm her nerves. Her wavy brown hair poked out of the hood slightly, framing her face. All eyes studied her carefully.

'Hey she's hot!' thought Kiba.

'Her eyes, never in nature have I seen such a green.' Shino thought over the many shades he had seen in his life, trying to match it to something.

'...This could be troublesome.' thought Shikamaru.

'I wonder if Shikamaru is thinking how troublesome this girl is going to be.' thought Chouji.

'Wow, she's beautiful...I might not like Sasuke anymore, but... I must tell Sakura later.' thought Ino.

'She's very beautiful.' thought Hinata. Hiashi Hyuuga stood up, he spoke softly.

"Why do you wear the cloak indoors? Remove it so we can get a good look at you." Anaya looked at Tsunade, who only nodded. She sighed and removed the cloak Tsunade had given her, handing it back to Tsunade. A gasp passed through the group as the tail and ears were set free. The tail waved slowly behind her, her ears were flat against her head, showing she was scarred.

'Hmm...She is not so pretty now with those things. Sasuke would never like a freak.' Ino smiled evilly on the inside. Hiashi stepped back.

"What is the meaning of this? You want one of the great ninja families to look after this...this demon." Hiashi said angrily, some gasped at his harshness. Hurt swept through the girl's eyes, tears could be seen pouring from her eyes as she ran off. Iruka quickly followed her.

"Hiashi! That is no way to talk about the child, or any child for that matter. She is no demon, according to a shopkeeper who talked to her, she was shocked to find them there as well." Tsunade thundered.

"Whatever she is, she is not welcome in my house. Come." He ordered. Hinata quickly followed her father out. The other clan heads glared at the head Hyuuga's retreating back. Tsunade sighed. 'That could have gone better.'

"If you would not like to look after the child please leave now." Ino and her father got up and left without another word; Kiba and his mother left also, after saying that they couldn't look after another, not enough space. Iruka returned soon afterwards, with Anaya hiding behind him.

"Tsunade, I would like to offer that Anaya stay with me."

"Hmm...Well it's up to Anaya. Who would you like to stay with?" Tsunade asked Anaya. She poked her head out from behind Iruka, and spoke through sniffles.

"Well this is very hard. Who to choose, the Nara, Akamichi, Aburame or Iruka. They're all very nice people and families but I-I think I will stay with Iruka. I am sorry; I would like to get to know you guys though." She looked at each family in turn sitting around the table, they all were in shock as the families were not introduced and yet she knew exactly who they were. With the situation resolved Tsunade dismissed everyone. Iruka led Anaya to his apartment, gave her a meal, showed her to her room and said goodnight.

Well...that's the first one down. Bit of trivia, Did you guys know that I've already started working on a sequel for this? i'm nuts!

(1)what would you do in this situation? A: Run around screaming like a little girl, B: Check to see if they are real, C: Do both or D: none of the above, it wouldn't bother me. Personally I would do E: all of the above, I would check to see if they were real, then run around screaming, then stop and act cool about them. ^^

(2) I read many fanfictions that say there is a couch in the Hokage's office, so I'll follow their authors lead and continue this. Talk about follow the Jones'.