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Chapter: 2



Dec 24th, 11.20am

The sun was hot and already the shirt was still sticky to his back as the train pulled into the station, the mad dash they did earlier as the tram once came to a stop and amid the shouting and swearing from a certain amazon girl – they just made the connecting train to the city.

And once again they were running for the terminal doors and once through they nearly collapsed into a heap on the pavement, all of them were in a state of either panic or simulating a heart attack! Well Shirai surely felt as if his heart was trying to escape his chest? In any circumstance Keitaro looked up at the terminal clock and sucking in a fresh breath of cool air he called...

"Guys...puff...puff...we've got thirty minutes until we have to sign in for the exam...puff...puff...puff...we'll just make it to the centre if we start moving now!"

Shirai looked up from his position – from kissing the pavement? And stared up at Keitaro...

"You really know how to knock a man back down don't you...just give me a second or two...just trying to breath and live here man!"

"Who are you calling a man you BAKA!"

"Your nothing but a small perverted scum sucking...p...p...!?"

Narusegawa had recovered to a point that she was standing directly above Shirai with her arms on her waist and glaring at his form, that was at that point rising up and he not knowing how close he was to her...

Drove his head firmly and very snugly in between her ample and very warm chest, feeling his ears suddenly warm and his sight dark he thought...

'Who turned out the lights?'

Pulling his head out from its safe and comfortable refuge, his heart stopped when he realized who's warm-snug-and-safe refuge he had just invited himself into! With a cry and a stutter and the customary flaying of limbs and prostrating before the amazon queen, he pleaded his innocence and his dying devotion to her – if she would only let him live until he was one hundred years old at least! He even tried to smile his best winning child like smiles that would melt even the coldest hearts?

But this is Narusegawa-san we're talking about...!

And with a war-cry that would make the Warrior Queen herself proud she picked up Shirai-san with her left hand, and slowly began to pull her right fist all the way back at the same time twisting her body to add even more power to her shoulder. With such speed that would leave the Road Runner sucking dust in shame, and blinding speed that no normal human can see; the only sound when it made contact was the resulting sonic boom! That shook the air around them and sent everyone within thirty feet flying backwards and landing on their backsides!?

"Wow! What the heck was that!?"

Keitaro got up as the dust settled and brushed the concrete and dirt from his jacket, and looked around and helped Mutsumi up and realized that she had passed out! And he looked around to see if Shirai was okay and turned to see Naru-san standing there with her right fist raised above her head and her eyes closed?

"Eh...Naru-san...did you see where Shirai-san got to?"

Still with his gaze on her face she opened her eyes and silently brushed some stray hairs away from her face and turned on her heel, and looking back down to Mutsumi still laying on the ground she settled her cold stare upon Keitaro – who just gulped and wondered what did he do?

"That pervert will meet us hurry up and wake up Mutsumi-san"

And to add insult to injury...

"And don't you dare molest her...or you will answer to me and Motoko-chan!"

Turning around before he could even reply, she threw her bag over her shoulder and strode off heading towards the testing centre; leaving Keitaro to deal with Mutsumi. He just shook his head and knelt down by Mutsumi's side and gently shook her by the shoulders, with a smile and a wink Mutsumi rose up into a kneeling position!

"Hey!... Take it easy not so fast or you'll might do some damage!"

Keitaro had to quickly move back from her sudden recovery, or he'll knock himself out as she suddenly moved towards him!

'Last thing I need is to knock myself out...and land on Mutsumi-san... in a way to give Naru an excuse to vilify me!'

"Oh! I'm sorry Kei-kun... Umm... where's Naru-san and Shirai-san?"

"Well Narusegawa-san has gone ahead... and she said that Shirai-san will meet us there?"

"But I didn't see him go though?"

Keitaro only dwelt on this for five seconds before reaching out and helping Mutsumi to stand, and making sure she was okay grabbed her hand...

"Look we don't have much time... we wasted fifteen minutes we better move it or we'll missed the check in time for the test!"

"And I don't want to repeat it a forth time!... lets go"

Mutsumi just nodded her head without saying anything, Keitaro smiled as he pulled her after him and they both ran through a still stunned crowd looking at a man-sized crater that was left behind? Mutsumi just smiled and wondered if Keitaro knew that as they ran up streets and through crowds, that he was still holding her hand – but then again she didn't mind it at all and wished deep down inside that it would last. And with a subtle blush upon her cheeks and a smile, she just dreamt as her love pulled her towards their destinies and dreams – and their many children they would have!?

'Fu...fu...fu...Mutsumi my dear you have much work to do before that happens!'

Still dreaming to herself so was lost in la la land!

Keitaro didn't think – but only did what came naturally! He ran and ran heading to the only thing that had been occupying his waking days and nightmares for the last eleven months, so he just ran onwards to a end that he hopefully wished that he never had to repeat – ever again!


