The Final fantasy XII goes to Subway!

I Do not own Final Fantasy 13 or Subway!


"You know how much hungry I am" Whined Vanille

"No" Hope said sleepily

"It's feels like I'm dieing! " Vanille whined

"Well don't ask me ask Lightning or Fang or some thing!" Hope sleepily groaned

"Vanille leave Hope alone." Fang commanded

"Ok -but I'm soooooooooooooo hungry!"

"Ok we will go to Subway." Fang promised

"REALLY?!" Hope stood up

"Yup!" Vanille yelled

"Ok then it's settled!" Fang confirmed

"What's settled?" Asked Lightning *very sleepy*


"Subway?" Lightning confirm

"Yup!" Hope and Vanille said at the same time

"Yup is anyone else coming?" Asked Fang

"I AM!" Snow called *Lightning groaned*

"Yeah me two!" Sazh Called

"Wait can I come too?" Asked Serah

"Yup!" Vanille confirmed

"Ok to the Mercedes Benz!



"Who's ordering first?" Asked Lightning

"Guess you sis!" Snow called out to Lightning *Lightning Growled*

(Lightning does not like Snow to call her that)

"Ok I'll haveā€¦"

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The FFXII gang goes to Subway!