The witch girl's shoulders were hunched forward, her head was hung and her fists grasped the air - hell, she even had blonde hair, too. Larxene could remember each time from before she became a frigid bitch when she would curl up the same way and cry her eyes out.

"Hey." Larxene didn't bother trying to sound nice. She wasn't the girl's freaking mother, for Heaven's sake. "You're the Kairi to his Sora or something, aren't you?"

Naminé gaped at Larxene. Her big doe-eyes were swollen and red, and Larxene hated her just a little bit less. Just a little.

"Then cut the waterworks. You'll get 'im."

I'm sorry - this doesn't have much substance. I just wanted to write about Larxene seeing a bit of herself in Naminé, but this is all I could come up with.

That, and I really wanted to incorporate swear words into a writing piece for some reason. I don't cuss at all in person, so I suppose it needs to come out somewhere.

Not canon (or in character), but I don't like the canon 358/2 Days gives.

Naminé is upset about Xion, by the way.