Half - Halo shorts

Yeah, this idea just sorta popped into my head just now, uh, I'll sometimes portray Gordon as the Gordon in Freeman's Mind. Everyone knows everyone, it'll switch back and forth between the Halo and Half – Life universe. So, let's see how this goes, yeah? Don't worry, I'll find a better title.

"Shit." Breathed Nick, he was a rebel ever since he was nineteen. He'd seen people get mauled by hunters, seen people get impaled by striders, he'd even almost been turned into a stalker. Some could call him a veteran. He'd seen a lot of amazing things. But this, this took the cake. It was a man, about 7 feet tall encased in a what looked like a green power armor. Nick couldn't describe him. His armor encased every inch of his body and he wore a helmet with the faceplate polarized. The other amazing thing was that Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance were walking next to him, talking as if they'd been neighbors. Nick was usually calm and collected, but this. Good God, how can anyone NOT be amazed. He lit a cigarette and smoked it. "Hey, Nick you know that smoking's gonna kill you faster, right?" Asked the rebel standing next to him. He smiled and said "I know, Rochelle." Rochelle shook her head and walked away.

"So, John….. Uh, you know how you got here?" Asked Alyx. John shrugged and said, "Slipspace." Gordon looked puzzled. "Uh, what's slipspace?" Asked Gordon. John looked at them at said, "I'm from the year 2460, think of it as…." John racked his brain. "Hyperspace" He finally concluded. He had heard that word being thrown around by the Marines and ODSTs, most notably, an argument between 'Dutch' and 'Romeo' he recalled. "Ah, that explains a lot" Gordon said. "Well, welcome to 'White Forest'" Alyx said to John, motioning towards the giant sized building in front of them.

A.N: It's short, REALLY short I know and I apologize. I kinda wrote this without thinking. My spell check's not working for some reason, so there may be errors. I'm tired, I think my eyes are bloodshot actually. I hope I provided you some entertainment for a few minutes seconds, I'll continue writing tomorrow. This was kinda the introduction anyway. Again, sorry it's so short.