Note: a big thanks to Telly who was a great help with this chapter.

My Sweet Angelo

Later that night, entering his apartment, Tony walked over to the wall looking at the photo that hung there. "Happy Birthday" he said with a sad smile.

Every year they sent Tony some photos of Angelo growing up, also a letter from Angelo always addressed to Uncle Tony. Which was the thing that made him more upset and angry, not at Angelo, but at his father, step-brother and anger at Marco for being killed and leaving him in this unfair world.


16 year old Anthony DiNozzo Jr, or Tony as he liked being called, was watching his lover drive off to the shops to pick up videos and dinner for the couple for the night, they wanted to stay home also with the fact that Tony was due in three weeks time and they were planning on getting married in few months.

Most of Tony's family were upset about him getting married so young to an older man, Marco was 23. The couple didn't care about that they were happy in love and were getting ready for the baby.

Putting down the glass he was holding Tony heard the phone ring in the next room walking over he answered it. "is this Tony DiNozzo?" asked the other person

"yes this is Tony" he answered

"I'm Doctor Smith from the hospital" the other person told him "there's been a hit and run, I'm sorry but Marco didn't make it"

End of flashback

Looking over to the next photo was Marco DiNardo the one man who truly understood him. "I miss you guys" he wisped "I will always love you both"

The cops never did catch the person that took his lover from him, that was the one of the reasons why he joined the force, so he could help others in his place.

Looking back at his son "one day you will know the truth" he said, tears falling from his eyes "forgive me that I was not able to keep you"

Turning around "I tried" Tony walked away from the photos.


"why you doing this" Tony yelled at his father and step-brother. As they came into his hospital room telling Tony their plan for Angelo.

"your not ready to look after a child" Anthony Sr told his son "you can't even look after yourself"

"but he's my baby, my son."

"don't worry we will look after Angelo" Richard his step-brother told him, Richard was 29 and he and his wife had been trying for a baby for sometime.

Tony was able to have one last hug of Angelo whispering in the babies ear "I love you" he was in tears "grow up to be who ever you want to be… forgive me?"

Handing over Angelo to Richard he watched them walk out of the room. Tony looked out the window "where are you Marco?" Tony wisped "you said you'd always be there" turning around and cried himself to sleep.