Fandom: Naruto
Rock Lee/Sabaku no Gaara
Theme set:
Excessive use of semi-colons and dashes... some allusions to sex but I don't think they're great enough for an R rating… also, a hint of MPreg? ^_^
Author's Notes
: Written right after the events of Gaara's tangle with the Akatsuki, so some sentences may not mesh with the most recent chapters. Also, my utterly original title is deserving of worship.

Fifty Sentences, Part II

#26 - Goodbye
There was barely time to spare, but he still took two seconds to sear rust-red hair and smoldering eyes into his memory: if Lee was going to die, he'd be damned if Gaara wasn't the last thing he saw.

#27 – Hide
Lee had never been very good at hiding his emotions from anyone, be they his enemies or his closest companions – so how could his feelings towards a certain temperamental redhead have eluded himself for so long?

#28 – Fortune
For all the misery it had tossed them, Fortune proved it wasn't entirely heartless (or that it at least had a sense of humor) when it threw them both together.

#29 - Safe
He was emotionally shredded and psychologically unstable; he'd tried to murder his friends and destroy his village; he'd crushed his arm and leg, almost ended his dreams for good, and nearly killed him twice – and Lee felt absolutely safe in his presence.

#30 – Ghost
"He's not real, he's not real, you're safe, it's just a nightmare," Lee whispered – but Gaara, staring into the darkest corner of their room and clutching hard enough to draw blood, would not move a muscle til dawn.

#31 – Book
"Hey Gaara,
Here's Konoha's 'good faith' gift for this year - I would have sent another crate of ramen, but Sakura-chan said that ramen for three years was getting old and told me to pick something else, so I was thinking about something you might appreciate more than ramen (yeah, I know, impossible), and that perverted monk and Kakashi-sensei said maybe you would like this...

Gaara looks up from the Hokage's letter apprehensively and picks up the dubious tome that accompanied it; noticing the illustration of two men enthusiastically engaged in a complicated but appealing position, he turns the page, suddenly intrigued by the thought of surprising Lee...

#32 – Eye
Ever since he developed it, the Third Eye jutsu has served Gaara well; not for the first time, he is grateful for retaining the power that allows him to endure a diplomatic meeting by watching Lee undress in the bedroom.

#33 – Never
He would never form bonds, never exist for anyone but himself, and never care about anyone but himself
; thanks to Lee, Gaara can also cross out "never be loved" from the list of things he'd thought would always be.

#34 – Sing
Lee sings much like how he does everything else – loudly and relentlessly; the first night he showers in Suna, it's enough to drive the entire village mad, but – like an omen of things to come – Gaara really doesn't mind.

#35 – Sudden
A sudden, screeching halt behind him blows past gusts of air accompanied by spluttered greetings and billowing dust devils; Gaara does not turn from where he watches the desert horizon, but his lips twitch in an imperceptible smile.

#36 – Stop
"If you stop, I won't be responsible for my actions," Gaara snarled; a funny thrill tingled up Lee's vertebrae as he – grinning – stopped.

#37 – Time
They are shinobi – the chance of time for themselves is flimsy and undependable, while the risk of death is ever present – so now, right now (that meticulously honed body, wired to strike as fatally as any cobra twisting and shuddering and unraveling beneath him), Gaara is going to make sure Lee feels every second.

#38 – Wash
"Here, let me get that," Lee says; Gaara watches as his lover takes his hands, and gently wipes the stains away.

#39 – Torn
"Your muscles are torn; you are not walking anywhere," Gaara growls – so saying, a whirlwind of sand catches Lee mid-stride, sheathing him to the neck to float him back to the village, grains slapping over his mouth when his protests do not subside.

#40 – History
"Don't worry, it's all in the past," Lee declared, trying to banish Gaara's uncertainty through sheer force and stubbornness; "History is history – we learn from it, grow stronger, and look to the shining future with the invincible fervor of youth – together, we can accomplish anything!"

#41 – Power
The desert reared into a hurricane before Gaara's will, winds shrieking like a thousand nails dragged across stone; Gaara's eyes burned like pinpoints of teal in the howling sand, and Lee, beside him, felt his heart surge along the rising tumult – Why, he wondered, do I feel, so weak– ?

#42 – Bother
Gaara's aides had learned this well: if you valued your life, short of an emergency, you never, ever, ever bothered the Kazekage when his favorite taijutsu master was visiting.

#43 – God
Gaara was glad that Lee was enjoying it, but he'd have rather heard his own name trembling from those lips...

#44 – Wall
Naruto had smashed some important ones, and living for others had allowed him to (cautiously) dismantle others, but the walls enclosing Gaara's heart were labyrinthine; they might never be fully breached, but Gaara knew that Lee would willingly spend the rest of his life slowly taking down stone after stone after stone...

#45 – Naked
Gaara stood over Lee's prone body (limbs akimbo, a silly grin on his face and blood trickling out his nose); if the Kazekage had known that he could incapacitate Lee merely by dropping his robes, he'd have tried it a lot sooner.

#46 – Drive
"Lee," Gaara growled, ripping open the curtains that separated him and his nauseous bodyguards from his grinning, sweating lover, "The next time a horse is injured in a foreign country, we are hiring a new carriage."

#47 – Harm
The Chuunin who'd shouted a rude term at Lee is wrapped in a bristling sand cocoon – anger tells him to clench his fingers and Lee shouts and screeches behind him, but Gaara hears most clearly an echo from long ago – if the one you admire is insulted, you become enraged.

#48 – Precious
"You're precious to me," Lee says, more serious than he's ever seen him; and Gaara, who not long ago would have been broken or at least enraged by these words, swallows – and whispers the same.

#49 – Hunger
Gaara watches, fascinated as Lee inhales his sixth bowl of neon-red curry in just as many seconds, greatly anticipating the boost of energy it would give him...

#50 - Believe
Gaara has never been one for hopes and fantasy – the terrors that crept in his mind, the sorrows that rang in his soul, were all that could ever be relied upon – but as he clutches Lee's hands, Lee reassuring him (cheerfully, tenderly, even at the end), he desperately grasps for it: the belief that they will be together again, one day.