Originally, this started out as a school assignment and then I kind of chose to ignore the rules a tad bit [coughalotcough] and I thought it came out pretty good. Nick's point of view after/during counseling. Enjoy!

I am from what I was made into.

I am from unspoken words

From heated glares and hidden bruises.

I am from the shining windows and the sparkling lights.

(My reflection lying even to me)

I am from fast cars, pretty girls, high class…

The elite of the elite…what a joke.

I am from stolen nights, hiding under the blankets from a monster I know too well.

From both him and from myself.

Wishing, hoping, begging in silent words for a helping hand.

I am from the shame of actions that led to cold shoulders and pain.

Fearing myself in that moment more than anything.

I'm from "you're so lucky", sliding into conversations that slide later into

"Why do you always fail?"

I'm from one man. One man who was warped by another and who was warped by another and so on and so on.

They do not deserve names.

I'm from fists and feet and anger.

Not showing too much skin on bad days, overcompensating on the good ones.

Smart, arrogant and perfect. Yeah…that's me…

I'm from missed loves and missed family.

From alcohol and sarcasm. Is there anything more than that to me?

From lies and beatings.

Both given and taken.

I'm from the past, the present and the future.

I am from what I've made me into.