This was a bad idea.

Gordon admitted, with Barney, it hadn't been too much of a surprise when he suggested this.

What amazed him was how Barney sucked him so easily into this.

Barney had found an old bathtub, which, to an average person, seemed like a very useless and somewhat unnecessary thing. But Barney, the oh-so imaginative person he was, saw this as opportunity .

So he had dragged it from wherever he had found it to up this steep hill.

All this, just to let it go down again.

Gordon looked over the bathtub and down the hill for what seemed like the hundredth time.

It was... steep. The only to describe it.

"All right, get ready to hold on to your hat, Gordon, we're doing this."

Barney leaned against the side of the tub, in such a manner that if one were not to notice the current surroundings, they would never have had the notion that Barney was about to push a very frightened Gordon Freeman down a hill in a bathtub.

"Hey, Barney, you're... sure this is safe?" asked Gordon.

Barney either hadn't heard him, or chose not to answer.

He moved to the back of the tub, and placed his hands on it.

"All right, take off in..." Barney began.

"Wait, wait!" cried Gordon


Barney gave the tub a mighty shove and it started to slide down the hill in a very safe and unexciting speed.

Barney frowned at this, slid down the hill, and gave the tub a mighty kick.

"Wait Barney no-"

It was too late. With the extra shove from Barney, the tub slid down the hill, faster and faster.

"OH MY GOD-" Gordon screamed, before the tub went out of control and swiveled around to it's left side.

Down and down the tub went, with a screaming physicist in it.

Eventually, the tub tumbled over on end, throwing the One Free Man out. Gordon tumbled onto the dirt, and started rolling down the hill.

And, not for the first time, he praised the HEV suit for taking the brunt of the impact.

Somehow, the trip down the hill ended. And it ended with a bang.

Gordon tripped over on end and ended up being face first in the dirt. That was where he stopped. He didn't bother getting up until he could feel his legs again.

Until, of course, came the tub.

It landed and skidded and tumbled and did all sorts of stunts and rolls and things of that ilk.

Normally Gordon wouldn't have a problem with that.

But only thing was, it was heading for a collision course with him.

Gordon raised his face up, and for a moment he saw the tub, up close, with a vengeance.

Then darkness.

Oh, no.

Everything was silent.

Gordon counted the beats of his heart.

1, 2, 3, 4.

Then a knock.

Gordon opened his eyes, and saw total darkness.

Another knock.

Then a groan of some sort of an object.

The tub.

The tub groaned as it was being lifted.

Gordon then saw sunlight, and looked around a little bit.

"Gordon, you all right?" asked Barney, who was currently crouching down next to him.

He let out a tiny moan.

Barney sighed.

"Ok, buddy, let's get you to the hospital wing."

Barney, with some effort, pulled Gordon to his feet. He then put an arm around his shoulders and an arm around his waist.

"How... the hell... did you talk me into this...?" asked Gordon tiredly.

Barney grinned.

"The magic of chocolate works in mysterious ways, buddy."

Gordon moaned again.

Boy, would he feel this in the morning.