Sonic was hanging out with Tails in his bedroom while his parents were out.

Sonic was sitting on his bed playing a soft yet soothing tune on his acoustic guitar while Tails was sitting on the floor playing his new video game on the television. The two of them often spent their nights together hanging out as they always did for years.

Sonic stopped playing when he heard his phone ring on his bedside table. He reached over and saw Mina's name on the caller ID screen. He looked puzzled for a moment before he answered the phone.


Tails initially paid no attention to Sonic on the phone, being too focused on beating his high score on his video game. Sonic had told him repeatedly to cut down but Tails was already hooked on the game.

"Oh hey, Mina," Sonic said smiling.

At the mention of the young mongoose's name, Tails ears perked up and he listened but resumed playing his game. For some reason at the mention of Mina's name, Tails was interested in Sonic's over the phone conversation.

Sonic suddenly looked concerned as Mina's muffled voice echoed over the phone. It sounded like she was crying.

"Mina what's the matter?" Sonic asked softly.

Tails listened intently and was taken aback when Sonic's face suddenly morphed into bewilderment.

"Ash did what?!" Sonic said in shock.

That did it. Tails had cared enough for Mina that he couldn't keep his mouth shut anymore. He shut off his game and stood up.

"What?" Tails asked. "What happened?"

Sonic gestured to Tails to be quiet as he listened to Mina. Tails sighed. He could still hear Mina talking and sobbing over the phone while Sonic listened to her sympathetically.

"Mina, listen to me. If you want, you can come over here and hang out with Tails and I for a while," Sonic said softly, offering hospitality.

There was a pause and Mina responded but Tails couldn't make out what she was saying. Sonic simply nodded.

"Okay, I'll see you in a few minutes," Sonic said as he hung up and sighed deeply.

"Sonic what happened?" Tails asked eagerly.

Sonic looked at Tails and suddenly looked angry but he wasn't angry at Tails.

"Ash is cheating on Mina," Sonic revealed in low but stern voice.

Tails gasped in surprise but a few moments later he felt his own surge of anger towards Ash churn inside him.

"What?!" Tails said. "But...why?"

Sonic shrugged and shook his head slowly. There was a knock at the door.

"That must be Mina," Tails said as he headed towards the front door and opened it.

At that moment, Tails had never felt such sympathy when he saw the look on Mina's face as she standing outside. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying and the profound sorrow on her face was so great even Eggman himself would be taken aback if he had seen it.

Mina looked at Tails, her expression not changing at all.

"Hey Tails," She said, her voice was scratchy.

"Mina," Tails said softly as he stepped to the side. "Please, come in."

Mina nodded and stepped inside while Sonic entered the living room and approached Mina. Mina looked at Sonic and without a word, she hugged him. Sonic looked surprised at first but he hugged Mina back, knowing only too well what a broken heart felt like. Tails just stood there watching them.

"Oh Sonic..." Mina said sniffling. "I can't believe it...I can't believe he cheated on me."

"Shhh, its going to be okay, hon," Sonic said softly. "Would you like something to drink. We have plenty of soda if you'd like."

Mina stepped away from Sonic and nodded slowly as she wiped her eyes of her tears. Tails went to the fridge and grabbed a few sodas before setting them down at the kitchen table where Sonic, Mina and Tails all sat down.

"So...what happened?" Sonic asked.

Mina sipped her soda briefly and coughed a little.

"I...came home from shopping early...I got Ash a new jacket because his old one got ripped...," Mina said, her voice shaky. "I...I saw him in bed with Cindy Mongoose from school...they were..."

Mina choked, unable to say anything more. She just bowed her head and breathed out heavily.

Sonic wore a look of shock and disbelief. Tails clenched his fists in anger, his eyes suddenly narrowed. Though he generally didn't mind Ash, just hearing Mina's story made him want to punch Ash right square in the face...but even he didn't know why he felt this way so suddenly.

"How could that son of a bitch do that to you after everything you've been through?!" Tails said, raising his voice.

Mina and Sonic were startled by Tails. Sonic put his hand on Tail's shoulder to calm him.

"Calm down, little bro," Sonic said.

Tails relaxed a little but deep inside he was still confused by his own sudden reaction to Mina's tale.

"Do you know why he woudl cheat on you, Mina?" Sonic asked curiously.

Mina shrugged her shoulders.

" I just doesn't make any sense," Mina muttered sadly, slamming her fist down on the table. "But I'll tell you one thing. I never want to see that two timing bastard again!"

Sonic and Tails were both taken aback by Mina's anger but they both understood how she felt. Tails in particular coudln't bear to watch Mina suffer like this.

Then, the young fox mustered the strength to reach over and place his hand over Mina's to calm her. Sonic and Mina were both surprised by this sudden action.

"Just forget about him, Mina," Tails said softly. "Your a wonderful girl and you deserve much better than him. Things will get better, I know they will."

Mina looked sincerely touched by Tails words and actually managed a feint smile.

"Thanks Tails," Mina said softly.

Meanwhile, Ash Mongoose was pacing back and forth in his bedroom, his mind beginning to ache from so much deep thinking.

"What am I going to do?" He mumbled to himself. "I never saw this coming."

It has been only ten minutes since Mina discovered his little affair with Cindy, who had just left Ash after berating him for his unfaithfulness towards Mina but he could care less about that.

There was no time to think about his mistake. No time to think about what he should have done to keep his secret away from Mina. All that mattered was that his reputation was at stake. He was still Mina's manager and now that she knew of his affair, it could endanger his career, which he couldn't afford to lose, even if it was his fault.

"Oh man," He said with a deep sigh. "I really fucked up this time."

After a few more minutes of pacing, Ash decided to have a little talk with Mina. He knew their relationship was over but with a little luck, he could probably at least save his job. That would keep him on his feet as long as Mina didn't fire him.

"Yeah..." Ash said to himself with a slow nod. "I'll talk to her tomorrow and straighten things out."

Just like that, the young mongoose had a plan forming in his head. It wasn't the end of the world. He could still keep his job as long as he played his cards right with Mina. She knew he was an expert manager and that she was nothing without him to keep track of everything for her singing career.

Mina was naive, it wouldn't be hard to control her. It would all work out just fine for Ash in the end.

Authors note-As you can see, Tails has just shown his first hint of a crush on Mina while Ash is only concerned with his job. Please keep reading and reviewing, I've got suspense coming up soon.