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The defeat of the Death Saurer was a victory of unparalleled level, humans through strength, skill and will power with the help of their zoids had defeated an enemy that would have without doubt caused a day of absolute reckoning.

The name Van Flyheight was a household name in both countries. A military superstar, his name was destined to go down in history as the legendary zoid pilot who took down the Death Saurer twice and saved humanity.

The public knows a hero when they see one and to the world Van was there hero. Van soon learnt the public had a damn mighty voice when united. His name was on the lips of many, soldiers and citizens alike.

The celebrations didn't stop for weeks. Bars were full, houses were crowded and the decimated streets where overflowed with soldiers and citizens basking in the euphoria of hopes and dreams, life, and the promise of a better world, a safe future for generations. Happy tears for the ones who came home and sad tears spilled for the ones who didn't, they were all sung hero's who fought tooth and bloody nail for them all.

But like all things the euphoria couldn't last, no matter how much everyone wanted it to. The reality was both Helic Republic and Guylos Empire had sustained extensive amounts of damage.

Military man power was down on both sides, the damage to new Helic city was a headache to think about, countless villages (though happy to be alive) were forced to declare a state of emergency to their respective governments. Food and water was fast becoming scarce. And with farmers working overtime to rebuild crops, few labourers were remaining to help rebuild homes and business.

And like most things, all of the problems that the Republic and Empire faced took money to fix.

Money that had been thoroughly exhausted, the economy was going to take a beating.

But the world needed fixing, and the road to a full recovery was looking to be a tough one.

It took nearly eight months of hard, very hard labour for both countries to gain some semblance of stability again. The major city's had been restored to the point it was able to flourish again, people where slowly getting there lives back on the rails.

The military was on overdrive and if it hadn't been for the aid of zoids, rebuilding the planet would have taken 10 times longer to get to the stage they were at now.

After a year military forces on both sides of government had rebuilt most of their bases and headquarters. Special units had been created to aid the food and water crisis in rural communities, it was a sad fact to know that many more people lost there lives to disease and starvation.

The Death Saurer wasn't called the Death Saurer for nothing after all. It left an aftermath that let nobody forget its name.

The power of that monster had caused more damage then anyone could have imagined, earthquakes and typhoons where among the most common natural disasters that scientist could only explain as being caused from the energy particles being absorbed and distributed in such an abnormal way, the natural disasters was the planet was trying to correct itself.

Van was thankful that his home, the wind colony was further enough away from the fighting that it was able to regain its feet quickly. His colony even had enough water reserves to help nearby villages in the area who were struggling. Consequently Moonbay was never out of work transporting a plethora of life saving rations.

In the midst of all this chaos another unwanted development occurred. Details of the events that happened on D-day had somehow been leaked from the military thanks to some inquests into the disaster. People wanted to know the true story, to get to know their hero better, to understand what the hell happened for the world to end up in tatters.

So when news broke that ancient Zoidians were involved in the activation of zoid eve and the Death Saurer, the voice of the public changed dramatically. Their voice was no longer euphoric, but silent and suspicious.

For the public reporters it was extremely difficult to get the truth out of the army. But one thing the army or the government couldn't deny was that there were Zoidians walking among them.

This was a very scary thought for people who had gone there whole lives believing that zoidians where nothing more then a mysterious civilisation of the past. A part of the planets ancient history, a harmless wonder of the past who's existence was scattered around the planet in ruins and stone talismans in museums with many yet to be found.

In other ways ancient zoidians where regarded a lot like extinct animals or the blue planet, where the first humans where said to have come from. They were a race that was long gone and could do no harm.

Until now.

When you really thought about it, the people of planet Zi knew practically nothing about its indigenous inhabitants. Apart from the zoid's themselves.

People quickly developed a certain fear for the zoidians, there lack of knowledge and emotions from the event of the Death Saurer fuelled there fear and suspicions.

This shared feeling of fear turned into resentment, and it grew, word on the grapevine was that people wanted the ancient zoidians to be named and kept in confinement.

However the increasingly popular idea was to find them and erase them permanently.

This made certain military and guardian force members very uneasy. Of course the republican president and King Rudulph had insured that Fiona's identity as an ancient zoidian would remain top secret within the government and military's.

Anyone who was in contact with Fiona and knew of her heritage was made to sign a legal oath stating that their knowledge of Fiona would stay with them till the grave, and should they knowingly or wilfully violate this oath, they shall be de-ranked and extradited.

Though soon after this oath was confirmed, tragedy struck the republic again. The President suffered a stroke. She was now in a coma on life support, but the prognosis was looking grim.

In this time of uncertainty the lack of a leader to look up to was a disaster. As this was strictly a republican matter Rudolph could be of no help. The republican council was now arguing over who's direction in the "new world" they should take, and ultimately who shall lead it if the current president died.