One thing can be said; that when there's no sound other than your own voice to keep you company, one can find peace and tranquility in their surroundings. But when said surroundings is a place that is currently twenty thousand feet in the air and travelling at a constant speed of one hundred and twenty five miles an hour that started to rapidly increase as one descended, and that said height was decreasing at a rapid rate – and not to forget that said person was flying not like Superman! No!

But said person had no super-powers that he wished he had at that moment, but said person was flying thanks to a very 'demented' and willed Amazon bitch. That helped launched said person into the lower atmosphere, and that said persons voice was not in fact at peace and discussing the finer points of the meaning of life!

But said persons voice was in all reality exclaiming to the world and every God or Goddess, the finer points of his current situation such as:







Well it can't be said that the man didn't have an imagination – not a good one mind you, but active at least until he had to come back down to earth!?

Shirai swore that he could see his life appear before his eyes after he experienced the finer workings of the Jumbo jets engines that miraculously he was able to pass through completely without a scratch upon his body, and the only evidence he had was the singed and torn remanent that was his jacket flapping in the wind! And a slightly than normal warm feeling to his neither-regions?

'At least I'm not cold anymore!... I wonder where I am... or where I'm going to land any time soon?'

He had to marvel that he wasn't killed or anything when for that split second that Naru-san struck him, within the time he had left as he passed through the clouds it occurred to him that she didn't actually tried to kill him? Actually he felt alright giving his present situation and though he knew that in the next minute or so he was going to discover that having no feathers and wings, was going to mean that one way or another – he would meet mother earth...

In a very personal and bone-shattering-flesh-exploding-white light-tunnel sort of way! He was very comfortable with that and as the air whipped past his head, he just wished that he had a life that enabled him to grow old, fall in love and have many children. But sad he knew otherwise...

So staring downwards he tried and guess to where he would come to rest and just hoped that where ever it was, it would be soft and deep that it would save his parents the burial costs and such...

'I just wished that there was a girl who would weep over my grave and profess her love and dying devotion to me...sigh!'

He tried and smile in a nonchalant sort of way and looked on the bright side of things, at least he could say that he was the very first to fly 'unaided'! Try and beat that Batman! So somewhere above Tokyo he flew (sort off?) and just smiled as he passed the time before mother nature took her course and the various deities discussed which one was going to collect his soul?


By the time that Keitaro and Mutsumi arrived at the gates to the testing centre, they couldn't believe the sight before them; the place was packed with students pushing their way through the gates and many just yelling out to one another waving here and there! The area around the checking table was crowded, and it took some time for them to push their way through, Keitaro made sure that his grip on Mutsumi's hand was firm but never tight enough to cause her pain – on her part she couldn't care less as she was still in La La Land!

After a heated discussion with a very stern and uptight young lady, who thought that all authority passed through her...

'I wish my foot could pass through her...argh!'

Keitaro and Mutsumi were finally allowed to grace the testing centre with their 'presence', and they looked around to figure out where to go to their class for the test? Looking up he saw the time on the clock tower just to his left and suddenly wondered if they could see or find Naru and Shirai-san? They had nearly ten minutes before they had to begin their exam, and once he knew which building and class they had to go to. He decided that he had enough time to do a quick search for them! Heading to the main quad area he saw a group of girls sitting under a tree and looking at them he knew one of them sitting there staring intently at one book and another, slowly approaching he smiled...

"Hey Naru-san... doing some quick studying before we head to class?"

"Keitaro-san...I've been waiting for you two to turn up!...We just need to wait for that idiot friend of yours to show up!"

Keitaro just sighed and looked at his feet, and Mutsumi was sitting there in the sun and watching the scene about her; people coming and going about their business. Not far away a large white van came into view and parked outside the administration building, and she watched as two men got out and proceeded to carry various plastic covered rectangular objects and stacked them together near the double doors? She wondered what they may be? But voices talking about her got her attention instead, and turning around she enquired...

"You know if you wanted to know if I was okay...then you could of just asked Naru-san!"

"Ah!...sorry Mutsumi-san... I didn't mean to be angry at you... it's just that that 'hobbit' hasn't turned up yet!"

"Naru-san will you stop calling Shirai-san that name... he's my best friend and he can't help it if Kami blessed him with such short stature!"

"What ever you say Keitaro-san... he may be your friend...but he isn't mine! get use to it..."

Sounding very smug and proud of herself Narusegawa just turned up her nose and looked the other way, her eyes swerved to stare upwards into the sky for some reason? Following her line of sight the other two followed her gaze and tried to figure out what she saw!

" there something up there Naru-san?"

'Wow...that was really intelligent brainiac!'

Keitaro could off kicked himself with that stupid question, but was glad that Naru-san didn't bite back. Mutsumi didn't say a word and stared into the sky and for a fleeting moment she thought she saw an object? Turning to Keitaro.

"Kei-kun what is that over there?"

Pointing Keitaro followed her finger and stared in the direction, and he too thought that something didn't appear to be right!

