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Chapter 7: Home

Anaya opened her eyes to find herself on the floor of her room, 'I'm home!' she thought before quickly feeling around for her fox ears. 'It was probably just a wonderful dream.' She thought sadly when she found none. A voice brought her out of her thoughts.

"ANAYA! Where have you been? You've been missing for months, almost a year! We thought you had run away or been kidnapped."

"Really? I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter now, your back. I've got to tell mum!" Anaya looked at her sister's retreating back thinking. 'Ok, so I have been missing for months. That doesn't mean I was in another world. It felt so real though.' A tear fell down her cheek at the thought. When she stood up a book and 2 metal objects fell to the floor.

"Huh?" when she picked them up, she nearly dropped them again. The medallion sat in her left hand, shinning like there was no tomorrow. She put it on a shelf, before looking at the other two objects. The manual and the hitai-ate, she smiled. 'Yes! It was real. Wait!' she placed the objects near her bag, which somehow ended up on her bed, and closed her door. Taking a look at her left hip she smiled wider, right there was her fox tattoo staring back at her. She leapt into the air. 'Yeah! Wahoo! It was real!'


The next morning during breakfast she thought to herself. 'Should I tell them where I have been for the past year? Would they believe even me?' she thought back to her time with all her new friends and especially Gaara. 'I wonder how they're doing without me. What am I thinking? They were fine before I arrived, they should be perfectly fine without me. Maybe I could visit sometime. But how would I explain it to mum? God this is so complicated.' At school, she got lots of un-wanted attention, especially after living through months of fan-boys. Many of the hottest guys in school asked for her phone number, which was the most annoying and frustrating thing in the world. Anaya had found out that morning when she looked in the mirror that her physical appearance was strangely similar to what she looked liked in the other world, minus the tail and ears. Her body hadn't changed that much, but her hair was now long, thick, and wavy; instead of the flat, lifeless thing it used to be. When her friends finally saw her their jaws reached for the floor.

"Who are you, and what have you done with Anaya?" Anaya smiled shyly.

"Do I really look that bad?" A blonde haired and blue eyed girl shot forward with a smile on her face. 'Amy hasn't changed. I wonder if she is still crazy about Anime.'

"No, it's not that. You actually look absolutely gorgeous. What happened?" Anaya's other friend Claire walked over. Claire had short brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, and reasonably fit; a tom-boy to every sense of the word.

"Yeah, spill it Anaya." Anaya looked around before pulling the two behind a building.

"You want the truth?" they nodded. "Well, don't laugh, but I fell asleep on my computer one weekend and woke up in another world." Anaya waited for their reactions. Amy and Claire looked at one another before bursting out laughing. Anaya looked downwards, 'I knew they would never believe me.' Once Amy got her breath back she noticed how Anaya had sat down and was leaning against her knees. Amy pulled Anaya's arms away from her face to see her crying.

"Anaya, what's wrong?" Anaya looked at her friends.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong, I tell my best friends where I disappeared to for months and I get laughed at. I haven't told anyone else where I went." Anaya huffed; she began to walk off before Claire stopped her.

"You were really telling the truth?" Anaya nodded, making some of her tears fall to the ground. "Well then, tell us everything that happened." Anaya smiled and hugged her friend.

"Well it all started…" Anaya told her friends about how she had a tail and a pair of fox ears, she killed Orochimaru and Kabuto, now had a boyfriend in that world and had 'dated' Sasuke. She explained the medallion and the tattoo she got just before leaving.

"Wait, hold up. There is no way you have a tattoo." Claire said leaning against the wall. Anaya raised a delicate eyebrow. Looking around for teachers or other students, she lifted her school shirt and lowered her skirt a little to expose the fox.

"No fucking way!" both her friends came in close to see it better, Claire scratched at it.

"Well it isn't a fake."

"Of course it's not a fake." Anaya rolled her eyes and lowered her shirt back down. Amy grabbed Anaya's arm and pulled her down so she could sit beside her.

"Ok enough of that. Now who is cuter? Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Kiba or Shikamaru?" Claire rolled her eyes.

"You know, she is still the Naruto freak she was before you left. I'm glad your back, now she has someone to talk to about the bloody show or in this case world who'll actually understand any of it."

"Oh shush you." Amy poked her tongue at Claire before turning to Anaya. "Well?"

