Fandom: Naruto
Rock Lee/Sabaku no Gaara
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Excessive use of semi-colons and dashes... some allusions to sex but I don't think they're great enough for an R rating… also, a hint of MPreg? ^_^
Author's Notes
: Started this over a year ago, just polishing it up now. Written right after the events of Gaara's tangle with the Akatsuki, so some sentences may not mesh with the most recent chapters. Also, my utterly original title is deserving of worship.

Fifty Sentences, Part I

#01 – Motion
How ironic that he, the Lotus of Konoha – verdant, tireless, and perpetually in motion – could be stilled to wonder by the sparsest of movements: a touch to the cheek; a tilt of the head; a slow, ponderous blink from dark-ringed eyes...

#02 – Cool
"I don't care if you weren't detected, Gaara, skinny-dipping with Lee to 'cool off' was not an acceptable course of action," Temari snarled.

#03 – Young
There is an aspect of Gaara that never really grew older, never really grew up... it is something his lover is unable to fully defend against, though he may try (and try, and try): when Gaara wakes with wide, rigid eyes and voices murmuring in his mind, Lee can only hold him, wishing hopelessly for the pain to bleed into him instead.

#04 – Last
For as long as he could remember, Lee had been last – last in class, last in popularity, last to graduate, last to become a jounin; it was wrong, but he couldn't help feeling just a tad smug at finding true love before everyone else (granted, it had taken years and their earliest encounters had nearly ended fatally – but still!).

#05 – Wrong
It's not wrong, it's just unprecedented!" Lee groaned, gripping his head as if he could wrench out thoughts of a certain Kazekage like so much water from a sponge.

#06 – Gentle
Lee hadn't meant to do it; he hadn't known, he hadn't thought – how could he have known that Gaara, the Kazekage, embittered survivor of malicious demons, deceitful relatives, criminal psychopaths, and incalculable violence, could be broken by a gentle touch?

#07 – One
"One – only one – only you," Lee whispers, because Gaara needs to hear it, yes, but more importantly because it's true, it's true – it's the most honest thing he knows.

#08 – Thousand
"If I don't stop thinking about Gaara in an hour, I will run a thousand laps around the village," Lee told himself sternly; one hour later – "Damn it."

#09 – King
Gaara, so used to being treated like a king – a slightly feared and extremely respected king – by his own people, somehow couldn't help but feel annoyed the first – and only – time Lee tried to call him "Kazekage-sama."

#10 – Learn
In contrast to his other friends, Gaara listened intently and asked questions when Lee tried to teach him something; a quick learner and a dedicated student, Lee thought proudly, and then wondered what that odd, fluttering feeling in his chest was.

#11 – Blur
After trapping him at the waist with sand, all it took was a strategic movement from below to dwindle yelps and protests to sounds of a more agreeable nature; and Gaara, smug in victory, knew that there was more than one way to stop a blur.

#12 – Wait
"How long have you been – Gaara, I told you not to wait if I wasn't out by six – you're the Kazekage, you shouldn't have – why did you–?" Lee spluttered; with a look that suddenly made Lee feel worse than opening all eight Gates and living to tell about it, Gaara asked, "Do you really not know why?"

#13 – Change
"Hey Gaara, have you seen my suit?" Lee asked, rooting around the closet and completely naked save for his boxers; "I saw it on you yesterday," Gaara replied obliquely, eyeing the muscles of Lee's back, "You should pay more attention to where you leave your belongings."

#14 – Command
It was interesting how Gaara usually ignored the powers, privileges, and decorum of the chain of command when it came to their relationship, then picked them right up again when he felt like they'd give him some sort of advantage; if Gaara thought that ordering Lee around the bedroom was going to work because he was Kazekage, he was going to be quite disappointed!...
sort of...
well, if it did work, it wouldn't be because he was Kazekage!

#15 - Hold
Lee knew that the heart he held belonged to a man the world had once abandoned; a man strong enough to bear the past and courageous enough to trust again – and Lee would show him, he would prove it – Gaara would know that he couldn't have found a better person to give it to.

#16 - Need
An arm around his back, his forehead leaning on a firm chest, strong heart sounding to reach his own – bandaged hands clench around his hips and he growls and grips that shining hair, sinks his teeth into a corded neck, desire to devour and be devoured seizing every nerve when Lee hits it, strikes and sends him straining to pitched and fevered heights and Gaara gasps, he has always known need, known it since he was an infant, but he hadn't known, hadn't ever known, it could be like this –

#17 - Vision
He'd thought that Sakura-san, whose features whispered of flowers, spring, and softness, had been beautiful; years later, with Gaara (claret hair and sand-pale skin), Gaara alone in their room, sliding robes off with undecipherable eyes, Lee realized what a vision truly meant.

#18 - Attention
Tired of having to raise his voice, Gaara experimented with alternate methods for drawing Lee's attention; challenging Lee's abilities and conjuring naked Sand Bunshins worked best overall, he found.

#19 - Soul
"I didn't even know I had a soul... some days, I'm still not sure," Gaara muttered; and Lee, who forgave as naturally as the sun shone, felt a slow, terrible emotion enter him...

#20 - Picture
"Ugh, they're so sappy it's disgusting," his siblings grumbled; out of every photo they had of Gaara, the only ones in which their brother didn't look stone-faced or murderous had been taken with Lee.

#21 - Fool
Gaara had willingly opened his heart to possibly more pain than he'd ever felt, and Lee had fallen in love with the shattered leader of a foreign village who harbored more demons than the one that had been torn out of him; they knew they were fools, and didn't care.

#22 - Mad
Gaara's subordinates thought he was crazy to begin with (this decision merely cementing their conviction and fear), and everyone already knew Lee was insane and unreasonable, so surprisingly, aside from their closest friends and relatives, barely anyone objected to the news of their – er – relationship.

#23 - Child
She dynamic kicks in the door to his office, all shining red hair and blazing round eyes, shouting louder than Lee as he races to thwart her for the second time this day; Gaara merely smirks as she slips from his grasp with gleeful shrieks, Lee pelting after her and jabbering rapid, profuse apologies.

#24 – Now
First it had been his siblings, and then it had been his village; now, Gaara watches the sleeping man by his side, hope and another, subtler emotion clutching his heart – thinking maybe, just maybe –

#25 – Shadow
"Naruto taught me," Gaara says mildly; Lee can only stare, shock giving way to visceral anticipation, at the ring of burning, black-rimmed eyes focused on him with singular intent.