Here we are again

Well I think this is going to be the last chapy folks!

Hope you enjoy


"AAAH!" The manger of Subway yelled in fear

"OKOK! We will give you a-"

"You better give them enough sandwiches so they WILL NOT STELE MINE!" Lightning shouted

The manger whimpered

"Yes ma-dam!" The Manger


Poor fellow really, to face the wrath a Lightning Farron/ Claire Farron

"Finally, we get treated respected!" All the little men in tights said joyfully.

Lightning smiled…

'I wonder where is the drunk hobo…?' Lightning wondered


The sun rose

"LIGHTNING! I bought your game!" The hobo said very happy indeed

"Stop breaking the fourth wall!" Lightning yelled

"Okok! Don't get so made about it!" While he said that he hid Final Fantasy 13

"Can I see that game?" Vanille asked very hyper

"Uh…I don't know ab-"

Vanille grabs the game


Its all slow-mo from here

The game disk fly out from the game box

Hope stares in fear for the game

Its falling!

(Any one going to save it?)

The Leader of the men grabs it before it crushes into millions of pieces!

"GOL!" Vanille screams

"Vanille I think you need rest" Fang says

"Aww…ok." Vanille says sadly

Snow yawns

"Yeah, me too" Every one says in union.

Then the FF13 gang when home and rested.

Ok The end.

Thank you for all the support people! :3