"Oh, they are all very cute...though I didn't meet Neji or Shikamaru." Anaya smiled. 'At least I know she still Naruto crazy.' But to her no one could compare to her Gaara.

"No truthfully, who do you think is cuter? And I want an answer." Anaya stayed silent, but eventually spoke with a shy smiled on her face, looking at nothing.

"Truthfully…Gaara." Both Amy and Claire gave her a weird look.

"I'm not really paying attention to this, but he wasn't even a choice." Anaya blushed, before she could stop herself she spoke.

"Why would I think about them like that when…when I have an adorable red head?" Her friends' eyes went wide. 'Oh fuck! I didn't just say that!'

"Anaya, you don't mean to tell us that Gaara; the demon of the sand, the emotionless, panda eyed psychopath, is your boyfriend?" Amy whispered as some girls walked past.

"What? He's the guy she said she snagged while there?" Claire was interested now, she had done a little research on the show and its characters just so she could understand a little of what Amy was raving on about every lunch while Anaya was "missing", and this guy sounded kinda cool. Anaya nodded, this caused Amy to squeal in delight and hug her friend hard.

"You dog! Now you have some skill." Anaya could stop smiling.

"So can you explain to me how you are going to see him? You're in completely different worlds for crying out loud!" Claire crossed her arms across her chest and leaned against the wall.

"Well, you know the medallion?" Claire nodded. "Well, I just travel between worlds and visit him." Amy then spoke up.

"There is only one problem Anaya, wouldn't you pass out every time you travel between worlds?" Anaya sighed in defeat.

"Too bad you can't just open a portal or doorway between the two worlds whenever you want instead of having to pass out every time." Claire thought out loud. 'Hmm.' Anaya thought to herself.


Near the end of the year, the girls' had a 3 day sleepover during the holidays. Through persuasion by her friends, Anaya and her friends spent the first day taking it in turns to look through the manual.

"Whoa, nice weapons." Amy was reading while Anaya showed off some of the weapons she somehow managed to bring back with her and keep hidden from her mother to Claire. Anaya had spread the weapons over her bed, the arsenal including her numerous kunai, senbon, scrolls; two small daggers that Kakashi had given to her before the mission and a small wakizashi Sasuke had given to her as a gift for becoming a Jounin.

Anaya and Claire got bored so decided to have an arm wrestle to pass the time, they had just begun when Amy jumped up and shouted.

"I FOUND IT!" Anaya used the distraction to beat Claire before quickly reading over the passage pointed out by Amy.

"Ok let's see… I have to touch those certain symbols and point it at a wall." She shrugged. "Seems easy enough; I also need to think about the place I want a door to open to." Claire looked hopefully at Anaya.

"Why don't you try now?" Anaya shrugged again before facing a wall, touching the required symbols she thought of the forests outside Konoha. The medallion became warm, before a red beam shot at her wall. A red oval appeared on the wall; on the other side was a forest, a path, and through a gap in the trees Konoha's giant gates could be seen.

"Cool!" Claire walked up and touched the 'door', causing it to ripple. A knock made them jump.

"Hey girls, it's time for dinner."

"Ok mum, we'll be right out." Anaya called, adding quickly, "Give me that book; I need to close it." Scanning over the page, she easily found what she was looking for. Handing the book back to Amy, Anaya touched another 2 symbols and the red oval disappeared.

After dinner, the girls had to take showers and neither of Anaya's friends wanted to miss seeing Anaya opening another portal, so they had to wait till they all were finished. Around 8 o'clock the girls took refuge within Anaya's room.

"Okay, so this time you are going to open a door in Gaara's office." Amy explained as she locked the door.

"I'm not sure about this. He is very busy being Kazekage, I'm sure he wouldn't have the time to chat." Anaya whispered. Claire put her hands on her hips.

"What are you talking about? You love this guy right?" Anaya nodded. "He loves you right?" another nod. "And you haven't seen each other in almost a year, right?" another nod. "Well I'm sure he'll give you all the time in the world." Anaya smiled.

"I guess you're right….you guys ready?" her friends nodded. Anaya faced the wall and made a portal to the Kazekage's office, hoping its owner would be there. When the red oval stopped rippling enough for them to be able to see through it, they saw the dark sandy office of the Kazekage but no Kazekage. Anaya sighed in defeat.

