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The girl in the pod

The cold sweat of sheer terror had a firm grip of the young passenger in a black zoid racing at speeds it had never reached before.

Silent tears trickled down her face, despair rocked her soul to the very core, so much so her heart was physically hurting and she felt ill.

She was petrified for her mother her father, a terrible hopeless feeling tortured her in the back of her mind when she thought of her parents.

'There dead' it said to her. She could do nothing but repeat the mantra she was told 'it'll be ok, don't panic, it'll be ok'.

But that bad feeling was still there dulled after her meditations but there always there.

The young girl's saving grace was her most treasured childhood toy. She knows at her age it was silly to want her rather oversized ginger cat toy with her in a time of crisis. But she remembers in her panic it was the first thing she had grabbed when she was rushed out of her home.

It was a truly childlike toy that she knows she should have outgrown, but it was a special thing to her though she can't remember why.

It was oversized, out of proportion with a giant head and equally giant smile on its face, its fur was still soft even after many years of loving but she swears only her mother can beat the hugs her favourite stuffed toy can give.

However she would trade her toy in a second for the warm love-empowering embrace of her mother right now. But even so she clutched the toy to her chest and snuggled like it was her only safety line.

It and the air-conditioned interior of the zoid cockpit she was in right now had a sedating sense of calmness that simply didn't exist on the outside.

The pilot had mercifully blocked the images of the outside from the holographic screens in the back channelling all that was needed to see to the front panels only.

Out of sight out of mind was the logic behind that move and they both knew it. However it was hard to not think about the bad things happening around them.

The young girl in the backseat turns to her reflection in the gleam in the shield of the cockpit that's been blanked out. She's curious to see what's happening on the outside but terrified to face it to.

Instead all she can see is her blurry tear-stained red eyes, her light blond hair a tangled mess. She didn't even have time to wrap it up in her favourite pink ribbon. She was dressed in a rather ordinary beige tunic. One the pilot chucked at her in hopes the enemy wouldn't recognise her easily in it.

A thoughtful effort she recalled but ultimately waisted as the pilot was skilled and had managed to escape undetected.

She must have lost track of time because before she knew it the state of the art zoid had slowed down to a stable trot.

The sleek machine weaved itself through the thick trees and grassy terrain till it reached its destination.

"This is it" the pilot said. Her smooth voice betrayed the severity of the situation.

The pilot was a woman older then herself but still of a young age. She knew her well and loved her well, but even so the young blonde passenger found herself momentarily stunned by one of the pilots more outstanding qualities.

Her absolute confidence, her calmness in a time of chaos was soothing and she felt safe with her knowing she would protect her with her whole heart. She felt this person was invincible, because she knew when this particular pilot was in action it was like anything was possible because she willed it to.

This pilot told her she would keep her safe, she ensured her survival. The young girl believed every word, because if she were to survive she would have to.

But the all consuming fear never left her painfully beating heart.

Before she knows it the zoid had stopped, a blue shield liger caught her eye.

"Who's zoid is that?" her words stumbled out her mouth, she was hand in hand with the pilot who was swiftly guiding her away from the zoid and into a well kept temple.

Without looking back the pilot replied "yours".

"Mine? But daddy said'- don't worry about what your father said he's the one who got it for you, your going to need it in the future" the pilot had cut her off and led her into the secluded temple.

An ominous chill ran down the young girl's spine when the pilot had said in the future. So much uncertainty surrounded its very existence it was almost a taboo word to say.

She hadn't seen the pilots face she had realised, she looked up at her back, long dark hair trailing behind her equally dark clothing blending into there darkened surroundings. The pilot kept her face trained ahead, the younger of the two was a lot shorter and even if she craned her head she could only see the tip of the pilot's nose and cheek.

She had to run a little to keep up with the other girls quick strides she clutched her cat toy tightly if she dropped it now she would likely never see it again.

Her heart leapt into her throat when she older pilot brought her to the only lit room in the building. It was a method to store and save energy power would only exist in this room.

Suddenly the young girl was faced with the reality of what was happening…or what was going to happen to her very soon.

The pilot quietly slipped the small sack she had been carrying into a larger one she pulled from somewhere near the controls.

"Elisia, time to put Nuji away now" the pilot faced the girl from her crouched position on the ground.

For a moment the blonde girl known as Elisia simply stared at the pilots face her mothering tone familiar and a stark contrast to the brilliant red eyes that so resembled her own staring back at her. However unlike her own the pilots where sharp, focused determined on the task at hand, the fear however they had in common.

