My Sweet Angelo

The young father was holding his new born son, when he looked into the eyes of his baby he felt so mush love and blessed. "I shell call you Angelo Giovanni…." but never got to complete the name due to the fact that the doctor and his father walked into the room.

"I'm sorry son, but it would be better for Angelo if your step-brother to raise him" his father told him, taking the baby from his arms. "Don't worry your still part of his life, as his uncle."

"NO" crying out to his baby as his father took Angelo and walked out of the room, the only link he had to his lover. who had died just over a week ago and never would see there child grow up.

Still crying and calling out for his baby the doctor gave him something that will make him sleep. The last thing he saw before he fall asleep was his step-brother and his wife holding Angelo and smiling at each other.

In the bullpen 17 years later

Just then there was a bang that woke him up from his dream, Jumping up in his seat and he looked around seeing Leroy Jethro Gibbs looking down at him with a worried look.

"everything alright?" Gibbs asked knowing that his agent was having some very bad dream, the case was a horror even he was sure he would have dreams about it later on tonight. That's if he would even get to bed and not be working on the boat.

Nodding not sure if he should trust his voice to answer that some would say simple question.

"look the case is over, why don't you go home" his boss told him "and get some sleep"

looking at the other desks seeing that his team mates had already left for the night, leaving just himself and Gibbs.

"sure ok" he answered turning off his computer then getting up he got this bag and walked out of the bullpen into the elevator.

Still standing at the front of his agent's desk Gibbs watched as Anthony DiNozzo or Tony as he liked to be called got into the elevator.

sorry if it was not very long or not good.