"Anaya, do you think we could go in for a few minutes and have a look around?" Amy pleaded; Claire rolled her eyes but was secretly hoping they could as well. Anaya shrugged.

"I guess its fine, just don't touch anything. I don't think he would appreciate people messing up his office." Anaya picked up the wakizashi she was showing Claire before, and then walked through the portal with her friends in tow.


When they had all made it through, Amy and Claire went to work looking around the small moon lit office, while Anaya just went over and sat on the couch that was against the wall. Claire turned back to her friend, to see her staring off into space; Claire touched Amy's shoulder and pointed at Anaya. Amy took a breath noticing the extra body parts attached to Anaya. The doorknob began to turn slightly causing Anaya to snap out of her daydream and leap in front of her friends, her wakizashi drawn. Though if whoever came through shot a jutsu at them, they'd have no chance.

"Stay near me." She murmured to her friends. The door opened and revealed a young red head, with sea foam green eyes surrounded in black that just screamed sorrow. The red head lifted his head, flipping the light switch, to see a brown haired girl with fox ears and tail swishing slowly, standing in front of two other girls, with a wakizashi drawn. His eyes went wide. Anaya took a look at her friends; they smiled urging her forward, before dropping her weapon and launching herself at the red head. Said boy eagerly caught her in his arms and swung her around.

"Gaara….oh Gaara….I've missed you so much." She murmured into his neck, her tail swishing back and forth madly. Pulling back from their hug, Gaara kissed her passionately, completely ignoring the two pairs of eyes watching everything.

"Same here Foxy…same here." He held her against his chest, not trusting his voice to say more, pleased with the soft purrs he could feel. It had been a difficult year; he risked his safety often, by going on high risk missions so he could kill things to release the stress. His siblings and the council disapproved of this, until he posed the question if would they prefer he kill civilians. They immediately agreed to his crazy demands.

A cough brought them back down to earth. Anaya turned in Gaara's arms, her tail curling around his robed leg, and introduced her friends.

"Ah…Gaara I would like you to meet my best friends, Amy and Claire." Gaara nodded to the girls and began nuzzling Anaya's neck.

"So how long are you here for?" He murmured against her neck. Anaya giggled, his breath was tickling her.

"Oi! Knock that off that tickles. I don't know. I can't stay too long otherwise mom will get worried."

"Makes sense." Gaara kept on nuzzling Anaya's neck, earning him more soft giggles from his little fox. When Gaara let her breathe, she turned to her friends who were staring at her and the boy holding her. Anaya tilted her dead, looking around puzzled.

"What? What's with the looks?" they pointed at her, Anaya's looked up at Gaara, who shrugged, and then she remembered the ears and tail. She wiggled her ears, tickling Gaara's chin, and shifted her tail so it moved through Gaara's robes.

"It feels strange having these again." She tugged on the ears gently.

"Well you definitely weren't lying when you said you had fox ears and a tail, plus having a cute red head for a boyfriend." Claire declared after a minute of silence, Gaara went red at the comment. A knock suddenly echoed through the room, Amy quickly poked her head through the portal. Another knock came then Amy pulled back.

"It's your mum! She's asking if she can come in."

"Quickly go back! We need to hide my ninja weapons! I left them on my bed." Anaya yelped, jumping out of Gaara's arms. Her friends ran back through the red oval, voicing a goodbye before disappearing. Just as Anaya was about to leave through the oval Gaara grabbed her hand.

"When will I see you again?" Anaya thought for a moment.

"How about same time next week, hmm?"

"That's fine." They shared another kiss before she disappeared through the portal.


The next morning Anaya's mother walked in on the girls talking about Anaya's boyfriend. Now her mother didn't mind that, what she did mind was the fact that her daughter had a tattoo on her hip. 'Now that I think about it, Anaya never came out of her room without a shirt that covered that area.' She thought before yelling.

"A TATTOO! When did you get this?" Anaya quickly hid it from view.

"Just before I got home. I wanted one." This was the truth.

"This boyfriend I'm hearing about-" Anaya looked at her mother in shock.

"You were listening in to my conversation with my friends? How dare you!"

"Don't you dare talk to me like that! I can listen in on your conversations if I wish. " Anaya's friends had vacated the room, feeling they would only make it worse.