"I'm not sure... Naru-san... what can that be!"

Narusegawa just turned and stared at the direction that they were pointing too, and soon enough a small crowd had gathered around them and as one they pointed in the same direction...

"What is that..."

"Is the air force testing again..."

" it a...UFO!?"

"Is of some kind?"

" it a plane?"

"Or... a jet!"

"Or superman?"

"BAKA...that's only in the comics or movies!"

"Well what is it...HEY ITS HEADING THIS WAY!"

Realizing that something was heading in their direction really fast and, emitting a sound that both terrified and gave all males in the area a sudden urge to make sure that they still had a 'pair' or two before sighing! They ran away and flaying arms in the area many were screaming...

"Run for your lives... save yourselves!"

" war three has begun...!"

"No...I'm still a virgin...someone give me a hug!?"

"WHAT!...hug someone else you idiot...hug her?"


"PERVERT...away from me you vile male!"







Before this could get any worse for him up above the sounds were getting louder and the shape just beginning to take shape, Keitaro fending off Narusegawa fist trying to make contact with his head (the other head you perverts!) he called out...

"Hey isn't that"

Even before he had the chance to finish the sentence the object came screaming into view and everyone fell to the ground and the earth suddenly exploded with a crash and everything went quite and white!?


" it snowing or something?"l

"Kei-kun...hold me tighter...!"

"DAMN...Mutsumi wake up will you!...and give back my pants!?"

Looking around the three of them wondered what was floating around and above them, they stood up – along with everyone else and just stared at the scene all around the quad. Snow or wasn't it snow? It can't be there it hasn't snowed in this region for years! Mutsumi not being the brightest spark around laughed as she heard many stories about snow and growing up in Okinawa it never snowed there at all, running around like a little school girl she opened her mouth to capture the cold icicles – and coming to a complete stop she coughed and sputtered?

"Cough...cough...what is this!"

"Keitaro-san...this isn't snow?"

"You're right... hey look over there by the building Naru-san!"

Pointing nearby Keitaro and Narusegawa just stared as near by a large cloud of white still bellowed and then bursted with a loud 'POP', and falling to the ground in a heap and slowly rising up to stagger in their general direction?

"See I told you that, that BAKA would show up didn't I!"

Keitaro said nothing but had to shake his head in agreement and helping Mutsumi who continued to cough up more of the snow that turned out to be 'feathers', and patting her back he watched as his best friend staggered towards him.

"Well... I know he doesn't have the same abilities as me...but to live from that I'm truly impressed!"

Shirai-san came too and looked up at Keitaro and smiled before straightening his glass on his nose, and with a silly smile on his face...

"Hey guys...have I got a story for you!"

"Well you can tell us after... it's just great that your in one piece and all!"

"Ha, ha, bet good buddy...well shall we go and see what our futures have in stall for us!"

Keitaro just smiled as he 'high-five' his mate and together with the girls in tow they headed towards their class for the exam...


And the two men turned to the other building with a wave and a smile to the girls, and continued their walk to victory, and world domination! (Hey men can dream can't they – so there!)

Laughing and with hands raised high Shirai and Keitaro disappeared through the double doors and towards their class, and with their voices still echoing outside Narusegawa and Mutsumi followed not far behind...



Sitting in a hushed and packed room Shirai swore to himself that he was doomed...doomed! Not matter that sitting next to him was the Okinawan Goddess, who when he looked in her direction she would smile and give him a victory sign!

'I heard that the only reason that she fails the because she forgets to put her name at the top of the page!?'

'Then why the hell is she sitting next to me...shut the hell up you fool you want her here next to want her don't you!...shut up asshole... I don't think of her in that way...c'mon who are you kidding, you want her...I can feel it...feel it down there...can you feel it...yep there it is...hahahahahahahahaha!'


Suddenly finding out that when your 'inner' voice is laughing at you, it usually means that something pervert has happened. That only effects males – every thirty seconds in a average day! Yep there it was the only thing that males from around the world (well ones that bother to wear clothes anyway!) would cringe and flee from others, with a sudden 'hardening' between his legs and resisting the urge to plunge his right hand down there to keep it from 'poking' up to say hello to the ladies! Shirai-san smiled at Mutsumi and waved his 'free' hand towards her...

"Ha, Ha, Ha...good luck to you too Otohime-san...try your best!"

He smiled and continued to wave to her while trying his best to keep it down-below, and pleading within himself to behave and to Kami to spare his mortal soul. The poor guy just couldn't get a break! But soon enough the thoughts and feelings began to subside and he relaxed some more, just sitting there and taking in breath after breath he was calm enough just to ask Mutsumi something when...

"Okay people... please turn off all mobile phones and sit down in your chairs!"

"Now then take one book and pass the rest to the person behind you!"

"Now you have exactly two hours to complete all papers... no talking during or after the exam unless told too..."

"Now...Good luck...and BEGIN!"

'Right...Shirai old we go...'

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