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Our Happy Beginning

I don't expect much from others. It's alright; no one can change a person, only you. That's what my father used to tell me, and it's true. What I do expect is to have a few moments by myself before I start to work; meaning that I always wake up early and go take a tour around the villa before its time to open the shop.

No rush, just walk a few minutes alone, watch the scene, and go back home. Especially if that's one of the days when I'm not feeling so great. Like I said, it's the expected; what I wasn't expecting was to find a certain someone right in my path.

"Buongiorno signora" There he was, with his…enigmatic and dark charm. Is that smirk permanent, or he does that just to piss me off?

My body felt heavier than usual today, so I wouldn't waste energy or my precious time with such individual.

"Not today, ok?" I continued my path, taking small breaths and walking straight to a tiny, old little shack that one of our old costumers lets me use it.

I don't have much, and I don't care about the fact that some (or most) of the people I've come to known likes to shove in our faces every time they buy something of value. Not all people mind the material possessions .But, when signor Comasco said that he would let me use his space for me to grow my flowers, I felt like I've won in the lottery. We don't have much space back home, with the shop taking most of the scene and everything, so I always make sure to be grateful for this tiny piece of heaven.

"You don't look too well today" I nearly let the vase I was holding fell from my hands. How did he find this place so fast?

"I'm fine" The daisies really need my attention, and I really preferred to spend the rest of my time with my flowers "So, you can just…what are you doing?" It was a peculiar thing to watch: his overly expensive attire didn't match with his now off gloved hands digging seeds from the dirt.

"These roses need air, and you're occupied, so I'm assisting you" He said like it was the most natural thing to be doing.

"You…umm…don't need to do that. I got it covered" I felt bad for my rudeness, but really, everything was fine. If I could only sit for a minute and breathe.

"I see you do, but I must insist .Besides, a little of nature time won't harm me" He was too focused on taking the thorns of the yellow roses, and I could sit a little and clean the vases.

"Thank you signor" Something changed in this time. I didn't expecting for the handsome stranger to be this persistent or…kind and simple; the way eh held the flowers and the tiny smile on his face every time he looked at his work was…nice.

"Demetri" And it was enough for the both of us, because that meant one thing: truce.


"So, besides having a great taste for art, what else is there to know about you?" I laughed a little. Surprisingly, time went by so fast and I nearly lost track of time. We talked about books, art and music. There were things and places I didn't know, and Demetri seemed to know them all.

Must be nice to travel so much. Meet new places and new people, right?" His face was stern. Did I say something wrong?

"Yes, well…my work requires me travel a lot, and the people I met…w can't exactly make much acquaintance for much time. So, I have a few select group of friends" Oh, I see .Was he a lawyer?

"Now you've met me. Do I count?" Sooner than I thought, we were in front of the store. Demetri insisted on escorting me, and, I don't know if it was the company or the smell of the flowers, but I felt a lot better.

"Yes, you do" He was going to say something, I could tell from his features, but my grandma entered and started to boss me around (with her enchanting way, of course) "I have to leave now. May I see you again?" My cheeks started to heat. Was I blushing? I don't blush!

"You may, young man. When her shift is over" grandma! For a woman of her age, her ears work better than mine.

"I'll see you soon then" Just like that, he made a gesture that I didn't think man used to anymore. He kissed my hand.

I was definitely blushing.

"Soooo, who's got a suitor now?" Was the first thing I heard once the door was closed.


Time went fast, and as soon as I realized, I caught myself counting the hours before I get up everyday, go to the shack and find Demetri already there, caring for the now absolutely beautiful flowers. Everyday he would be there, we talked about everything, then he would take me back home and we would see each other after my shift was over.

I never thought I'd met someone like him .We talked about everything! One time, he took me to the opera, and before I noticed I was already crying on his silk handkerchief .I never expected this would be such an emotional experience .in my defense, it was a wonderful performance.

I can say now that Demetri is a perfect gentleman .He never asked personal questions ,gave me my space, the same way I respect his limits. Our conversations never went too deep on the personal matter, and I never cared about that. And neither did him.

Until recently.

We were taking our usual night walk on the main square, he told me that he had a surprise for me and was taking me to a special place to have dinner. We didn't mind the hours we would pass on the streets. Volterra is one of the safest places on the planet. The crime rate is almost non existent, and that helped me a little for thinking that my grandma is alone at this hour.

"And where are we going, may I ask?" I squeezed his arm with my arm. It took us a little while to even hold hands, so this was an incredible advance for us.

"You'll see" Was all the he said before giving me that dashing smile, that now I admit, was truly something.

Demetri led me trough a small corridor of houses that lead to a small and strange place. I don't think we've ever been here before.

"How come we never wen…"My words died in my mouth when I saw the scenario. The most beautiful place I've ever seen! It looked exactly like one of D.V's paintings!

"Do you like it?" It was breathtaking! The way the moon reflected on the flowers, and the trees…it was just so…

"It's perfect Demetri! Just like the painting" The only difference is that, between the trees and roses, there was a small table, with two candles in it and an enormous bouquet waiting for us.

"How did you do it?" We got closer and I could smell the flowers. This didn't look real.

"Let's just say that I also admire the work of D.V, and his work inspired me. Happy anniversary Anne" He kissed my cheek and put a small package in front of me.

"What?" I still didn't know what to say .It was all so peaceful and perfect, that I might just well start to cry.

"Our two month anniversary. The exact day we met" I laughed a little. Only him to be this sentimental. I wiped away the tear that started to fall.

"But…I didn't give you anything" I whispered. I felt bad for not giving Demetri anything. We never exchanged gifts, our only joy was to spend in each others company and talk and see new things.