"This boyfriend of yours did he tell you to get it?"


"I don't believe that. You would never get a tattoo; you were pressured into getting it."

"WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW? I have always wanted one. I don't see why I came back, I should've known you would try and mould me back into your perfect daughter!" Anaya's voice was rising; her friends caught a look in her eyes and they swore they flashed red for a moment.

"I'm not trying to do that." Anaya turned to face her mother.


"Watch your language young lady! That's not true, I care what marks both of you get and she can do that stuff."


"No you're just not suited for that."

"AND WHY IS THAT?" Anaya was fuming. 'What is wrong with her? I just said I wanted to do all that stuff.'

"Because you are a girl who can go far with that stuff."


"You have changed, the Anaya I know would never say all that. You are forbidden to see any of your friends or that person you call a boyfriend, you will not do any out of school activities –"


"–and you will not get any of your pocket money for the next six months." Anaya stared at her mother.


"I believe I just did. Amy, Claire, collect your stuff. I'm taking you home now."

"MUM! WE STILL HAVE ONE MORE NIGHT!" Anaya looked for help from her friends.

"Yes please, can we stay one more night?" Amy asked.

"No. Anaya's punishment starts as of now." Amy and Claire hung their heads in defeat; they quickly collected their stuff before muttering a 'sorry' and 'good luck' and leaving. Anaya screamed and slammed her door so hard the whole house shook. 'That bitch well she can't stop me from seeing Gaara.' She smirked. Anaya's eyes caught sight of something under her desk. Pulling it out, she saw it was a picture of her and her friends from the Naruto-verse. She stood in the centre with Gaara holding her around the waist, his head resting on her shoulder and Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke around them. She smiled weakly, remembering that day; it was while they were in Suna. 'I could truly be myself there. I didn't have to do stupid singing and dancing lessons, I could just have fun. I should leave and live there.'

"Yes, I'll do that!" she said jumping off her bed. 'Wait.' Anaya sat back down. 'I'll have to tell Gaara so he can organise somewhere for me to stay, and I should tell Amy and Claire.' Anaya quickly wrote a note. 'I'll send this to Gaara's office later.'


Anaya refused to speak to her mother unless she absolutely had to; her grades fell causing another yell fest. Her friends told her to not to worry about it, that her mother would cool down eventually. But Anaya was determined to leave.

It didn't take long but after about a month of preparation the day had finally come. Sitting in her room with her stuff all packed she waited until it was 5pm, looking at the clock she made a portal to Gaara's office. Gaara strode into her room with a few ANBU following. At a nod they collected her belongings and took them back through the portal.

"Are you really sure about this?" Gaara murmured into her ear as Anaya pulled them into a hug.

"Positive." Anaya smiled, grabbing her love's hand she pulled them out of her world forever.

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Edit: 29/12/2016
I would like to address something a reviewer pointed out to me, that to be honest I did notice when I uploaded this. Charlotte Kelley, you made a completely true argument that Anaya's reason for running away was too shallow, and yes that is true. Looking back on it, as an adult, she is a bratty teenager and I hate how I wrote that argument (though to be honest that wasn't really an argument). Anaya isn't standing on any high ground, and after trying to hard to return home, she tries to jump ship at the earliest opportunity? Yeah,sucks.
When I was going over this story before I uploaded it to I wanted to honestly change how that went down, but I couldn't figure out a way to rewrite it. I should have tried harder.

I wrote this story during High School, so I was between 13-15 years of age when I actually wrote this. It made perfect sense for me, in my teenage brain, that my mother would be in the wrong in that type of situation. When I uploaded the story I was 19. Out on my own, an adult, in Uni; and wanting to upload my actual first story to show my (hopeful) growth as a writer.

I have thought how I could fix this and other than completely rewriting this, I thought maybe I could factor this into a sequel If I ever decided to make one. As an adult I could see her thinking back and hating for how selfish and childish she acted then; that she threw away her family for a boy she just met (to be perfectly honest.) Just because you know everything about a fictional character; if you met them for real, they would more then likely be different or react differently then their fictional counterpart would.
It would be interesting and a difficult fix I think.

So to recap; Anaya is a brat, I could have written that fight better, I may use this as sub-plot for a sequel, and I do not condone what she did. Sounds all good. Have a good new year.