In this political rat race there were two strong contenders seeing as the Presidents son did not wish to relinquish his military duties to fill his mother footsteps.

Councilman Harold Tate was a renouned follower of the Presidents political belief system of a proud republic and at age 49 was a previous favourite to one day take political lead.

However with the recent civil developments councilman Jin McClause was also gaining popularity. Reasons for this development were because he had made no secret of being on the side of the public. He wanted a tougher leadership a stronger division between the republic and the Empire and introduced the idea of a democracy.

He also made no secret of sharing the belief system of the ancient Zoidians. As soon as these rumours were made fact he argued relentlessly to have the identity of the zoidians involved in both Death Saurer incidents made public, or at the very least known to the council.

But as he was not the president and Emperor Rudolf refused to name Fiona, the councilman was denied his request constantly. However this did cause a lot of distrust towards the military and the Empire for the civilians on both sides, and served to boost McClause's popularity in the polls.

As the heated debate over the ancient zoidians boiled over into a frenzy. The eye of this storm was frequently aimed at the worlds leading scientist in ancient zoidians, Dr D. Or so he was known.

Though he tried to quell the fears the public with what little knowledge he had, the more extreme activists had gotten violent, resulting in frequent attacks directed at Dr D and any of his known associates.

The museum to which was his main employer was under such continuous attack that the zoidian unit had been shut down from visits by the public. Even a young female receptionist had been assaulted after leaving a shift in the afternoon.

As a result Dr D was forced to make himself scarce his parting words where 'I need to do more field research, knowledge is the answer' and then he left.

Unfortunately this left Fiona in a bad situation to. The call for aid in vulnerable communities was made at the same time the public's hostile feelings were becoming a hot topic through the media. So Van was not around for her moral support, or protection. And with increasing riots boarding on civil wars for him to prevent communication was a rare luxury between them.

Henceforth, Fiona was encouraged to stay within military confines and out of the public eye as a security caution. And to keep the publics fears from elevating further.

The last thing anyone wanted was for a riot to break out with physical evidence of ancient zoidian existence. Not to mention her identity, she would be drafted.

Fiona was not happy with this decision but Van had supported the idea through a letter to her in favour of keeping her safe, so with his support she accepted the plan and moved into the military's private ancient ruins research section run by that colonel Halfred. A man Fiona was not a fan of.

Every night Fiona watched the news and listened to reports coming in about civilians protest groups about ancient zoidians, people dying from starvation, communities being destroyed, it was like the century war all over again. She was scared for her own safety and hurt that people would think the things they were saying on TV.

One burly looking man a reporter was interviewing on the street had been blunt about what many civilians where thinking but not saying.

'We should find out who these people are and just kill them' he said in a shout like voice.

'they are the leftovers of a culture who wiped themselves of the map with this Death Saurer monstrosity, and now these basterd's are back to do god knows what with it again' his body language was beginning to get animated, and even on the TV in the commons room Fiona could see a crowd of people behind the man nodding there heads.

'I don't know how or why they came back or even how many there are, but these are things the military and parliament should be telling us, why should me and my kids have to live in fear about what they might do to us, there to much risk, JUST KILL THEM OFF ALREADY!' Fiona had dashed out of the commons room that day and cried in her room all evening.

She wasn't a bad person and she was a zoidian, she didn't know the history of her people at all and her only other links with her past where Zeke and the two other zoidians who were actually responsible for this mess Reese and Hilts.

But even she didn't know there motive, only her memory as being an ancient zoidian had come back. But she just knew in her heart and soul that her people where not bad, maybe some with bad intensions like Hilts.

The way she saw it, ancient zoidians were no different to the humans who now occupied the planet. Some where good some where bad, she just had to prove this to the world so she could stop living in fear again.

Having no means of personal support what with Van, Irvine, Moonbay and now Dr D out of the picture Fiona threw herself into her work.

It was a way for her to prove her innocence and the honour of her heritage. And as a way of escapism from the public's wrath and the bitter loneliness that was building a heavy nest in her heart.

Van and Irvine had split to different colonies to areas with no radio reception as the communities transmitters had been either sold for food or destroyed in loots or fights. There calls for help where only got through with the help of villages miles away who did have transmitters.

Despite this Van and Irvine still saw each other frequently in ration tradeoffs and fortnightly recon appointments.

However contact with Fiona and Moonbay let alone other bases had almost completely stopped 6 months ago when he last saw her. This meant he also had no idea about the political uproar growing over the president's health and the publics and some politicians urge to reveal the zoidians.

Van being Van had honestly believed that this issue with the zoidians would have blown over long after he left Fiona in the care of the Nilora base.

Though had he known about what was to come, he would have never left Fiona's side.

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