Authors note- I never did like Ash for being so cruel towards Sonic and in my opinion, I think Mina is too good for an obsessive punk like him. That plus I always wondered how Tails and Mina ended up getting married, so I wrote this. Please review.

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It was late-afternoon in Knothole village. High above, the sun began to edge towards the west, preparing to set and make way for evening. Crickets and birds chirped within the Great Forest that lay not far away from the village. Most of the Knothole population were in their homes and it was very least until a voice rang out.

"Mina come back!" Ash called after his girlfriend.

Mina didn't listen. She just kept running and running until she reached her house, entered and slammed the door behind her and locked it. She rushed into her bedroom, dove onto her bed and began to cry.

Mina had never known such emotional pain in her life, at least not since she saw Sonic and Sally kiss a few years ago.

"Why Ash...why?! I thought you loved me! You two-timing bastard!"

The pain was tremendous. Her heart ached, her stomach swelled and her eyes burned like hot coals in her skull. With trembling arms, Mina lifted herself off of her bed and sat up at the edge, resting her head in her hand as she wiped her warm, wet eyes with the other.

"How could he do this to me...?" She muttered in a shaky voice. "How could he cheat on me like that?!"

All that time she thought that Ash had actually loved her. Ever since he saved her life from Heavy and Bomb two years ago, her feelings had been genuine. They spent such wonderful times together, they were inseparable. That plus her singing career was at an all time high. She had never felt so happy in her life. But just when she thought her life was perfect...she discovered something horrible

There came a knock at the door but Mina didn't move a muscle, already knowing who it was.

"Mina?" Ash's muffled voice came from outside. "Mina, open the door. Come on, babe."

"Go away, Ash!" Mina shouted at the door, not even looking at the door. "Leave me alone"

"Mina please, I just want to talk to you," Ash continued, trying to sound regretful.

"I SAID GO AWAY!" Mina screamed at the top of her lungs. "I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!"

There was a long pause and finally, Mina heard Ash sigh deeply and walk away while she just sat on her bed. She had a million thoughts racing through her mind. Her head began to ache and she felt dizzy with anxiety and grief. She just sat there on her bed, waiting for a few minutes until the strange feeling wore off.

"Why would he do it?" She asked herself, her voice hoarse from crying.

It just didn't make any sense, why would Ash cheat on her? She was too upset to talk to him about it for the time being and she strongly doubted he had a good excuse for it.

It all happened so fast, Mina had been out shopping and finished early. She arrived at Ash's house and heard a distinct creaking sound coming from his bedroom. Puzzled at first, she approached his bedroom door, opened it...and there they were. Ash was in bed, unclothed. His lower body hidden by his blanket. Writhing and moaning beneath him was a young girl. Another mongoose named Cindy. Mina knew her from school but she never expected to catch her in bed with Ash.

All that time she thought that the creep actually loved her. Ever since he saved her life from Heavy and Bomb, her feelings had been genuine. They spent such wonderful times together and just when she thought a clear cut diamond ring was on its was all over.

She could still remember the shocked look on Ash's face just a few minutes ago and his insincere attempt to make an excuse while Cindy just lay next to him, blushing deep red with embarrassment and guilt. She could remember staring at them with wide, shocked eyes. She could remember the sudden pain in her heart like a knife of ice rammed right through it.

Sighing deeply and having shed every tear in her body, Mina stood up, her head hung low. She looked up and scanned the room and spotted her cell phone sitting on a small table in the corner of her bedroom. Her first instinct was to talk to someone about it, someone who would comfort her. But who?

Mina pondered for a moment and nodded, deciding quickly who would be best at cheering people up. The one person who knew what a broken heart felt like the most. She got up, walked over to her cell phone and picked it up.

"He'll know just what to say," Mina said softly as she dialed the number of Sonic the Hedgehog with shaky fingers.

Authors note- Cindy is an original character I made up just so you know. Oh, and on a side note, I always pictured Ash as the sort of guy who would most likely cheat on a girlfriend since he reminds me of a guy who cheated on his girlfriend back in high school. Chapter 2 will be up soon enough so stay tuned.