AUTHOR'S NOTE~~~ This is by far, my most favorite fan fic I've written. It's a story of many things, humor, action, romance, suspense, cliffhangers galore! Recently I've gone back and re-edited it but nothing crucial has changed. Rather, it was just a quick polish job that makes it all the better in the end for new readers, and repeat readers.

I hope you enjoy this story as much, if not, more than I enjoyed writing it.

Also, I do not own Star Fox or anything else that happens to be copyrighted to someone/something else.

It was the single most terrifying experience of the young man's life. The people around him stared, the people gawked, the people whispered and they pointed at the alien walking down their school's halls.

As the boy passed a group of felines he heard them say every word in hushed whispers like he would if they would have said it normally.

"That's him isn't it?"

"Of course that's him!"

"He looks so strange! But not bad looking."

"You whore! Don't you know humans have diseases and-"

"I meant his clothes!"

"Sure you did."

'I wish they wouldn't stare.' The human thought as he walked down the Cornerian high school halls. He was extremely tense and on alert if the smallest thing was to attack. He had been living on Corneria for about two weeks but he'd holed up at the apartment the Cornerian government was providing. They also provided food, clothing, and a decent living allowance in case he wanted to go out and explore (which he didn't).

The human was dressed in a black T-shirt with blue Cornerian designs on it, slacks for pants, nice fresh off the shelves running black shoes with black under padded socks, his lucky green underwear and by requirements a black leather collar around his neck. The human's hair was freshly cut and one inch short, combed back and held there with just enough gel but most people who saw his hair thought he was old because of how white it was. His hair was bleach white but he never bleached it or tried to alter its color, it was just naturally white due to some "modifications."

For the human it was easy discerning males from females because thankfully their bodies were exactly like a homo-sapiens's body save the fur, scales, feathers, hands and feet. Cornerian feet were more animal depending on their species. If the Cornerian was an amphibian he/she had more webbed feet, if avian, more birdlike feet, and if mammal their feet looked more like which mammal they were. These same rules applied to their hands and whether or not they had tails.

"Dude where do you think his tail is?"

"Humans don't have tails idiot!"

"Well what about ears then?"

"Those things on the side of his head obviously!"

'Well at least they got my ears right.' The human thought as he came to the door he was looking for.

"Oh shit! That's my class!"

"Lucky you, find out as much you can about it!"

'This is going to be a long term.' The human thought to himself.

As soon as the human stepped into the room it fell deathly silent. The people who had shown up just a little bit early were now shocked to find the human exchange student standing in their first period classroom.

'Stay calm, they aren't going to attack you. Just stay calm Fo-'

"Um hello, are you in the right class?" An elderly weasel asked nervously. The human stared at the weasel before he nodded. "Um, very well then. You are the human exchange student correct?"

'No, I'm the Martian exchange student… jackass.' The human thought to himself. Instead of coming off rude the human just nodded again.

"I see… well take a seat wherever."

'God damn it! Now I have to walk around like an idiot in front of most of the class, look for a seat and hopefully not freak anyone out!' The human thought as he nodded and went to take an empty seat. 'Stupid lazy bastard. Can't even make a ridiculous seating chart.' The human thought as he took a desk in the far left corner, far away from most everybody but close enough to the door in case he needed to break and run for it.

The room never flared up again but a number of people whispered about him.

"Man that guy's freaky."

"Shut up Jake he might hear us!"

"With those ears? I doubt he hears me now." A golden yellow Labrador said a bit louder. When the human made no response the canine said. "See? Deaf as an old tortoise."

'I can hear you as clear as day dumbass.' The human thought to himself.

More and more people piled in and more and more staring eyes came focused in on the human. And like the group of two canines, one feline and one fox they all started to whisper about him. Everyone began to sit down but there was an open seat on every side of the human that had a desk, west, northwest, and north.

"What do you think his name is?"

"How would I know?

"Maybe we should ask him?"

"I ain't askin' him!"

"You go do it!"

"No you!"

'Just send someone and get it over with for the LOVE OF GOD!' The human thought to himself. He hated being on display like this and wished someone would just break the ice and get it out of everyone's system.

"Look how grey his eyes are! They're like… clouds!"

"I know right? And look how round his pupils are, it's so freaky!"

'I might just stab you in the eye in a minute.' The human thought bitterly towards the feline talking about his eyes.

"Okay someone seriously, go ask it what his name is!"

"No way man, you do it!"

"Alright fine, I will!"

'Finally someone has the balls to- son of a…' The human thought as an orange vulpine who was about to walk over to him sat down because of the class starting bell.

The old weasel from before stood up in front of the class and very unlike a veteran teacher the he was, the old man was nervous. He was nervous because of the strange new face he'd most likely wind up staring at all year long.

