Authors note- I have decided to finish this story but first I will be making some adjustments to make it more accurate to the actual comic, starting with this chapter. You'll have to be patient and give me time because I've been very busy with school lately and it will take time for me to update. Thank you and enjoy.

It was nearly midnight when Mina's concert ended with thunderous applause from her dedicated fans. Sonic, Amy and Tails all cheered Mina as she bowed to the audience, turned and left the stage.

"Now that was good," Sonic said smiling.

"You said it, Sonic," Tails replied in agreement.

The trio stood up from their seats and turned to leave the coliseum with the rest of the crowd.

"I'll meet up with you two later," Tails said as he separated from Sonic and Amy. "I'm gonna go talk to Mina."

Sonic smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Go right ahead, bro," Sonic said smugly, knowing the reason.

Tails waved to Sonic and Amy as he left the coliseum through another exit. Outside the coliseum is was quiet and fairly deserted. Most of the fans took the easier way out.

"I have to talk to Mina. I have to tell her how I feel one way or another."

Tails knew it was early to do such a thing but if Tails never confessed, Mina would try to find somebody else. It could be Sonic for all he knew. Ever since Sonic and Sally broke up, the former had been trying to find a significant other. And if he…

"Hey there, fox boy," An angry voice said from behind Tails.

Tails froze, turned and saw Ash step out from the shadows behind a house, his eyes frigid with hate.

"What do you want, Ash?" Tails said sternly, not showing any fear.

"Oh nothing much," Ash said smoothly as he walked forward. "Just show you what happens when you fuck with me."

Before Tails could reply, he felt strong hands seize him by both arms from behind. He grunted and tried to free himself but whoever had grabbed him were too strong.

"I want you to meet my friends from high school," Ash said smirking. "Jason and Tony Mongoose."

Tails looked to either side to quickly study Ash's friends. Jason was thin and tall with slicked back brown hair and Tony was muscular, had short black hair and wore a thick, black leather jacket.

Ash stepped close to Tails, raising his fist but Tails jumped and kicked out with both feet, hitting Ash square in the chest. Ash grunted and fell to the ground. Before Jason and Tony could react, Tails jerked out of their grasp with all the strength he could muster and swiftly performed a floor sweep with his leg, tripping them both.

"You little shit!" Ash spat as he lunged at Tails.

Tails was too quick, he leapt above Ash and landed behind him. With all his might, he kicked Ash in the back and sent him sprawling to the ground again. This time Tails was ready for a fight and even with allies, Ash was no match for him.

Ash and his friends got to their feet, getting ready to attack Tails again. Tails stood in a ready position.

"Stop it!" A voice cried out.

Ash and his friends turned around. Sonic was standing behind the young Mongooses.

"You leave him alone!" Sonic demanded.

"Make me, blue boy," Ash snarled.

Sonic smirked and crossed his arms casually, not in the least bit intimidated by the mongoose. Tails hovered into the air and landed beside Sonic.

"Just give it up, Ash." Tails said. "All this fighting isn't gonna do you any good."

Ash clenched his fists with barely controlled rage.

"Don't you tell me what to do you piece of shit!" Ash shouted. "You and your friend are dead meat!"

Ash was just about to rush at Tails when suddenly…


Whistling out of the sky came a missile that smashed into the ground, spraying dirt a rock in every direction. The shouting and screaming of panicked Mobians filled the air as more missiles came crashing into the earth, demolishing houses and embedding black craters in the streets.

The five teenagers gazed up and saw, to their shock and disbelief, a squadron of heavy Eggbots flying through the air, accompanied by the unmistakable hovercraft of Doctor Eggman.

"Eggman?" Tails cried. "What's he doing here?"

"Causing mayhem, as usual!" Sonic replied.

"Let's get out of here!" Ash called to his friends.

Jason released Tails as he, Tony and Ash cowardly ran away but not before Ash turned to Tails one last time.

"This isn't over, punk!" He said pointing. "I'll deal with you later when this is over!"

Tails simply glared at Ash as he ran off.

"Sniveling coward," Tails whispered in contempt as he ran over to Sonic.

"We've got to help the villagers, Tails," Sonic said. "Come on, we have to get to the Freedom Fighter headquarters right away!"

Tails nodded as he followed Sonic. As they passed a few burning houses, Tails heard a girl scream. The scream sounded familiar…..sounded like…


Tails turned his head and watched in horror at Mina's burning hut. Numbly, he saw the young mongoose's silhouette through the window, flames engulfing the interior.

"I have to help Mina!" Tails cried as he flew towards the burning house.

"Tails wait!" Sonic cried.

Tails ignored his friend as he landed in front of Mina's house and entered through the window as the door was blocked by burning wreckage. Inside, the fire was working quickly as it ate away at the wood and furniture.

"Mina!" Tails called out.

There was no answer.

Tails desperately searched the hut. He entered Mina's bedroom and gasped in shock as he saw the young mongoose pinned under a bookcase. She wasn't moving.

Tails immediately ran to Mina's side and to his surprise, his adrenaline induced strength helped him lift the heavy book case off the unconscious Mina.

"Hold on, Mina," Tails said. "I'll get you out of here!"

As carefully as he could, Tails took up Mina in his arms and flew out of the burning hut through a hole in the roof, bound for the hospital.

At the Freedom Fighter HQ, Sonic and his friends were desperately trying to improve the villages defense. None of them knew how Eggman's forces got past the shield. There could have been an insider who somehow destroyed the shield generator but now wasn't the time to dwell on it.

Sally and Rotor were at the computer terminal while Bunnie and Antoine housed and cared for any civilians who made it to the HQ. Amy and Sonic waited in the corner for Sally's orders.

"NICOLE!" Princess Sally cried. "I need a scan on Eggman's forces. How many Eggbots are there?"

"Scanning, Sally," Nicoles calm voice came. A moment later her response came. "Scanners indicate at least a dozen Eggbots, all heavily armed with missiles and protected by thick armor."

"They must be new models," Rotor assumed.

"Maybe, but that doesn't mean I can't trash them like all of Eggman's cheesy creations," Sonic scoffed.

Sally looked at Sonic and gave him a half-smile. Though they were not a couple anymore, they were still teammates through and through. There was no hint of them restarting their relationship, at least not yet, but Sonic always felt there was hope that someday he would get another chance with Sally and vice-versa.

"Your always eager for a fight, aren't you?" Sally asked smugly. "But Tails had better be safe."

"Don't worry about him," Sonic said. "Tails is a tough kid. He can take care of himself."

High above the chaos surrounding Knothole, Dr. Eggman and Snively hovered in their transports as they overlooked the attack below.

"Such a pleasing sight to see my enemies burn," Eggman cackled viciously.

"Indeed it is, sir," Snively said, being the usual bootlick he was.

"But this is only the beginning!" Eggman said. "Once I draw out that blasted hedgehog, it'll be time for me to test my new secret weapon. And this time, Sonic's speed will be no problem at all!"