The pilot gently removed the toy from her grasp and carefully placed it in the bag on top of all the other items. In a second she was up and walking to a spot on the wall to the right.

Three segments from the left and five from the right a part of the wall opened and she placed the bag inside, seeling it of for a later day.

The hiss of the wall closing meant only one thing was left, she knew what was coming.

She called the pilots name.

Said pilot turned and faced her dead on, she looked grim and remorseful to her younger counterpart.

"I'm scared" she put simply her voice shaking and threatening tears, dear god she felt so sick with fear.

A pair of arms wrapped themselves around her in a firm embrace, and then she broke down in tears, sobbing into the pilot's neck.

They both sat on the floor and hugged and cried for what seemed like forever but forever was not nearly enough for the departing pair.

"I'm scared too" the pilot said adjusting her warm hug to stroke the younger ones hair trying to calm her.

"But you know what. Fear can be overcome and you will overcome it Elisia because you are a stronger person then you realise." Again the sobbing blonde listened and partly believed the comforting words being said.

The pilot's voice was thick with her own emotions but she still managed to speak her words with a strength the younger wished she had, to be brave like her was a dream.

"All these bad things that are happening Elisia. They will pass, they will pass and we will find each other again, I promise you this" she spoke firmly into the crying girls ear then pulled away and grasped her face in her hands.

She let her cry as much as she wanted but caught her eyes with her own tear streaked ones.

"everything's going to be ok, do you have faith in me?" she asked, Elisia nodded her throat to chocked up to form words, her heart breaking sobs wouldn't ease.

"Then believe me when I tell you that this isn't the end sweetheart. You're going to go to sleep now, Tilo's already waiting for you and when the danger has passed your going to wake up and it's going to be a beautiful day, ok?" again the girl nodded to upset to form words.

As ready as she'll ever be Elisia undressed with some help from the older girl. She slowly made her way over to the one remaining pod the pilots hand on her shoulders the whole way.

She tried to look for any signs of life in the other closed pod, but the green casing was too thick and her own jaded reflection stared back at her.

She was guided into place and felt a sort of numb feeling wash over as she did so, her senses spiked with fear with every different noise the machine made.

Suddenly she realised it really was time and the panic washed over her, this could be the last time she would see each other she needed to make this last longer, she needed to say something ANYTHING.

She didn't realise she was hyperventilating until smooth hands grasped her face for the second time and a soothing voice reached her ears.

She looked up at the other girl with wide helpless eyes, they looked at each other, she couldn't think of what to say. But words came out anyway.

"I love you" she croaked in an odd pitch. The look on the pilots face was one she swore she would always remember. She smiled like her old self, her beautiful face glowing again.

"And I love you" her thumbs wiping the tears away before she kissed the girl's lips, a gesture of love for all those who would be loved in their culture.

She felt calm and warm and then she heard the last words she would hear for what would be many, many years.

"Mato Iieto Eve, Mato Iieto…Fiona!" Elisia's world went dark moments after the inner tubes of the pod tightened around her and the water rushed in.

It's around this time that I realise that the girl in the pod is me and that I'm dreaming again.

Red eyes snapped open with a start and suddenly the world painted in my head faded into the part that recognised it as a dream.

I had broken into a cold sweat and my body felt paralysed as if it was still trying to catch up with my current reality.

This dream of mine was a recurring one, and already I felt parts of it fading from my memory. I never recognise myself as Elisia until the very end and I always forget the pilots face first. Annoyingly so I realise that once again she never caught the woman's name.

Wiping the stray tears from my face I get out of bed. The morning routine I've developed helps me adjust from the emotionally draining adventure I've had in my sleep to my actual life in military confines.

Today was easier then others. Because unlike past times I've had that dream I didn't hear his voice at the end of it. Sometimes I swear I hear the muffled sounds of Van's voice, he says 'it's a girl' and then I wake up.

Damn it I'm thinking about it again. But it's so hard not to, I step into my small private bathroom and star at my reflection for a bit. Dark circles seem to have made a permanent home under my eyes, my skin's pale colour looks simply lifeless and dull and I've noticed a trail of blonde locks wherever I go these days.

My morning headache reminds me of just how much stress I'm under. As if I needed reminding.

With the vigour of what feels like being a 90 year old woman, I clean my teeth, brush my hair and splash water on my face.

No improvement to my appearance, but the water always feels nice. But my pipes must be old. The impurities in the water stink.

Oh well, time for another day of work.

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