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"A reason to exist"

God is great. There is no doubt of that. And if there is anything I've learn in my life is that there is always a reason for things to happen.

I have every reason to be just another one of the millions of angry and filled with rage with everything and everyone around me. But, I'm not.

I have accepted a long time ago my destiny. That's just how life goes.

There are all kinds of people out there; there are the ones who dream with a fairy-tale life and grew up looking for the prince charming and live happily ever after. And there are the ones who had a rough life but make it through all circumstances. There are ones who always complain about stuff and never do anything to solve the problem, there are the spoiled ones, the needy ones, the caring ones…

My point is everyone is different. So to wish to live another people life is a mere dream. You can't live something that doesn't belong to you. This is just not meant to happen to you.

I've spent so much of my life waiting for something grand to happen, that when I realized, most of my life went by and nothing that I expected happened.

I mean, where is that magical makeover that happens to every awkward teenager where she turns into every man's dream just like they show on movies? Or when she finds that cute, rich, smart and (as strange as it seems) single guy? Did I miss anything? Because fairy godmother went far away from my house when that happened. I'm still the same girl, with no magical movie makeover.

It's hard to believe, but I finally realized that this only happens in movies. Not in real life.

It's a little disappointing at first, but then it's also a relief when you think about it. I mean, no one can have a life that great. There is always a trick behind this. But it's worth to watch this type of movie when you're feeling down, because that is what fantasy is for, to put you up when you're down. But then you go back to reality.

I left my life went by and I missed a bunch of stuffs. I've never go bungee-jumping; I've never dye my hair; I've never went to college; I've never had a puppy…I've never, I've never, I've never…

I have never really loved someone.

My list of unfinished business is huge, but I won't be long. Woe to the young who don't see time pass and think they are immortal.

Now, for me, the time doesn't matter too. However, for a different reason.

Because I'm dying.

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