"Um… good morning class, my name is Mr. Mackenzie and I will be your... physics teacher." The weasel said somewhat nervously.

'He's probably nervous because he won't stop staring at me. Seriously! Look away!'

"Now I like to start off every term with a short little interrogation you might say."

'Oh please God, no!'

"Now let's see… why don't we have our exchange student come right on up here first?" Mr. Mackenzie said and pointed out the human causing all eyes to fall on him.

'Motherfucker!' The human thought to himself as he stood up and walked to the front of the class. He could literally feel the eyes of every single Cornerian burn into him. It was so uncomfortable but he had to do it anyways, that damn weasel threw him under the bus. When he got to the front of the class he took a deep breath before he began.

"My name is Fox McCloud; I'm from a colony planet of Earth out on the Rheine sector. That's pretty much it."

A chorus of whispers and murmurs coursed through the class and one brave vixen raised her hand. The human stared at her for a moment before pointing at her.

"I'm sorry did you say your name was, Fox McCloud?" The chestnut colored vixen asked, her ears were noticeably larger than average but they were very cute and would twitch and swivel around adorably.

"Yes I did." The human confirmed.

"You're kidding right?"

'No I'm not kidding you stupid moron!' The human thought before asking. "No, why is that a problem?"

"No, it's just that… well… never mind-"

"There's someone else named Fox McCloud who goes to this school." A lynx who sat right next to the chestnut brown vixen. The lynx was a light brown color with black speckles and bright blue eyes.

"That is a problem… all right then just call me… Relics I guess." Relics said to the class and he heard someone in the back of the room say.

"Relics? What kind of stupid name is that?"

"It was my father's name before he was killed by Cornerian soldiers." Relics snapped at the monkey in the back of the room. All mouths, muzzles and beaks dropped especially the monkey's mouth.

"Whoa dude, I'm… sorry!" The monkey as the human's silver eyes bore into him with a blinding intensity of rage and hate. Everyone in the class were worried and some were terrified that the human was going to kill the simian in the back of the room. Only the clock above the classroom door dared to move as the seconds ticked away leading up to a full minute before the human responded.

"Accepted." Relics said calmly then looked at the weasel. "Can I sit back down now?"

"Um… yeah sure." Mr. Mackenzie said, his muzzle was also hanging.

'That will teach him to keep his mouth shut….' Relics thought morbidly to himself as he walked back to his seat in the back of the room. When he took his seat Mr. Mackenzie moved on to the next person.

"Well do we have any volunteers to go next?"

The room was eerily silent as everyone was waiting for the human to snap and go on a murderous rampage any second now. Silence was long and awkward until finally from out of nowhere Relics sneezed. Several girls screamed and a frog or a toad fell out of his desk.

'Wow, you all fail.' Relics thought to himself before apologizing. "Sorry, it's probably my allergies."

'It was probably because of all this animal dander.'

"Um, bless you Relics." Mr. Mackenzie said and flattened out his grey fur. "Alright then how about Miyu, you can go next."

Miyu let out a sigh and stood up before the whole class.

"Hey everyone, name's Miyu Seraph. As some of you know I'm going steady with… the other Fox McCloud for awhile now-"

"Get over yourself!" Fara groaned making some people snicker.

"Don't be jealous Fara, you had your-" Miyu began but Mr. Mackenzie interrupted.

"Miss Seraph if you would get back to your introduction."

"Okay fine. Anyways, I'm sixteen, I just moved here from Macbeth with my mom and dad, hence the accent."

'I was wondering why you sounded French.'

"Other than that I like techno-"

'Ugh! Techno? It's bad enough I had to listen to that garbage back home everywhere I went!' Relics thought to himself.

"-and I also like to ride horses."

'Wait horses? What in the world is she talking about?' Relics thought as the lynx sat down.

"Very good Miyu… anyone else? Alright I guess you can go now Fara." Mr. Mackenzie said calling on the chestnut vixen who seemed very eager to go.

'Oh great here we go.' Relics thought dully and rolled his eyes.

"Hi everybody, I'm Fara Phoenix daughter of William Phoenix, head of Phoenix corp. Anyways I'd like everyone to know that if Miyu wasn't such a conniving sphinx I'd be going out with Fox and-"

'Are they really this open about personal issues? And are they actually friends or are they just feigning to be?' Relics wondered to himself.

"Miss Phoenix could you please leave your love life out of your introduction? Thank you." Mr. Mackenzie interrupted.

"Yes sir. Anyways, I like driving, sports, and sixth period." Fara said and got a lot of positive response for that last comment mainly from the guys.

'I wonder what that meant. What's sixth period?' Relics wondered as another Cornerian stood up to give his quick introduction. 'Oh God just kill me now!'