"As if you have to" I opened the package and gasped .Inside there was a beautiful pin of a blue rose.

"Demetri, thank you" I squeezed his now glove free hand. A little habit I saw of him every time we started to spend time together .He always took his gloves when he was with me. He said that this was a way to be closer to me.

"Doesn't a blue rose mean unattainable love?" Why would he give me such a gift?

"Is it? I can't tell. The lady of the store simply said it was for a special someone, and that's what you are to me" His gaze cut straight into me .he was also special to me. Very special.

And I needed to tell him

Our dinner was spent in peaceful silence, with small talk, but as the night progressed, we both felt that there was something that needed to be said.

I'll tell him .Everything. And if he doesn't want to be with me anymore, I'll understand.

"Demetri, I…"

"Anne, I…"

We laughed, it was common not be upset over small things ,plus we get along without all the outside drama .So if he wanted to tell me something, this must be important.

"You go ahead" I told him waving my hand and drinking a bit of my grape juice. When I told Demetri that I didn't drink, he never pushed to know why, only respects my decision and didn't ask any further. The same happened when he told me that he was very selective with his meals. I didn't push either.

Besides, there's nothing he could said to me that might ruin my night.

"Anne, Im leaving"

I felt my heart decreasing with each breath

"What?" Was he being serious? He must be because his face was pure stone.

"Why?" I didn't mean to sound this desperate or childish but I needed to know.

"It'll be for a while. I'm not sure how long, it's work related" I couldn't helped it. I did started to sob uncontrollably "if I could, I wouldn't leave you, but I have to" He told me, taking me into his arms and kissing my forehead .this is the closest we've ever been.

It took me a few minutes to recompose myself.

"Of course, I understand"It was his work, and I never meant to be an obstacle between what he does.

"I'll be here, waiting for you" I gave him a weak smile that hurt my face.

"Now, what did you want to tell me?" Once again, his eyes held such power over me, but I couldn't be a problem to him. Especially not now.

"Nothing that matters"

I told him that I'd wait for him. I tried, I really did.

The days passed, then weeks, then months, with no word from him. And as my patience was tested, so was my health.

First it was the headaches that increased, than it was my body .It seemed as if my bones were cracking and soon it became too much for me to get up and go to the shack. And then go to work.

The doctors saw that my condition was critical and I spent the following weeks at the hospital.

Still, no word from him.

Until, both granny and I had enough of the smell of the hospital, and the lies the doctors told us.

"For God's sake! Just let me take my granddaughter home, so she can die in peace!"

And they let us go. In such state, they recognized there was nothing left to do, only let me be comfortable with my little time.

The flowers died.

There was no one to watch over my garden, so they withered and died. When signor Comasco came to tell me, it wasn't much of surprise .I started to imagine that maybe, when I'm gone, there'll be a huge garden waiting for me.

I can't leave my bed now.

I'm too weak to do so, and the pain in my bones is too much for me to bear to stand up .So ,I spend all my time just looking out the window and thinking in all the things I've done and the ones I didn't.

I'm going to die .I've accepted that fact a long time, ever since the diagnostic came ,so why was I feeling such sorrow when I know of what would happen next?


He made me forget of my problems .Every time we spent together was an incredible experience for me, and my issues just vanished.

But he's not here now.

I am dreaming

I'm dreaming that I'm in my bed, in my room; granny is downstairs helping the costumers and there's a buzz downstairs.

And then there's him.

Demetri is standing in front of me. The moon lightens his silhouette and he never looked more angelic than now.

"Hi" I said weakly. Even talking pains me at this point.

"Annie, what happened?" He came to stay beside me so fast. Or maybe it's the meds talking.

"You came back" I tried to touch his face, but I couldn't lift my hands. It hurt all over.

"I told you I would" His voice was soothing and comforting. How I missed it!

"Good" I tried to smile "Sorry about my promise, but I can't keep it" I could feel my heartbeat decrease faster now. Maybe I was just waiting for him to come back. "I need..."

"No, don't say that, per favore" We've have a nice story .A beautiful time together, and I'll cherish it"

"Thank you, Demetri .If I never met you, I wouldn't have known what I was missing" The air was thick, too difficult for me to breathe.

"I never thought that I'd love anyone in this life" More than anything, I wish there was a way for him to know that sooner. In response, only heard his muffled breath.

"Ti amo troppo, Anne. Prego non lasciarmi" I caressed his face when He got closer, leaving a ghost of Kiss on my lips.

"Vorrei poter stare con te per sempre" His face was the last thing I remember seeing before closing my mortal eyes for one last time.

And then the pain began

Demetri's face was the last one saw when I closed my eyes and he bitted me.

It was also the first thing I saw when I woke up, 3 days later, for my new life.

I'm a vampire now.

After the initial shock of who I was and what it happened to me, we talked about everything.

And I mean everything.

What his real "work" was and what he was doing that took him so long.

The betrayal of the grand master of the Volturi has been discovered .Lies, deceives and the worst types of treachery had been used for centuries for others to believe that they were fair and just. Demetri and hundreds of other vampires gathered to take from the power Aro and Caius and bestow Marcus as the only rightful ruler.

After the arrangements (I say more like vampire war) finished, he came back for me.

Demetri told me that Marcus released him from his obligations once he saw what his intentions were.

That's when I told him about my sickness and how much I wanted to tell him the truth, but didn't want to impose on his "business"

"Seems to me that we were both keeping secrets from each other" He smiled, taking his hand in mine, where he took me to a pond nearby where we were, to wash all the dirt that I was covered in.

"No more secrets" I said, kissing him, this time fully on the lips.

"No more" he promised, taking me in his arms.

And that's where our happy beginning started. Just Demetri and Anne, for eternity.

The End