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Summary: Bella can't speak, Jacob is her only friend, The only one who understands her but they have to hide it from everyone. What happens when one day bella meets the love of her life?

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Without A Sound

Chapter One

"I knew it!" Jacob said to me excitedly. I nodded in agreement. Jacob has been my best friend ever since we met. I love him like a brother and I know he feels the same way about me. Just the way I like it. You see, when we first met, Jacob wanted to go out with me. I let him know right away that I wasn't interested in having shit get awkward with him. I knew we would be friends since the moment I first saw him. I didn't want to fuck it up. I would love to go out with him but I would never risk the friendship. And plus, I don't want him to have to deal with all the rude comments and dirty looks and judgments that go along with associating yourself with me. I'm Bella Swan. I'm seventeen years old living in Forks, Washington. I don't really interact with people. But I have good reasons. I don't speak. No, I can't speak. I haven't been able to my whole life. I'm not deaf, just mute. Honestly I like it better this way. I wouldn't want to talk. But some would say I only think like that because I can't talk. I would say that's bullshit. I mean, what could I say that I couldn't just type or write? I don't feel like I'm being deprived of anything. I like hearing other people's voices to be honest. I could listen to Jacob talk all day long. I didn't bother learning sign because like no one in this stupid fucking town knows it so they wouldn't be able to know what I was saying anyway. So I write or type shit to people. It's easy to me.

What can I say? You're my best friend. Why would any other moment be better?

"I don't know. I just always thought it would be something different. Better than meeting me I guess," he said shyly.

Nope. What's yours?

Four seconds flat and it still looked good! Personal record!

"Uh, birth? Yeah, birth was definitely the best moment of my life"

Get real Black. You know it was when you met me! DON'T LIE!

"Yeah you're right but I just didn't want to admit it."

You are such a guy!

"I know…"

What do you want to do now?

"You wanna go to the beach?"

It's like 10° Jacob. Do you expect me to go to the beach on a day like this?

"No," Jacob said in a defeated tone

I rolled my eyes, stood up, and walked towards the path leading out of the woods. I looked behind me and Jacob was still sitting on the ground just looking at me. I ran over to him, crouched down, grabbed my notebook from his hands, and wrote Are you coming or not? When I showed him the notebook his eyes shone as he jumped up from the ground and picked me up spinning us around before he started running down the path to his car. I closed my eyes and focused on the feel of his arms around me. Running through the forest. We got to the car and he drove to the beach. I left my notebook in the car since it was raining. I hated days like these. I couldn't communicate with anyone unless they asked me yes or no questions. Jacob gets me though. We don't really need to talk or rather he doesn't need to talk for us to know what the other is thinking. We're weird like that. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

After a while of walking I was too cold and I could tell he was too. I stopped walking grabbing his hand as he walked by. He turned around and faced me. I just looked up at him and smiled a little bit. He knew I wanted to go back because he picked me up over his shoulder and ran back to his car. Just in case I fell I had a handful of hair in my right hand and grabbed his arm with my left hand.

"It's okay Bella! I'm not gonna drop you." I tugged his hair a little. He knew what I wanted to know by that hair tug.

"Yes Bella, I'm sure."

I let go. He ran faster. I started to slip from his shoulder. My hand instinctively went up to his hair. I tugged twice quickly. He slowed down just like I 'asked' and for that I was thankful. When we got to his car he spun me around playfully and we started dancing around. Once inside his 76 Volkswagen rabbit I grabbed up my notebook and wrote Thanks Big Bro. That was fun even though I did get my hair wet. I showed him before he started driving. "No problem B. I love doing things like this with you." I drew a little heart on the paper and he just smiled big and wide when I showed it to him.

He drove us to his house. I was glad because I was cool with everyone on the reservation. I had many friends there and Jacob and I didn't have to pretend like we didn't really know each other or hide from anyone here. We could just be ourselves.

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